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Hot Evening in Arizona

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I step off the plane into the hot Arizona afternoon. I’m traveling very light; just a small carry-on bag. But it’s only a one-day trip for a conference on the latest developments in computer management software. A conference I have no intention of spending one minute at.

The resort is a scant 8 minutes south of the airport. Nestled under the ledge of a huge outcropping of boulders is “The Buttes”, one of Phoenix’s finest resort and hotels. I first toured the property some 8 years ago, and found it to be fantastic, but never had a good reason to go there. I had always assumed it would be a beautiful woman that would cause me to think of this place again.

I arrive, and check into room 302. It’s only 4pm; I’m not expecting Rebecca until 6 or so, when she would be leaving purportedly to go to her evening of dancing. God we are wicked. I wish it weren’t true, but part of the excitement I feel growing is due to the illicit nature of this meeting; forbidden pleasures.

I hardly know what to do with myself. The clock has stopped moving; I’m in a zone where my heart and mind are racing faster than time itself. So to kill some time, I figure I will take a shower, freshen up, head down to the bar and hopefully find some sort of sports game to temporarily loose myself in.

Middle of summer in the afternoon means baseball. No help there. But a cold beer works, so I figure I can make it through an hour or so of the Diamondbacks. The bartender asks me why I’m in town. He’s not really paying attention; I’m just the only one in the bar so he’s making typical bartender small talk. I start to tell him about the convention, but then decide what the heck, I’ll tell him exactly what I’m here for.

“I’m in town to have an afternoon liaison with a beautiful woman I’m extremely attracted to, but since we’re both with other people, we needed to meet somewhere out of the way.” Now I have his undivided attention. He starts asking me questions, who we are, how did we meet, that sort of thing. I like talking about these things (at least to people who have no way of knowing our real identities or real lives), so I tell him the story (minus the real and semi-real names.)

I talk about the first Emails from a sweet woman who wants to become a dancer. About the chats, the first video of the new breasts <g>, the visits, up to and including the first time we had sex. It’s quite a story when you put the whole thing together. I continue on about how we chat with each other, talk about fantasies, tell stories, and generally enjoy the excitement and intrigue of having this quasi-sexual long distance friendship. Finally, I talk about how I agonized for weeks about suggesting a secret meeting, how I finally had the courage to ask Rebecca, knowing that even asking such a question could ruin a friendship or worse.

The bartender cracked a small grin when I told him that it seemed like hours waiting for the response on the chat window, and that when I saw the words “OK, I guess :)” on the screen I nearly fell out of my seat! I said “Now you can see why I’m so excited and antsy, I don’t know how I’m going to make it until she shows up!” Another smile from the bartender; “I think your wait is over” he says, nodding to the adjoining lobby.

Looking in that direction, I see her standing in the lobby. Wearing a short length summer dress and carrying a small bag, she is scanning the lobby looking for me. One benefit to her being scheduled to dance that night is that her hair and makeup were fantastic, and didn’t raise any suspicion while she was putting it on. Paying for my beer, I head out to greet her.

Rebecca is a lovely woman; red hair, sultry green eyes, full lips and a wonderful figure. When she saw me, she smiled and watched as I approached. When we met, a friendly hug was exchanged, and I picked up her bag and led her through the resort up to my room. As we walked, we chatted about the weather, how was my flight; assorted pleasantries designed to cover the nervousness and anticipation in our voices.

Arriving at the room, I put down the bag and asked if she was either hungry, or wanted to go for a drink or two. She said the drink would be great, so we started towards the door, but just as she reached for the handle, I asked her to pause for a second. “Two things before we go” I said, looking in her eyes. “One, I really want to kiss you. Would that be too much to ask?” She said, “I don’t think that would be a problem,” and looked up at me. I reached around her waist, brought her close, and kissed her warmly and emotionally. We had kissed before, fairly passionately, during our two previous erotic encounters. But this was more personal, more between the two of us than in the heat of passion.

After the kiss, I began to open the door when she asked “And thing number two?” I laughed a little, and then told her not to be surprised about anything the bartender say’s or any strange looks he gives; he knows why we’re here! “Good” she responded, “We can have a little fun with him.”

Well, we did get some glances and smirks from the bartender, but what was more important is that we got a chance to sit down, talk, and relax for a while. Really, this was the first time we ever had face-to-face alone time just to chat. It’s so much different than chat or phone calls; you really feel a connection when you can look the other in the eye. We talked about her dancing, the website I run, things in general. Rebecca is one of the easiest people to talk to; and very often will surprise you with her insight and understanding of people and life. In other words, don’t let the breasts fool you, there is much more than a pretty face to Rebecca.

