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Hitch Hiker

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Hitch Hiker

I picked her up at a rest stop in Virginia on my way to a secluded camp I own in West Virginia. She was in her forties, but still looked good and took great care to preserve the assets she retained after a couple of kids and one bad husband. I?d stopped for my first of two standard breaks and was stretched out in the sun on this spring day on the lawn of the facility. A shadow crossed my closed eyes and I thought it was just a set of clouds blocking out the sun for a few moments, I didn?t bother to open my eyes. People passed by on their way to and from the restrooms or snack machines, so the footsteps that preceded the shadow didn?t alert me either. So I was surprise somewhat when I heard her voice almost directly over me.

?It looks like you?re going camping,? the husky voice stated.

Slowly I opened my eyes to look at the person who had obviously addressed me. The voice was too close by and directly above me to be just some casual conversation between the other travelers going hither and yon.

?I saw you get out of your truck and noticed it was filled with camping supplies. I was wondering if you?d like some company.?

I like women who are direct and wasn?t taken aback by her question. I too liked being direct with this kind of girl because it eliminates all sorts of misunderstandings caused by casual conversation that is not detailed enough to learn anything about the opposition. I say opposition because relationships of any kind are only games to be played out. Some games last five minutes, some, a lifetime, but always have opposing forces.

Liking what I saw standing above me, it took me about five seconds to say, ?Sure, but there are conditions.?

?And what might those be,? she inquired.

?Well, I own land up in the mountains and it?s very secluded. I bought it because of that seclusion. I bought it so that I could run naked in the woods if I so desired, which, this time of year I usually do. So, the conditions are, when I take of my clothes, you won?t get upset or offended by my nudity and start saying you want to get out of there. Once I get up there and get things set up, I don?t leave for days on end. I also don?t like loud music when I?m up there. I listen to some sixties folk and maybe some more modern country. But the hard rock, classical and rap I leave behind on the flat lands when I get above one thousand feet. You are welcomed to come with me if those conditions are alright with you.?

?That sounds perfect to me. I need to hide from my ex for a few days, and if you don?t mind my getting naked with you, I?d love to come along for the duration.?

I asked her, ?Good, where is your gear,?

?In the back of your truck,? she stated matter-of-factly.

?Confident are yo?.? I stated this more than I posed the interrogative.

?Absolutely! A girl hiding from her ex has to be sure of herself if she?s going to survive.?

?Hop in, we?ve got about a two hour drive ahead of us.?

The drive was pleasant. There was the usual chit-chat, no much personal, long sessions of listening to my music, another quick pit stop for gas and ice and a lot of looking at the scenery along I-77 over the ?flat top?.

As we arrived at my campsite, after some harrowing moments of not being able to see the car path because of a full season of growth of the local vegetation, she asked me how much land I owned. ?Nearly two-hundred acres? I said. ?Plenty of room to spread out on and far enough off the beaten track I don?t need fences to insure no one will be around.?

?Nice,? she said without further comment.

We drove through the woods, rounding bends, driving over seeps and creeks for nearly three additional miles. The road had cleared as it stretched through some heavy canopy. I finally turned off into my final destination and shut down the motor. In front of us was the view that I?d been longing to see for months. Because of the dense overhead forest, no undergrowth blocked my view for twenty miles. Range after range of mountains rose in succession from unseen valleys, creeks and the New River. It was perfect. Slightly to the right was a small open field heavily over grown with grass. I would cut a circle about forty feet in diameter in the morning with the weed eater I?d brought along. That would be the extent of my heavy work for this trip.

I went about setting up camp. Pulling equipment out of the storage trailer I had up there permanently. All of my cooking gear, the canopy that served as shelter from any rains that might pop up, tables and chairs and last but not least, my five gallon camp shower, which I filled and put out in the direct sun to heat up. By three in the afternoon, all was done and I pulled a Miller from the cooler I?d brought along.

She?d been off hiking while I set up. She came back into camp and I offered her a beer.

?Would you mind if I took a shower first. It?s kind of hot a sweaty out in the sun.?

