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Home early

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The big surprise.

You are at home on a Friday morning just doing your thing with the hellions.

I unexpectedly show up at 1:00 give you a kiss and ask you have the kids had lunch you say yes they just finished I say to the kids Nana wants to see you guys so get in the van they bounce up to the mud room to get there shoes on I look at you and say ill be back in a few minutes hop in the shower and put a ribbon in your hair. Oh and by the way I laid out your clothes for you. I give you a kiss and walk out the door.

You are some what confused so you head upstairs wondering what dose this goof ball have up his sleeve he dose not have time for this. He prob has some kinky lingerie for me to put on or something. So you hop in the shower while you are shaving and cleaning up you here the garage door open and close. You get finished and get out to dry off you here me down stars opening and closing the doors ect... You start to get ready your clothes are laying out in our closet shocked it is not lingerie it is your black plush track suit with the dragons on it with a new pair of matching bra and panty as you pick it up your Ben wang balls fall out You shake your head so you slide your balls inside your pussy slide on your new undergarments and you look there is no shirt so you throw on your track suit and zip it up just enuf to see the top of your bra you see I have a brand new pair of smart wool happy feet socks so you slide them in and wiggle your toes smiling to yourself I love a nice pair of happy feet socks. As you head down stairs you see me at the kitchen just finishing the dishes you say what's up I have on only a pair of my blue jeans and no shirt on. I just smile walk over to you and give you a kiss. As i put on one of my dress shirts back on to button up you help me button the shirt i start from the bottom and you from the top we meet in the middle then I say ok let's go. As I walk up and slide on my shoes. You put yours on and we hop into the van as we pull out you ask me what are we doing I simply say I don't know.

We drive into town and I pull into the bearded dog I say I thought we could have lunch you look at the time it is 2:00 you say we don't have time don't you have to get to the office. I smile and say I took the afternoon off. I just thought we could spend some time together. We both have a light lunch you have your choc martini you love from there. We chat and relax you keep trying to figure out what I have planned but I just change the subject each time. You pussy feels good it gets stimulated off and on from the balls if you move just so. We Finnish our lunch and head to the van and head out. I drive thru town and start to head to Vandertucky north on 27. We eventually make a left onto thumb lake rd we get to 31 and head right to Petoskey. Up 31 we drive. I slow down and pull into the sex shop. I say ok here are the rules you get $100 bucks you must pick out a toy for me and a separate toy for you. I then say I will wait here for you, take your time. As you go to unbuckle I unzip your sweat shirt a bit lower and say there thats better showing off some of that sexy cleavage. You get out of the vehicle and head in with the cash I gave you in your pocket. You walk in there is a young girl at the counter it is clean and well lit inside. She say hi may I help you you say no thank you she say ok if you have any ?s just ask. You say thank you. So you start to walk around looking you see videos in the middle and various dildos and toys pumps restraints around the walls. You walk around taking everything in slowly. Then you stop and think ok what should I get for Ryan. You look at a few cock pumps and masterbate re like fleshlight and molded pussies and asses ect... You also see a few dif styles of prostate stimulators. You are feeling so indecisive. You finally decide on a fleshlight then you start looking for your self wow also many shapes and sizes dildos and anal beads with different materials latex cyber skin Metal glass jellie all kinds of stuff wow this is hard. Finally you see a med to smaller sized compact water proof dildo looks like it would travel nice and easy and discreet you could pack it in a bag and not be to obvious. So you go to check out she says hi and sees the fleshlight she says I got one of these for my boyfriend he seems to like it. You pay her and get the change and head out to the van. You hop in and I say what did you get you smile and say you will see later. I say ok. We pull out and head into town.

We head into the gas light district and park the van we get out and walk around the shops stoping in and window shopping here and there every now and then i reach over and zip down your sweat shirt a few inches to expose those sexy tits a bit teasing you. We swing into the shoe store I find a pair of ostrich boots I think are the bomb you tell me to get them so I do I am so excited I have wanted a pair for awhile now so I'm all excited and ware them out of the store you laugh at me like I'm a kid. We head out we all around you see a clothing shop we step in looking around and you pick out a cute outfit. We just enjoy our day hanging out. We swing into the Traverse City Pie Co and we each pick out a piece of pie you have a glass of wine with yours we try each others pie and relax a bit. We hop in the van and head out I pull into the new Motel on the hill

We check in I open the back of the van and pull out a suitcase I had packed for both of us we head up to the room and get settled in. You come up to me and kiss me I pull you in closer holding you next to me we work over to the couch we sit there you on my lap we kiss and cuddle I unzip your shirt again this time you don't seem to mind this time. We cuddle as I caress you breasts and you feel my hands on your back you reach over and unbutton my shirt exposing my trimmed chest and ant you slide off my lap as you kiss my chest and pull me to stand up you slide my shirt off my shoulders and let it drop to the ground. I look into your eyes and look down at your unzipped sweat shirt I can see your bra and breasts you are so sexy. You kiss me and we work our way over to the bed. I slide your shirt off you I go for your bra but you drop to your knees and unbutton my pants you leave them on but pull my cock and balls out you put my cock in your mouth and it starts to harden even more. You push me onto the bed and say get comfortable. So I slide up and get situated you turn and walk over to the luggage and open your brown paper bag of toys you had just purchased. Your back is to me as you open and inspect the items you walk over to me and put you mouth on my cock sucking it. Then you slide the fleshlight over my cock switching back and forth from you mouth and the toy. The changing sensations is amazing I reach over and slide your pants down yourmthongnisnslightly big so I can access you wet pussy you look over at me and say wanna see it I of course say you know I do. You turn away from me bending at the waist sliding your pants off your legs you pull out your toy and sit at the other Ned of the bed playing with yourself so I can watch you play with your pussyfoot with your fingers and toy as I stroke my cock with mine. You make me watch you bring yourself to orgasm is is so hot I am ready to blow my load and you say do not cum yet as you take the fleshlight from me you suck my cock for a second or to then you stop and say we need to get some dinner I know what you are doing you are making me that's a tease. Wow I say ok we can go out to eat.