The sun was just starting to set after we finished our drinks. You could still feel some tension in the air though; I reached across the table and took her hand. “You still OK with this? We could just sit and chat if you would like; you know how I feel about making sure your comfortable.” “No, I still want this. It’s just different, you know.” “Of course. I have an idea. You ready to leave the bar?” She agreed, so I took care of the tab and we headed back to the room.

Once back, I remembered I had something for Rebecca. “I have a surprise for you!” I happily exclaimed. “Me too!” was her reply. We both went back to our respective bags. Approaching her, I brought out 3 roses that I had purchased before leaving LA. “I remember from your story that you really enjoyed the flowers, and maybe don’t get them as often as you’d like.” “Their beautiful” was her reaction. “And here is what I had promised you!” she exclaimed, bring forth a bottle of Almond champagne. I remembered her commenting in the past that we would share that bottle. I excused myself for a minute; went down the hall and got some ice to start chilling the bubbly.

With that mission accomplished, I grabbed the chilling bottle, a couple of towels, and asked Rebecca to join me for a little walk. We went downstairs, and out the rear exit of the hotel. Small trails wind up the hill behind the hotel, and we took one of them for a short distance. Winding up, curving back and forth, the path ended in a small fence before a private hot tub; just big enough for two. I set the champagne down, took the towels and dr*ped them over the fence, providing additional privacy and informing anyone else who traversed the trail that this location was occupied.

Secluded from wandering eyes, but exposed to the colorful Arizona sunset, I stepped behind Rebecca and asked if I could remove her clothes. She agreed playfully, and I began nibbling on her neck as I ran my hands up the sides of her sundress. A few warm caresses, and I lifted the dress over her head and sat it carefully on the chair in the corner. Unhooking her bra, I pressed my body against her back and gently held and massaged her breasts. Finally, I knelt down and slowly slipped her panties down her body and over her ankles, gently kissing her ass cheeks all the while.

Standing naked with evenings last rays cascading over her body, I momentarily wished I had my camera with me, but quickly remembered that this would have to be an image captured in my mind only; so I watched and enjoyed as she turned, removed her sandals, and smiled at me, obvious to the fact that I was completely taking her in with my eyes. “Your turn,” she said with almost a purr to her voice.

She took her time removing my clothes, but her approach was to face me and stare me in the eyes as she unbuttoned my shirt; tossing it over to the chair. Nibbling gently on my chest, she unbuttoned my pants and allowed them to fall to the ground. Kneeling down to retrieve them, she nuzzled her nose along my balls, finishing with a quick flick of her tongue as she stood.

We entered the hot tub and sat together in an embrace, feeling the water surround us and our bodies meshing together. I kissed her, slowly at first, but then more firmly, more passionately. I kissed her as I wanted to the first time our lips had met, way back in Prescott. But here, it was just the two of us; we were not hindered by the need to make others comfortable. Our lips never parting, we began to explore each others bodies, our hands roaming excitedly across each other. Rebecca has a fantastic body, and when I felt the kiss ending, I grabbed her ass and pulled her in tight before releasing her and allowing our bodies to part.

As she sank back into the water, relaxing, I opened up our now chilled bottle and poured us each a glass. We sat for a while, side by side, my arm around her shoulders, and enjoyed the final waning moments of sunset as we sipped the Champaign. This was perfect. Between the drinks, and the warm water, all tension had melted away and I felt as comfortable next to her as I would have with a lover of 10 years. Finishing off our glasses, again we turned to face each other, and again we began to kiss.

Apprehension completely gone, our passions began to become more intense. Casual touching progressed to erotic probing, her hand massaging my stiffening cock, my fingers tracing the outline of her clit and rubbing gently on the hood. Our bodies began to move to the demands of our passions, reacting to every touch, becoming more and more insistent on being stimulated in any way possible.

Finally the need became to great to withstand; I lifted Rebecca into the still warm evening air and laid her back gently on the side of the tub, with her legs dangling into the churning water. Kneeling before her, I buried my face between her thighs, sucking gently on her clit, exercising the tip of my tongue with rhythmic motions. She was absolutely as excited as I, grabbing my hair and pulling me into her; bucking her hips and grinding on my face. Realizing that this would not last long; that our passions denied until now would quickly boil; I worked two fingers into her, moving them deeply in circular motions.

It wasn’t long at all. Moments later, a moan was coming from deep in her throat, combined with quick breaths and exaggerated hip thrusts. Immediately, she sat up, pulling my face even tighter into her pussy, holding it there as the last tremors of her orgasm passed. Eventually, she relaxed her grip, and laid back down, arms out at her side and the hit of a smile on her lips.

