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Honey, the Housekeeper Seduced Me!

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Honey, the Housekeeper Seduced Me.

By: Mike Rockett, Jr.

The waiter, festooned in red and black, had just brought us our pasta with red clam sauce family style. I looked at my wife as she dug in. Janice acted as if she hadn?t eaten in months. After she filled her plate to overflowing, I did the same. After her second bite my wife glared at me.

?So what gives?? Janice asked me.

I chewed thoroughly as I hoisted my eyebrows thoughtfully, as if I was completely clueless.

?The only time you bring me to here for clam sauce is when you?ve fucked up.? She looked at me with one brow arrogantly cocked, chewing a mouthful of pasta and clam bits. She was right I had brought her here because I had fucked up and I needed to face the music.

Janice was quick and seemed to not want to waste time. ?Is there something you want to confess??

I?m not sure how all of this happened, Janice, it just did. I had taken the day off and slept in this morning. I pulled myself out of the rack around 8, made coffee and cooked myself eggs and bacon. It was during my third cup of coffee and half way through the sports section when I was surprised by a visitor. The housekeeper you hired let herself in the front door and caught me at the breakfast table clad in nothing more than my robe. I hadn?t officially met her so I sheepishly introduced myself. She was gracious about the whole thing and seemed not to care how I was dressed.

Dear lord, Janice! Why did you hire someone so young? And I was taken back by how attractive she was a brunette with dark eyes and dimples. She?s thick, deliciously thick. She looked comfortable in a pair of cut off jeans and white tank top, plenty of cleavage. Yes, I noticed. I couldn?t help but notice, Janice.

She knew her way around the kitchen, made herself a cup of coffee and put enough sugar in it to cast herself into a diabetic coma. I admit I was attracted to her. I was pleased with the notion of conversing with her, but that was all I had intended. I meet women everyday that I find attractive, but as an adult I have learned self-control. Little did I know she was going to challenge me.

We sat and talked. She actually paid attention to me, she was jovial. She laughed at my jokes, the same ones you find unbearably corny. I couldn?t help but stare at her breasts as we talked, firm, round and wonderfully large. She went braless and I swear her nipples were erect the entire time, they must have been an inch long. At one point she stood and went to the sink for a glass of water. Her shorts were incredibly short, she had a generous ass with round hips and thick legs. I love thick legs. Since you?ve discovered Pilates, I?ve missed yours, Janice.

I looked at my watch and tee time was in an hour, I needed to shower and get to the golf course and I told her so. She seemed to understand. I took myself to the upstairs bathroom and got in the shower. I apologize, Janice. I was hard. My cock was standing at full attention. It had been so long since we?d had sex that any female attention would have caused this. And she was in our home, and I could have tried something stupid any time I wished, but then again self-control dictated that I not. I decided to take care of things myself. That was until she pulled back the shower curtain and offered to help.

I blame you for part of this, Janice. If you hadn?t insisted on hiring a housekeeper none of this would have happened.

There she stood, her dark mane pulled back into a ponytail. She had stripped down to her cotton white underwear and nothing else. My god, Janice her tits were bigger than I thought. Firm, milky-white with those erect nipples, my cock got the hardest it ever had. She smiled in such a way that made one dimple deeper than the other.

?You like my tits, don?t you??

I was dripping wet and the shower was nice and warm. ?I?m sorry, is it that obvious??

That was the last I remember talking to her. She got into the shower, cotton panties and all. I kissed her sweet mouth for what seemed like hours. I ran my hands all over her big, beautiful body. She lathered my cock and within minutes I shot an incredibly intense wad in her hand. She rubbed it all over her breasts as she said: ?that?s not all there is, is it??

Before I knew it we were on our bed, Janice. My cock was in her warm wet mouth. And she was good. Slowly she drew me in and slowly she let me back out. I couldn?t keep my eyes off of her wonderfully large frame, still wet from the shower. I groped her like a teenager.

