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Home For The Holidays!!

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Recently I was seeing this guy, he was sweet, kind, very loving and tender, but there was a huge lack of passion & sex. Apparently my appetite far exceeds his and the more I wanted it and made it clear that I'd like us to be doing it, the more he seemed to pull away. So Wednesday night he said, "I don?t want to hold you back, if there?s things you need that you're not getting here, go get it, because I'm not ready to take that step yet." Ok, strange, yes, a man who doesn?t want to rush into sex... (Here's where my evening begins)...

The very first guy I ever met on AFF (Mr. Tongue & Cock Ring, if you haven?t read my first Aff Encounter yet) was on line Wed after I hung up with the guy I was seeing. He asked me what I was doing, I said nothing, he was in town for Thanksgiving and wondered if I was up for any fun. So I agreed to meet him in a local park.

The park wasn?t as dark as I had envisioned it being, and there were too many street lights to really find anyplace that was completely dark & unexposed. We made out briefly against the pavilion but we were visible to passing traffic and houses so we walked over to the playground which has trees on one side, but houses on the other. I sat down on the swing and pulled him in front of me, undid his pants and pulled his cock out of his boxers. I teased my tongue along the head, playing with the ring in my mouth. Sucking his slow and deep into my mouth, rubbing his balls with one hand and squeezing his ass with the other, as I sucked every inch of his cock into my mouth. He pulled me up off of the swing, and started to undo my pants but I said, we should move to the table. We moved the picnic table closer to a tree, so that we could sit in the shadow of the tree. He lifted my shirt and pressed against me, his cock against my stomach as he squeezed and sucked my tits into his mouth. We ran our hands all over each other, as he pulled at my jean buttons, he undid my bra and continued to suck and squeeze my tits, he pushed me back onto the picnic table and pulled my jeans down. He licked my stomach and the top of my panties, grazing the skin lightly with his teeth, he pulled my panties down and slid his finger into my already soaking wet pussy. He slid his tongue along my clit and I heard, "mommy can we go on the slide" and I almost jumped up off the table at the exact same time. We both straightened our clothes and started walking out of the playground as 3 children, 2 woman, and their 2 dogs walked thru the playground. The woman unleashed the dogs so they could run around and shit, and we walked to my truck. We tried to make out in the truck, but we were under street lights and it would have been to obvious if we climbed in the backseat, so I drove us across town to another park. Which I KNEW was better, because the other park didn't have many lights in the parking lot. We went up under the covered pavilion where the picnic tables were, but the rain had still managed to soak everything under the pavilion.

I removed my heeled boots, which were making a lot of noise clicking along the cement and metal sides of the picnic table, and sat on the edge of the table (here we go again!) and he slid his hand up my shirt, my bra still unattached from the previous park, and he sucked my nipple into his mouth. I undid his pants and slid my hand inside, toying my fingers around the head of his cock and along the smooth metal ring thru his cock. He slipped my jeans down and off my legs, and spread them apart, he slipped his tongue inside my cunt and went to work with his tongue probing and flicking against me, his fingers sliding in and out of my cunt, his teeth lightly tugging and nibbling at my lips, clit, and thighs. I came several times and when I started to get louder the dogs in the yard just behind the trees started barking.

I pulled him up and started kissing him, tasting my cum all over his lips and face. My hand stroking his cock, his fingers sliding inside me, fingering me while I stroke his cock. I reached inside my jeans pocket and handed him a condom. I said "we said we'd meet for oral, but if you wanna fuck me, you can." He said, "Oh trust me, I'm gonna fuck you!" He put on the condom and slowly slid his cock inside me, I inched closer to the edge of the table and couldn?t believe how amazing it felt. It was sooo cold outside, the rain had soaked everything, my ass was freezing against the table, but my entire body felt hot and throbbing. The minute his cock slid inside me, I felt the metal ring against the walls of my pussy. I said, "wow, forgot about that!" He laughed and continued to slide it in and out of me. He climbed on top of me on the table and continued to fuck me, good and hard. The table was jumping all over and making sooo much noise, the neighborhood dog started barking again, which sent another dog or two into a barking contest. We were fucking so hard and fast that we could barely hear the dogs barking over the creaking and noise of the table and each other. I came several more time, but he had to stop because his knees were getting so sore from bashing against the table. It was getting late and we both had houses full of people for the holiday, so we agreed to go home and he'd call me when everyone was asleep to sneak me in, to finish him off.