I however had passed a point of no return. Standing now in the hot tub, I grabbed her dangling legs in my arms and pressed my pulsing cock deep into her. This was what had been on my mind for the past few days leading up to this. Dreams and visions of this had filled my thoughts, I was beyond passion, beyond control. I quickly exploded, pulling out and coming all over her stomach and legs. It was all I could do not to scream to the world, to hear my passions echoed from the rocks and all across the desert floor. I collapsed down back into the tub, lying my head gently against the inside of Rebecca’s leg. She sank down back into the tub, cuddling close to me. The immediacy of the moment passed, and again we relaxed.

After a few minutes, I suggested we head back to the room. Gathering up our clothes, and wrapping towels around our bodies, we returned to the resort and headed back up to the room. Tossing the clothes off to the side, I escorted Rebecca to the bathroom, started up the shower, and helped her into the tub. We showered, having some fun soaping up each other and scrubbing our backs. I took my time with Rebecca’s breasts, running my hands across her soapy slick nipples and kneading them as the water refreshed us.

Stepping out, I offered her a towel. As we were drying, I offered to bring her bag in here so she could “slip into something more comfortable <g>” Wanting to be surprised, I closed the door and allowed her to contemplate what to wear.

For me, I had brought my silk robe and silk pajamas. I choose to just wear the bottoms. I found some glasses and poured some ice water from the refrigerator. I also went to my bag and got out a few choice items I had brought with me specifically for this. Finally, I did some preparations to the room that I had been contemplating for most of the day.

When Rebecca emerged, she was dressed in a lacy white outfit, revealing most but teasing me with what was covered. As she looked around the room, she saw what I had been up to! Knowing my gift of flowers could not leave with her, I had spread rose petals across the bed, with a trail leading to the bathroom. Sitting on the corner, I extend my hand towards her, beckoning her to join me.

Having satisfied the most urgent of our needs, we could now take our time and enjoy the subtleties of our passions. Reclining back onto the bed, we again began kissing. Soft kisses. Warm and friendly kisses. Playful kisses. Tender kisses. After the almost frantic expression of needs, now our hands seemed almost tame as they reached and felt. I especially enjoyed running my hand from her shoulder to her knee, feeling the outline of her figure, gently caressing her ass, and retuning again for a second trip.

I found myself recalling things that I remembered about Rebecca. How she had the softest skin I had ever recalled feeling. How when touching her, she would have this look of contentment that engulfed her entire body. That being with her was so different than any other woman I had been with; a combination of friendship and erotic excitement that is impossible to describe to anyone who had never felt it. As I pondered it, it was amazing how though we both had the loves or our lives, there was some different space that we each occupied in each others hearts and minds. I was very happy.

My train of thought was broken as Rebecca began to crawl down my body. I eagerly rearranged myself so I was laying flat on my back with my head and shoulders propped up with several pillows. Just about the time I was situated, Rebecca had made her way between my legs, where she was propped up on her elbows and looking at me wickedly. As I had this look on my face that I’m sure was screaming “Please!” she lowered her head and took my mostly flaccid penis in her mouth. Sucking in as she slowly raised and lowered her head, she fixed that problem in about 1 minute!

This was a wonderful visual and physical experience. Rebecca was in no hurry, and the combination of seeing my dick as it completely disappeared and reappeared, combined with the feeling of her lips and tongue as she expertly played with me fueled my fires and started to bring back the desire I had scarcely a half hour earlier. I started to move my hips more in time with her head, but she placed her hands on my waist and kept me still; ensuring that we progressed at her pace and under her control.

I’m not sure how long we went like this; she was perfect in keeping me excited and aroused without pushing me to the point of needing a release. I’m sure I could have stayed there for hours, and would have, had she not, after a particularly deep mouthful, allowed my penis to escape her mouth with a pop and a smile on her face as she sat up. She reached down and pulled off the outfit she was wearing in one deft move, as I hastened to remove what was left of my pajamas.

Now both naked, Rebecca decided it was time to enjoy the fruits of her labors, and crawled back up my body, straddling my hips, and the lowering herself down on me. After all the attention she had lavished on me, I was hard as a rock and had absolutely no problems entering her all the way to the hilt. Arching herself backwards, I could just see the base of my cock below her aroused clit as she rotated her hips and ground my dick into her as deeply as it would go.