?No problem,? I answered. ?There is no schedule up here from the next few days. Do whatever you like, whenever you like.? Some how I knew instinctively she would be helpful at the right moments without me even asking for it.

She went around to the backside of the trailer where I had my kitchen and shower set up and took her shower. I had removed all my clothes by that point and was sitting in my chair scanning the view with my binoculars while drinking a beer. I heard her come from behind the trailer, open the cooler and walk towards me.

?That was very refreshing,? she stated, ?and so is this.? She raised her beer in salute as she approached me. She too was naked and her body gleamed in the dappled sunlight, her red hair still wet but drying. She was tall and thin, well proportioned and she walked toward me with unabashed confidence. She was no stranger to nudity and comfortable in it.

Her tits were still well formed, though probably not what they were at thirty. Here waist was still thin, not yet showing the signs of age. Here bush was full but thinning and a dark brown color. That told me instantly the red hair was a dye job and also probably cut much shorter than normal. This would make sense if she were hiding from someone and wanted to disguise her appearance to some degree.

She spread out a sleeping bag in small area of the grass that I had cleared. The rest I?d cut tomorrow. She laid down propped up on her elbows. We chatted about the property for a while, the beautiful weather and the view from my mountainside. She chewed on a blade of grass thoughtfully as we drank our beers and replenished them twice, just relaxing in the sun.

With a half finished beer in her hand and looking out over the valley, she asked, ?Got anything in mind to do for the next little while.?

?Not a thing. This is what I do up here. I set up, I clear my mind with the views and do absolutely nothing for days on end.?

She turned over and rested again on her elbows, but this time facing skyward, exposing her body full frontal to the sun, wispy clouds and me. Then for my benefit only, she spread her legs flashing her cunt that was dripping wet, openly pink and ready to be fucked.

My hard on was instant. Non-existent two seconds before, but erect and standing at the ready. ?And just what did you have in mind that we might do in lieu of this existential musing that I like to do up here??

?Oh, I just thought we might spend at least some of the time fucking.? She was very forthright. No word games, no pretending, no coquettishness. ?As much time as you would like to devote to the idea. It?s been quite a while since I?ve enjoyed a good cock and I noticed yours was rather nice in it?s relaxed state, but see now that it knows how to rise to the occasion when called upon to do so.?

I replied easily, ?The only thing better than being alone up here in my natural surrounding is having female company that wants to act naturally in the elements.?

As I stood up and approached her, she leaned forward slightly, indicating she wanted to take my swollen cock into her mouth.

While she braced herself and sucked, I pumped her for quite some time, no holding back, but driving as deep into her throat as I could. To my pleasant surprise she took it without choking and responded with satisfied moans of enjoyment. After a while, she laid back on the ground just looking at my cock and asked, ?How would you like to put that thing into this hot cunt??

I knelt down between her opened legs and she guided my cock into her wet opening. For the next hour we moved in complete synchronization, Me on top, squatting on my heels and driving my dick into her cunt with increasing power and depth as she raised her knees upward to open herself to the process even further. I laid down on my back and she rode me with knees on the ground, with her heels on the ground and backwards, facing away from me giving me full view of her ass. She reached behind her to finger her glory hole and then laid down flat on the ground. I of course followed and mounted her from above and behind. My cock forced it?s way through her ass cheeks, directly into her ass.

She cocked one leg out to make it easier for me to attack. This also opened her pussy, so alternating between the two openings was well facilitated and I did so at random. Her moans grew louder and louder, as did mine. Finally, I exploded into her cunt, but only half my load. Quickly, I moved back into her ass and let go with what I had left of my wad. I didn?t stop pumping as I depleted myself, but relished in the fact that I rarely went flaccid immediately after ejaculation. With my cum spewing from both of her openings, I easily continued to alternate between them at my will. Her moaning had turn to quiet screams of delight and I continued to please her for many, many moments afterward. Finally I was spent, exhausted from more than an hour of pleasure for us both and exited her ass, sitting back on the stained sleeping bag, resting on outstretched hands.

She rolled over with a smile on her face, keeping her legs spread so that I could see our handiwork. My cum seeped from her glory hole and our mixed juices flowed from her cunt. ?How often can you do that,? she quizzed.

