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Hot Lunch Date

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My Lunch Date With Christy

We started out the day by meeting at our usual place for a quick hug and a kiss on the way to work. I always called her very early in the morning to make sure she was awake, I only let it ring once and then hung up.

She would get ready for work and I would wait for her, she would flash her headlights as she came over the bridge, she could see me sitting there waiting on her. She would stop for the stop sign and I would pull out behind her, she would wave and I would follow her downtown and take her from the parking lot to her door at work, we would hug and kiss, I would tell her that I loved her and wanted to have lunch with her.

She said she would see how her day was going and let me know.

I would drive myself to work and wait for her call, it always came at 8 am and we would talk for almost an hour before she had to go, I would ask her what she was wearing and she would tell me every article of clothing, I was always especially interested in her panties, she would tell me black or red or white and then I could think about that until lunch time.

She would finally call me about 11 am or so and confirm our lunch date, I would tell her how much I loved her and wanted to make love to her and she would always tell me no, I would ask her to take her panties off and put them in her purse and she would tell me no, I can’t do that, I’m married and besides I work with a lot of people. I would say that there was no way they could tell that she had no panties on, she would always say no.

I would drive downtown and wait for her to come out, I could see her from across the street and she would see me and wait for me to pull up for her, she would get in my van and put her seat belt on like a good girl in case her co-workers was watching her, she would light a cigarette and look at me and smile. We would pull up to the first traffic signal and I would lean over and kiss her on the mouth, she would kiss me back.

She would finish her cigarette and then take her seat belt off, swing her legs around towards me as I was driving, she would let her legs part just enough for me to see that she had taken her panties off, she would reach over and unzip my pants and pull my dick out, get on her knees between my van seats and kiss my dick, she would then sit back in her seat, swing her legs around and put her seatbelt back on, she would tell me to behave myself.

We would finally get to the place we always went, it was a park overlooking downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, she would swing her legs back around towards me and I would swing my legs toward her, I would put my arms around her and tell her how much I loved her, we would kiss deeply and passionately.

She would always ask if I wanted to move to the back, the seats right behind the drivers seat, we would get back there and she would reach out for my hands and say that we had to be good today, I would agree with her, after all we were both married to other people, we would talk a little and I would catch her looking at her watch to see how much time we had, I would start unbuttoning her blouse, she would stop me and kiss me, no we can’t do that, I paid no attention to her, I kept unbuttoning her blouse with one hand and reaching under her dress to feel her legs, she would kiss me and tell me to stop, I would unhook her bra, she always wore the ones with the front hook, I would let it fall open, she would kiss me deeply and feel my crotch as she kissed me, I would circle her nipple as she kissed me, I would pull her towards me causing her to spread her legs a bit.

I would trace my finger tips up toward her crotch and I could lightly feel the hair between her legs, she would let out a soft moan and kiss me harder and harder, I would take my finger and rub her lightly until I felt her moist opening, she would moan louder and kiss me harder, I would push my finger inside her and feel her heat and tightness, I would pull her closer and push my finger in farther, making circular motions with my finger, I would push in as far As I could go and finger her hard, she would kiss me back harder and harder, I would raise up and take her hand, she would follow me to the very back of the van.

I would close the curtains, she would sit on the very edge of the van seat right in the middle all the way on the edge, I would push her knees apart as far as I could, I would unzip my pants and reach in, I would take my rock hard cock out, she would touch it with both hands and whisper, fuck me, fuck me, I would put the head of my cock against her opening and push ever so gently, just getting the head of my cock in her, I would have to withdraw quickly because of the heat and the tightness, I would slowly go inside her again, a little farther this time and then pull out again, she is so extremely tight and hot, I would slowly go back inside her again and again until I was all the way in, pushing against her pelvic bone, I would go in all the way and the pull all the way out, in all the way and then pull all the way out again over and over until she just begged me to fuck her hard.

I would sit on the van seat and she would get up and straddle me, she would lower herself down on me slowly, she is so tight, she can’t get all the way down on me, I feel the head of my cock hitting something, she raises up and let’s out a soft moan, she lowers herself again and again, each time a little lower, I feel my cock hitting something and it feels so incredible, she increases the speed that she is raising and lowering, a little lower each time, she is getting wetter with each thrust, she is moaning and fucking me, faster and faster, I keep hitting something and she say’s oh fuck that feels good, she starts moving faster and faster, she squeezes me hard and buries her chin in my shoulder, we are sweating and fucking, she starts trembling and pushing down hard on my dick, I feel her pussy tightening on my cock as she lowers herself down on me, faster and faster, she let’s out a deep moan and fucks me so hard, I sense that she is Cumming and I pick up her pace, I fuck her hard, just as hard as she is fucking me, she is saying, I love you, I love you, I love you so much, I feel wetness on my cheeks, she is crying as she makes love to me, she begins to tremble and she can’t speak, she slowly stops moving and just holds me so tight and she says over and over, I love you Bill, I love you Bill.

We meet every morning for our hug and kiss, I follow her downtown every day, we meet for lunch everyday, we make love every day, we talk on the phone almost constantly, I keep trying to get her to go to a motel with me and she finally agrees to on a Friday at lunch, we both take the rest of the day off and we go to Newport Kentucky, the travel lodge, we get a room and we go in, I am so excited, I finally have this gorgeous woman in a motel room with only one thing on our minds, we are going to fuck all afternoon.