Rebecca began raising and lowering herself in a smooth motion, almost allowing my head to emerge before lowering herself back down to the base. My hands were wandering all over her, but spent most of there time feeling her breasts and grasping her waist as she continued. I raised my knees up, allowing myself to fuck her as deep as physically possible. She responded by increasing her pace, and becoming more forceful on her downward strokes. As her head started moving back and forth, her teeth gently biting her bottom lip, I reached down and massaged her exposed clit as she rode me with increasing enthusiasm.

Maybe it was because we were inside now, or because we had a longer build up, but this time when she came she held nothing back, almost jumping up and down on my cock as she screamed in ecstasy. I kept one hand on her hip to keep her from leaping off, and the other with my thumb firmly pressed on her clit until she stopped and slumped forward onto my chest. I held her head, and kept myself pressed inside her as she rested for a moment.

But there was not that much rest. Allowing myself to slip out, I scooted out from under her and turned her over onto her back. I turned to her and allowed our lips to come together for a few more excited kisses, and then raised myself up, spread her legs a bit, and proceeded to take over where she had left off.

As she had done for me, I fucked her with long, determined strokes. Occasionally, I would let my cock slip out, rub the head on her clit, feeling the coarseness of her fur on my sensitive shaft, and then eagerly returning it to her inviting pussy. As I continued this, life began to return to her; soon enough our bodies were moving in unison, her hips raising to meet each stroke, and relaxing with each exit.

Knowing another moment I had waited for was approaching, I began to be more forceful in my strokes, more intent with each movement. As my breathing quickened, I reached down and held firm on her hips, wanting them in the perfect position for my pleasure. Then, without missing a beat, I began a long, intense orgasm, coming deep inside her and feeling the increased warmth encompass my shaft and fill her pussy. Not wanting to relax, I didn’t let up one bit, not even after the last convulsion went through my body. When I was sure that my orgasm was over, I looked deeply into her eyes, and ground my still hard cock as deep and as firmly into her as possible.

I started kissing her as we continued to fuck, her mouth as eager as the rest of her body. Maintaining this intensity until I was sure I would remain hard, I then rolled her over and asked her to kneel up for me. I then stood at the side of the bed and brought her over to the edge, and with two hands firmly on her ass I entered her from behind, watching my penis disappear into her pussy for yet another time.

From this position, using my entire body I fucked her hard, pausing occasionally to burry my dick and grind her deeply. For a while, I leaned over her so I could reach around her, first playing with her breasts, then allowing a hand to slip down between her legs. But that only lasted for a short while; I found myself needing to stand back up and concentrate on my primary purpose of pounding my dick into her.

I knew that this would probably be it for us, and so I held on to her tightly and continued to increase both the strength and the speed of our lovemaking. I was paying so much attention to what I was doing that I was actually surprised when she started coming, pressing her ass back against me and holding me deep inside her as her passion washed over her. Her strength gone, she fell down to the bed, legs hanging off the edge. I came down on top of her, still firmly inside her, and while kissing the back of her neck continued to plunge inside her, bringing on my own climax.

I laid on top of her for some time, caressing her hair, running my fingers down her sides. Finally, I rolled off her and lay beside her, reaching down to grasp her hand in mine. It was wonderful to just rest there, feeling her close to me, an occasional squeeze of our hands reminding each other of our pleasures.

I suggested a shower and maybe a nap; Rebecca countered that she would just sort of wash off a bit; after all, she didn’t want to smell too fresh when she returned. After all, a night at the club was work, right? So she took a few minutes in the bathroom, I set the alarm for 1:15, and we turned off the light and quickly fell asleep in each other’s arms. My last thought was of kissing her forehead lightly, and being rewarded by feeling her arms tighten slightly around me.

When the alarm clock went off, we hit the snooze one time, but knew we couldn’t stay any longer. I helped Rebecca get her stuff together; she fixed her hair and applied more makeup/perfume, and readied herself to leave. Before she went, I sat her back down on the bed.

“We didn’t get a chance last time to talk afterwards” I said. “How are you?” “Wait, before you answer, let me tell you how I am.”

“I do feel at this moment a little strange. But more than that, I’m very happy and content, both with myself and you. From the start, I’ve had this unique attraction to you, more than a friendship, different than a lover. You have filled a need in me that I really didn’t know existed until I met you, and having met/experimented with you, I’m actually more satisfied with my life in general. I hope you have similar feelings; you are a very special person to me”. She just smiled and said “Yea, sort of like that”. And that answer was fine by me.

I took her bag and walked back down with her to the car. It stays warm in the Arizona summer night, and the warm air felt good on my face. Another hug, another kiss, some words of parting, and she drove off, back to the real world. Another chapter had been written in my life.

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