She began to suck on me with an intense fervor that drove me to the brink of orgasm. But I flexed, I held on, I controlled it. My hand found its way between her legs. My finger discovered her magic button. I played with it, caressed it, she writhed and moaned as she sucked me. Suddenly she flopped over and spread her legs. I tried to remove her sopped panties but she refused.

That?s when everything stopped. I couldn?t understand why.

?You?re married,? she said.

I stared at her through wide eyes, confused as hell. I wanted so badly to slide my throbbing cock into that plush pussy; I wanted to fill her deep inside to overflowing.

?If you ever divorce your wife, give me a call.? With that she grabbed the hair on my head and pulled my face down, between her legs. ?Until then, eat me!? So I ate her, Janice, through her wet underwear. I hadn?t tasted anything so sweet in years. She propped herself beside me and continued to suck my longing cock. Within minutes I felt that familiar burning. I held on as long as I could but her mouth was too warm, her tongue too soft. I tensed my body, I licked her veiled pussy harder as I blew like Mount. St. Helens. She drank every drop of me in never missing a stroke.

That was when it happened. She rolled her hips and shoved my face harder between her legs. Her moans turned to muffled screams but she would not take her mouth off my cock. I slipped my hand beneath her underwear and brought her off with my fingers.

And guess what, Janice?

She squirted when she came. She gushed, soaked the bed, and drenched me with her love juice. It was my turn to drink her down. I swilled her like a cold beer in July and again she never missed a stroke, bringing me off for a third intense time.

Let me tell you, Janice, we were exhausted. I hadn?t felt that kind of exhaustion in years. I missed my tee time and spent the afternoon in bed trying to recuperate. By then she was gone. But I could still smell her, feel her skin against mine and I could still taste her.

Then you came home.

Giuseppe?s award winning clam sauce seemed to sour and the rest of our meal was terrible. We ate what little we dared and then got in the car to go home. The drive home was tense. At first it was silent, and then Janice exploded in a fit of rage. Luckily I got her to fill in certain details that I am ashamed to admit I missed.

?You didn?t even know her name?? Janice began to scream, ?You son of a bitch, her name is Andrea!?

And that wasn?t the worst of it. After referring to me as every profane name you could call a man her driving got a little reckless. She began to pay less attention to the road and more attention to screaming at me. Janice dug up old bones to chew. She ran the list of past failures in our marriage. She brought up old flames she could have married rather than me. And guess what? All of them were better men, according to her. They all seemed to have more money, bigger dicks and were, over all, much better choices than I was. ?Why I chose a philandering, worthless piece of shit like you I?ll never know!?

It was probably the scariest twenty minutes of my life! To top it off, Janice slapped me as I got out of the car. Then she sped away screaming something about a lawyer and taking me for everything I had. I stood there, in front of my home, and watched her drive away like a bat out of hell. I took a deep breath. In a way I was relieved but I knew it was far from over.

I decided to go inside and make a phone call.

Andrea looked different that night as she stood at my front door. She was dressed in black, in contrast, with a pale face and dark lip stick. It took a minute but it eventually made sense, she was a Goth chick. I have to admit I?d never been attracted to Goth chicks, but on her it was an incredible turn on. I wanted her right then and there.

?I didn?t have anyone else to call,? I confessed to her.

Andrea cocked her head.

?I told her everything.?

?That wasn?t very wise, now was it??

?I know Janice; the divorce papers will be here by the end of the week.?

?Are you sure??

?Yes, I?m sure.?

?What do you want from me??

Andrea was very skilled at sucking cock, this I learned. An hour later she was expertly blowing me. Slowly, methodically she took my length into her wonderful mouth. Her warm naked body writhed on my bed, slight moans escaping her full mouth as her head bobbed up and down in my lap. Again she had me ready to cum but I wanted her to take her time. I wanted her to taste me, suck me to the brink of insanity and I was well on my way. I couldn?t keep my eyes off of her pale round body, her broad ass, generous legs and torso.

