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Home Alone

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So here I was, sitting home alone in my bed room. Bored to death, hoping to come across something on the internet, to keep my mind of the fact I was alone. Funny enough I told you I would be home alone this weekend, but sadly there was no real response on that. I ignored the fact you weren't online. Guess you were out or so, who knew.

I'm browsing a bit on the internet, and kind of feel like playing with myself. I put on a nice porn clip and start playing with my breasts. I grab one of my vibrating dildo's and place it between my legs, playing a little. I'm starting to become quiet wet. Suddenly the doorbell rings. "Oh for...", I sigh and walk downstairs.

When I open the door I see you standing there, with bags and all. You grab my face and kiss me. "Did you really think I'd let this chance go by and not keep you company when you're alone?" and you smile. "But I thought you weren't going to drop over and you've not been online for a few days!", "That's because I was booking my trip to you dear". You grab your bags and place them in the hallway. "so what shall we do?!" you ask. I'm starting to turn red and tell you that I was just playing a little bit. You're getting a grin on your face, "Oh really, playing then, without me hmmm.". I smile and grab your crotch as I feel you're pretty hard yourself. I'm starting to get real wet by now and undo your pants. "Wait a minute there, ooooh ahhh, nevermind keep going" as I suck you. I can taste your precum and it's really turning me on.

I then stop sucking you and run upstairs, "catch me if you can". "Why you little" and you pull up your pants chasing me upstairs. When you enter my bedroom you can see me laying there on my bed, with my vibrator. "Play with me, please?". Your grin goes from one end of your face to the other end and you rip your clothes off as well as you're ripping mine off. It's really warm in my room, but we don't care. We're both so sweaty it's actually quiet sexy, when you slide with your body over mine. You open my legs and your fingers slowly slide across the sides of my thighs to my pussy. Slowly you let yourself slide in. Your other hand is playing my breasts. Then your hand grabs my hand and you place it on your cock. I grab it firmly and as we both play with eachother the atmosphere is turning heavily into "I want to fuck you as hard as I can and as long as I can". I tell you I want you badly and I can see something in your eyes, maybe it's something that would agree with me right then and there.

You put me on my tummy and grab my dildo. You put it on the vibrating stand and caress my back with it, as well as kidding my back. I'm starting to shiver. Then your hand slides in between my legs and you can feel I'm getting very wet. "Hmm I like this... alot". You then start eating me, while you try to caress my back. I'm twitching as it's so sensitive, but you don't mind that at all, in fact it turns you on quiet alot. Your cock is pulsating as if it's telling you to penetrate me deep, you try to resist. I turn around and tell you we should play eachother. You agree and place your cock in front of my mouth as you place yourself as my pussy. We're starting to suck and lick eachother and we're sliding over eachother still as we're still quiet sweaty. You grab the dildo and put on the highest stand of vibrating, holding it against my clit. I groan and you start to pound my mouth as hard as you can. "Ssst, I don't want to hear you" you giggle and start groaning yourself as I take you deep in my mouth.

I can feel your cock pulsating and you let off a hard moan while filling up my mouth. As you cum inside me, you start putting the vibrator directly on my clit and move it a little. I'm starting to twitch as I can't find off the vibrations any longer and let you go at it. You then place the vibrator inside me and lick my clit. I'm starting to get closer and getting a weird sensation inside me. You keep going and going and I can't hold that feeling any longer. You can feel by my body twitching I'm getting close and you place the dildo right on my clit. As you do so I start screaming, "no, please, oh god, oooooooooooh" and I'm starting to cum, not just that, but you can see I'm squirting with it. It's going everywhere. You quickly jump off me and trying to lick it up as much as you can, while keeping the vibrator on my clit. "You're such a.... oooooh keep going.... bastard, you know.. aaaaaaah that." You start to smirk while you keep drinking my fluids.

Then you lift me up and suddenly I feel you pound your cock inside me. "Oh come... ooooooooh on... give me a small, hmmmmm.... break". You start to smile and place my legs over your shoulders are you start pounding as hard and deep as you can. "Break? I don't know what that is, I want you, I want you right now..." your hands starting to caress my breasts as you keep pounding me. You're starting to groan as you pound and I'm trying to hold my screaming. "Don't hold back", you say and I look at you as you keep pounding me. I grab my bedsheets, trying to use it as some "stress" reliever. "Oh just fuck me already, get in as deep as you can". You see this as a sign to go even harder. I can feel you going in and outside so deep, I feel my clit had her rest, so I start to play with her. It's very sensitive, but it's so nice. I keep playing her as you fuck me. "Can I cum first?", I ask, and you tell me it's alright. as I get your approval I can feel my muscles tighten up. Your face tells me that came a bit too unexpected and I can see your holding in not to fill me up just yet... I tell you I want you to fill me up as I cum and I'm starting to scream now. My pussy tightening around your cock you can't hold it in any longer and you starting to fill me up. My legs over your shoulders still, you as deep as you can inside me, both of us cumming like that. After we're done you fall on top of me and say you need a short break. I look at you and agree. I'm exhausted and you are as well, but I know we will continue in a few minutes, because I'm home alone...

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