We come in to each others arms and kiss deeply, I raise her skirt up and feel her ass, it is so firm, my dick begins to harden and she is pulling me tightly to her, she slowly drops to her knees and unzips my pants, she pulls my dick out and begins to suck my dick, I am rubbing her hair and I have my eyes closed as she sucks my dick, I get on the floor with her and roll her onto her back, I unbutton her blouse and unhook her bra, I let it fall open and I look at her breasts and begin to suck her nipples, I reach down between her legs and pull her panties to the side, she is already so wet, I slide my finger inside her and finger fuck her hard as we kiss, she is pulling her skirt off and removing her panties off, I keep finger fucking her and kissing her, she raises up and gets on the bed, she spreads her legs and and I look at her beautiful hairy pussy, I get between her legs and start sucking her pussy hard, I’m sucking her little dick, pulling it out of her pussy lips, it begins to grow and I suck harder and harder, she is writhing on the bed, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me now, I get on my knees between her legs and lower my self to her opening and push my cock inside her, she reaches around and pulls me inside her and she is cumming almost instantly, she is moving and moaning, she fucks me so hard and then I come, the come as it reaches to top of my cock has burned all the way up my shaft and I feel it erupt inside her, I fuck her so hard that it almost hurts.

We lay in each other’s arms, breathing heavily and sweating, she tells me that she loves me over and over again.

We lay there and talk for awhile, she reaches over and kisses my cheek over and over and she reaches my mouth with her mouth and she kisses me deeply, she pushes her tongue inside my mouth and kisses me passionately, she reaches down and starts moving her hand up and down on my cock, I feel it begin to stiffen and then passion grips me hard, I put my finger in her pussy and start finger fucking her hard, she is so wet and hot, My dick is raging hard, I get between her legs and put my dick in that pussy hard, I push all the way in and raise up and pull my cock out of her all the way, I push it back in hard, I feel her pussy hair going in with my cock, it feels so rough but it feels so good at the same time, she just lays there and accepts the fucking that she wants, I fuck her hard, in and out, in and out, hard and I fuck her until I hear her cumming again and I fuck her harder, I feel the come as it pushes up from my balls through my dick and I explode, it was not a loving fuck this time, it was animal instinct, I wanted that pussy and she wanted my cock in her, she is quickly becoming the whore I want in my bed, she loves me and I love her but we fuck like animals.

We are totally exhausted after our day in the motel, we lay there and cuddle and talk. I tell her how much I’ve enjoyed the day and we should come to the motel more often on Fridays since we both worked half days, she said, you know what, I have to go now because my husband will be home when I get there and I don’t want to be too late but, I’m going to my bowling banquet tonight, it should be over around ten or so, if you would like to come back over here tonight I could meet you here around 10:30, you’ve already paid for the room and you have it until noon tomorrow, no use in it going to waste you know. I told her that I thought it was a good idea and we agreed to meet there at 10:30.

I arrived a little early, maybe 15 minutes or so and I went in to the room, it was on the first level with a window facing the parking lot so I could watch for her.

I kept the lights turned off and I opened the curtains and took a seat watching the parking lot, it was about 10:45 when she pulled in, she had a Chevy step side pickup and I recognized it immediately, I watched her walk in to make sure no one bothered her, she had her hair in a pony tail, a denim button up shirt with no sleeves, tied at the waist and a pair of blue jeans on, she wore slipper boots, she knocked on the door, it was dark and she couldn’t see in the room when I opened the door, she said Bill, are you in here.

I turned the light on so she could see me, she came in to my arms and kissed me deeply, I started to close the curtains but she stopped me, she said leave them open, I started to turn the light off and she stopped me, she said leave them on, she came into my arms and kissed me so hard, she said I’ve done nothing but think about that hard cock since I left here today, she dropped to her knees and undid my pants, she took my cock out and she sucked it so hard, she was taking her blouse off while she was sucking my cock, she got her blouse off and undid her bra, she was still sucking my cock like a mad woman, she pulled my pants down to the floor and pulled my underwear down on top of my pants, she was on her knees sucking my cock and someone walked up to the window and looked in, I told her to let me close the curtains and she said no, she wanted to be watched, she undid her blue jeans and pulled them down to her knees and rolled over on her back, she pulled he jeans off of one leg and left them on the other leg, she lay on the floor and spread her legs wide open, she said finger fuck this pussy, suck these nipples, kiss me hard, I smelled that she had been drinking and she was half drunk, I asked her again to let me close the curtains and she said no, that they had to stay open, she got on her knees and told me to fuck her from behind, Oh my god, that pussy is so tight, I held on to her hips and I pushed in and out of her over and over, she got up and told me to lay down, on the floor, she got between my legs and started sucking my cock, she stood up and lowered herself down on my cock, that pussy was so wet and she fucked me so hard, she asked me to eat her pussy again and get on top of her and fuck her some more, I fucked her until I thought I would fall over, she got on top of me and started raising that pussy up and the pushing it back down, she fucked me so hard, I asked her again why she wanted the curtains open and she said her husband had followed her there and he wanted to watch her get fucked, he was standing out there the whole time we were in the room, she said it turned him on.

She told me that she was a whore and loved to fuck, he couldn’t keep up with her demands so he gave her permission to have sex with other guys as long as he could watch once in awhile, I wish I had known before but I didn’t care, that pussy is so tight and it feels so good.

Well, I ended up marrying this little girl, 8 years now and she still gives me all the pussy I want and more, she will suck my dick anytime I want and fuck at the drop of a hat, man that pussy is good,

I wonder where she is tonight, she’s not here, but it don’t matter, I know she’ll be ready to fuck me when she gets home, she’s got the hottest little pussy in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I have men over all the time, she is a needy little girl and it’s fun watching these men try to get in her pants all night.

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