She consumed me like a tigress, enthusiastic to kill and hungry to feed. I was her prey and willingly so. It was when she slid my aching cock between her melon-like breasts that I struggled to hold my climax. I fucked her chest, in and out slowly. Her more than ample tits, their warmth and softness, were taking me to realms of sexual pleasure I had rarely experienced.

That burning sensation that I knew so well began at the base of my cock. No, I wasn?t ready to cum. But it was building, working its way up my shaft as Andrea slid her chest up and down.

Her eyes fixed on mine, we connected. She could see it in my eyes that I was ready to explode.

?Let go all over my tits, every last drop!?

I told her I didn?t want to. But the tigress growled at me and continued to feed. I was helpless, a victim of her sexual prowess. She gleefully brought me off; I shot my hot surging load all over her chest, neck and chin.

I remember being in a daze, no drug or hallucinogen could touch this. I was adrift in a sea of ecstatic perversion. Andrea was a hurricane and she was about to strike. If I was to die I would rather the reaper claim me like this than in any other way.

A voice echoed in my cloudy skull, ?Lick me!?

She straddled my face thrusting that wet warm pussy in my mouth. Her growth was trimmed, the scent of her salty/sweet. I licked her, grabbed fists full of her ass. Within moments she climaxed. Again I drank her down. She was an oasis in a barren desert and my thirst was quenched. But I kept licking and soon I found myself with more to drink than I could swallow.

My cock was full and standing at attention. She exploited it as she sat herself on my lap sliding me inside. Her pussy was just as warm as her mouth. She was deep and soft yet somehow tight. She rode me slow, thrusting her hips back and forth. Sounds of ecstasy escaped me, my eyes rolled back, sensory overload. There was more stimulus than my brain could register. I was almost catatonic with pleasure as she rode me harder faster. Her breathing became heavy; she moaned. She grabbed handfuls of my hair and taunted me as she brought everything to a screeching halt.

?Is this what you wanted??

All I could do was nod.

?Did your wife ever fuck you like this, boney old Janice??

I wasn?t sure how to respond all I wanted her to do was to keep fucking me.

?You know you like this, you?re going to? want more! Your wife won?t fuck you this good!?

All that mattered at that moment was the big beautiful Goth chick that was making a carnival ride of my cock. Nothing else was important. Fuck Janice! She was on her way to divorce court, probably with a line of eager men waiting to replace me. Men with more money and bigger dicks. The torture must have been apparent in my eyes because Andrea cooed with lust and bucked me like an angry bronc.

Suddenly, she turned and straddled me backwards, giving me a view of that deliciously fat ass. She slid me in and thrust her hips back and forth. It was wonderful watching my cock happily slide in and out. It was more than enough to me bring to climax. I held it, trying to make the sensation last, trying to make it more intense. But to no avail.

Andrea grew silent, no screaming no taunting, but her thrusting became fast and fervent, she was grinding into me. It was pleasantly painful. She let out a slow long grunt as the walls of her pussy constricted. I came with her as warm fluid spilled out of her drenching me. She was powerless to control it. It took her what seemed like forever to finish, but I had no complaints.

It was as if time stood still. That wonderful but fleeting feeling of satisfaction. It was lulling and relaxing and I almost wanted it to never end. But it did the second Andrea fell over in a heap, lungs heaving for oxygen. I knew that I would want this again, every chance I could get, everyday. We cuddled and caressed each other for several hours, finally falling asleep. The next morning would be a good one!

I was due in divorce court in twenty minutes but the red light I was sitting at seemed to mock me. When was the damn thing going to turn green? My cell phone rang. I flipped it open, Captain Kirk style, and answered. It was Janice.

?I?m going to see to it that you are never able to afford a housekeeper again,? the bitch spat.


?Alimony, Richard, lots of alimony!?

I smiled wide. ?I?ll see you in court!?

She hung up. But she didn?t get to me. I wouldn?t let her. She was right I couldn?t afford much after the divorce; I gave up the nice car, sold the nice home and moved into a cheap studio downtown. But little did Janice know I was still able to maintain the services of one very good housekeeper.

But only by special arrangement.

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