You bend over at the waist showing me you ass and wet pussy as you pick up my shirt and then again for your pants you go to put them on and I say. You are not wearing that out to dinner. You say then what am I supposed to wear I say open the bag. There you see a little black dress I bought for you when you hold it up you remember the dress you showed it to me online months ago. You said is that the one I said was sexy. I smile and say ya I think so if you mean it is the one you showed me a few months back. You smile as you slip it on you say it is shorter than I thought. I say it's freaking hot with those sexy legs of yours and it shows off your tits perfectly. You smile I say surname around and bend over you do I catch a glimpse of your hot ass I say that is perfect you laugh. We Finnish getting ready. I packed your makeup and stuff so you get all done up I get ready as well you keep teasing me by only bending at the wast when you bend forward I see the sexy rack and when away I see your hot ass. You finish your glass of wine while getting ready we head out and i hand you 2 different pair of shoes for you to choose since i was not sure which ones you would want. I inform you we will be going to the club at the casino after dinner.

We go to the Italian place across from the hospital I had reservations for us. We sit down and each have a glass of wine together while enjoying the hours devours while they prepare are meal. You slide your shoe off and tease my leg and cock a bit under the table I can't believe it you are so sexy I think to my self I love this woman more every day I love it when she is on the slutty side. They top off our drinks we relax. You know I am so horny since you have not let me cum yet today. I ask you so due you still have the balls with you and smile saying ya and they have me so wet right now teasing me more. You get up and say I will be right back I have to use the powder room. You pick up your small purse and leave me. A few min pass suddenly I get a text on my phone I look at it it say txt msg Pritty Lady I think that's odd. So I open it you took a pic of your set bent over so I can see your ass and pussy and you are holding your thong in the air then it follows with a pic of you putting your panties I. Your little purse wih a note saying they were just to wet to wear tonight. My cock is standing at attention a few seconds later you walk back to the table you see my Huge grin on my face you know you have my full attention like a puppy in front of a dog bone. Almost as soon as you sit down they bring out our dinner. I of course got my lasagna and you wanted to try there eggplant parmesan. They both look delicious. And they were excellent. While we are eating you would drop a hint to me that you would say wow this chair feels cold on my skin and smile or say wow this seat feels damp. Driving me wild I was so worried when we finished I would not be able to stand due to my hard on. After our meal we split a light dessert. On our way to the car you walked ahead of me dropped your panties from your purse bent over right in front of me while sliding you short skirt up a tad giving me full view of your sexy ass and pussy I wanted so bed to drop to my knees and taste you right there in the parking lot. You stood back up turned around gave me a kiss and help my arm to the van I let you in and by the time I got in my seat you had pulled up your skirt to tease me for a sec you slapped my hand away from you. And said no touching yet Mr. I started the van. And pulled out of the parking lot

We head down the road and you say lets go to the club in the casino and check it out so we slide in there and walk into the ozone club it is all black light and white chairs people are starting to show up we sit at a raised table you get a blue with sprite and I a rum n coke after a min or to you say lets dance so we go out to the floor there are ably about a dozen people dancing so we join in they play some upbeat tunes you grind on me a bit which is driving me nuts you even at one point bend over at the waist just showing me the bottom of your ass you are driving me so wild right now. We dance to a few more songs a couple strikes up a conversation with us he orders 2 rounds of shots the first are tequila for him and I and you 2 somthing that looks different you say what is it she says a blowjob you pick it up and she says no you can't touch it with your hands. You have to drink it with your hands behind your back so she explained you put the glass in your mouths pick it up and slam it back so you watch her and then you pull it off it took a sec but you got it. We do another one you pulpit off like a pro now :). We chat a bit you are gettin tipsy a bit which I love since you are teasing me a little more uninhibitedly. After about 20 min. We say we should go they ask us if we want to join them at there place we suddenly realized they were swingers shocked we stumble and explain we don't do that they apologize for the uncomfortable moment we leave shortly we both are surprised and both admit slightly flattered that they fond us attractive we head back to the van you kiss and tease me the whole way to the van.

We get into the van you are talking dirty to me telling me you want my cock so bad and that you want to feel my cum deep inside you. I can't get to the hotel fast enuf.

We get to the hotel and as soon as we get in the elevator and head up it stops on our floor and you tell me to push the hold button so I due and u unzip my pants pull my cock out and suck on it for a few seconds my world is rocked you then stand up and say come with me we kiss and tease you pull your dress up flashing me your pussy and pulling it down showing me your tits my cock is so hard I can hardly walk we get in the room and we can't get out of our clothes fast enuf your pussy is so wet I lick your pussy mmmm it tastes so sweet and you suck my cock for a bit then sit on my face we kiss deeply switching positions here and there.

I berry my cock inside your wet Pussy you feel so full with it inside you as you moan as I work you over stoping Briefly to taste you and finger your pussy and ass you moan and groan louder than usual. You cum hard squirting from your pussy as I finger your Gspot and clit then I pump you hard finishing your organism with my cock I tide your dripping wet pussy. Soon after I pump you for a bit and I blow my load filling your pussy you can feel it run don to your ass as I pump you full of my cum. We lay there intertwined and fall asleep for the night. :)

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