I went home and took a shower and put on some clean clothes. I was still really hot and bothered and sooo turned on from my little romp in the parks, that I couldn?t rest. I jumped on the computer and another ex was online (We'll call him J). We got talking and I shared with him what I had just done. I told him "Mr. Tongue Ring is gonna hook back up with me later" and he said, "you should have called me." I said, "well you're welcome to come over if you like." He said he didn?t want to be sloppy seconds, and I told him, "he wore a condom and he didn?t finish, we only had sex a few mins, he mostly just fingered and ate me." So that seemed to reassure him enough and he was in his car and on his way. Before my doorbell rang Mr. Tongue Ring said that his family had finally fallen asleep, but we both agreed it was late and we both had to get up early tomorrow (Thanksgiving) ;) Yeah Right!!

So J comes over and we crawl into bed and watch the last few minutes of a movie that was on TV. We started kissing, his hands started wondering, and he started asking questions, so I told him in detail what I had done in the park and how the parents walked by, etc. It was getting me soooo turned on, that I was soaked before he even got his fingers into my panties. He pulled off my panties and started to finger me, teasing me. Even though I was soaked, I knew I needed a little more time before he fucked me. J is the biggest cock I have ever had and no matter how many times we have sex, if there?s been any time in between it always takes a little EFFORT to get him to fit inside me. He loves my tits so he spent quite a bit of time, teasing, licking, sucking, and squeezing them.

Finally he slid the head against my pussy, slowly, then slid the head inside. I felt my body pushing against him, flinching and straining to accommodate the width as he pressed it further inside me. He slowly started to move a little deeper inside, and as always once he got it about 2/3 of the way in, he paused, waiting for me. I started to lift my ass up off the bed and slowly move my hips in circles, rolling my pussy around his cock, becoming comfortable with it inside me, soaking him, and when I started to move faster and further off the bed he knew I was ready and he slid the rest in, bottoming out and then back out and in. He fucked me for several minutes good and slow and deep, then started going faster and a little more shallow. He lifted my leg and then the other, put them over his shoulders, I reached up and held onto the headboard, begging him to fuck me. He drove it deep and hard until I came and then we rolled over with him still buried inside me, and I started to ride him. First slow and sensual, then faster, and finally fast and hard, the bed smashing against the wall, his body bouncing with mine up off the bed with each thrust. I came again, and told him I wanted him to "bend me over and fuck me!"

He positioned himself behind me and began to fuck me nice and slow, and I told him I wanted him to "go faster and pull on my hair, smack my ass too!" He started to go a little faster, he wound his hand into my hair and pulled my head back, he said "is this ok" and I said "don't be so gentle, pull my head back and smack my ass!" He started to pull a little harder and he tapped his hand against my right ass cheek. I said "harder, come on smack my ass, I've been really bad tonight!" and he smacked it a little harder, I said "come on, fuck me harder!" and he started to drive his cock deeper and faster inside me. I was moaning and screaming, and pressing back for more. It really hurt but it felt sooo good. The guy that I had just broke up with had told me that since I get soooo wet, I could probably squirt if I learned how to control my orgasms, he said that I allow myself to have them too close together (2-3 mins apart) and if I held back and controlled those muscle spasms a little better, I'd probably squirt. So I decided I wasn?t going to allow myself to get so wet or to come so much, and I squeezed my kegal muscles tight the entire time he was fucking me from behind. I could feel myself holding back and the muscles and contractions were getting harder and harder to fight. Finally I decided to relax and let myself cum, and when I did, the contraction was sooo intense that it FORCED his cock COMPLETELY out of my pussy, it shoved him out, I felt it pop out, and he said "HOLY SHIT!" and I said "sorry" but I hadn?t looked back yet, as I sat up I looked down and the bed was soaked! There was a 12-15 inch stretch of soaking wetness. He said, "did you" and I said "OMG I SQUIRTED!" and I pushed him back onto the bed and rode him hard and fast until he came. We exhausted each other and when we woke up Turkey Day morning we went another round (no squirting though) ;)

So even though the relationship didn?t turn out to be so great, I did learn something rather valuable... I learned that I can Squirt!! (Oh and that I have a huge fetish for fucking in public places, perhaps the combination of being so slutty and fucking 2 different men in less than 4 hrs of breaking up with my bf, and doing it in a public park, helped to push me over the edge. Either way, it was a night worth remembering! hmm... if only I could have had them both around at the same time... next time I'm hoping for some mfm action!)

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