?Given enough breathing space and inspiration, seven or eight times a day,? I said without over confidence.

?Oh, my,? she said, ?this is going to be a great escape.? She smiled a huge smile at me.

A moment or two later, she said, ?I?m hungry, got anything to eat.?

?Yeh, here take this,? as I sixty-nined her. Again I pumped her mouth and throat for fifteen minutes with a reinvigorated cock. She took every stroke and moaned gleefully as I sucked her cunt, fingered her ass and teased her clit over my teeth with my tongue.

I filled her mouth with another load and finally stood up, looked down at her and asked, ?Would you like a sandwich and another beer??

The Falls

After an evening around the campfire, drinking, eating and some more incredible fucking, we got a good night?s sleep. We opted not to set up a tent, as the sky was clear, the stars bright and a gibbous moon illuminating almost every thing. We talked about little nothing?s until 1 or 2 in the morning. No personal details about our lives were exchanged outside of some surface stuff about what we liked to do for fun. We had several things in common like camping, sex, nudity, sex, road trips, sex. It always came back to the sex and each time it did we ended up having it.

When I woke up the birds were chirping, the sky was still clear, but the valleys were filled with white puffy clouds that I knew would burn off in a couple of hours. I fixed coffee, eggs, country ham and grits, but to add a northern flair to the southern fair, I toasted a couple of bagels and had cream cheese available. After clean up and a shower to wash away the remnants last night?s sex, I stated, ?There is a waterfall about a mile from here that I?m going to go photograph. The recent rains should have it flowing pretty well and I?d like to get it ?on film?. Since I now use a digital camera, the ?on film? was a hold over from my 35 mm days with my old SLRs.

Donning river shoes, we strolled the road leading in, back about a mile. Along the way we spotted a six-point buck, a rare sighting. Turkey and grouse were always trotting across our path and the songbirds flittered hither and yon in hues of blues, reds and yellows. The wild flower display was awesome and I took lots of pictures of everything that remained still for more than two seconds.

We descended a path that led to the falls. The water was flowing, but not rushing as I had hoped. Seeing my disappointment she asked, ?would you like to take some shots of me sitting on the rocks and in the water. I?d love to have some remembrance of this trip and it would be nice if we can do some tasteful nudes I can display at home.?

I agreed without second thoughts. She posed up and down the height of the falls, all in tasteful poses that would be welcomed in any gallery that displayed nudes. We agreed that I would email her the pics when I got back and she could pick them up anywhere she could get on line. One thing I had learned was that she had no intention of going back to her former life of being married to a brutal molester and wife beater.

So I took some nice shots of her and the falls, lots of flowers, birds, rock formations and whatever my eye saw.

She was high up the falls when I shot her stooping in the water, gazing up through the canopy. When she sat down on a rock and leaned back looking down at me, I saw another wonderful picture of a woman comfortable in her nudity and relaxed in the wilderness setting.

She came down from her perch about half way, agile in her bare feet on the slippery surfaces she had to negotiate. She turned facing away from me and asked me to get a shot of her climbing the falls. After that she turned to sit on the rocks again, but sat up straighter with one leg outstretched and the other resting on a different level of rock. The effect was a natural sitting position that showed all of her assets without being overly erotic. Her thin frame was well defined in the dappled sunlight, her tits well exposed and her pubic area very visible yet not open with or to sexual excitement. To me, the poses she gave me to shoot were natural in a setting of nature?s beauty. She just added to the overall esthetic of the moment.

We stayed at the falls until mid afternoon, snacking on some fruit that I?d packed in my camera case and drinking fresh water that flowed from the mountainside. Almost as in reverence to the creator of the scene in which we both submerged ourselves, there was no sexual activity in this awe inspiring cathedral of mother nature.

We took almost an hour to walk back to the campsite, both of us naked except for the river shoes. Being without clothes for hours at a time was and has always been, a very pleasant experience for naturists and nudists. I include myself in that category of human and practiced it whenever and wherever possible.

As we approached camp, I noticed the sun was further down toward the horizon than I had consciously been aware. I started a fire for the night?s cooking and set about doing some mundane camp chores.

She disappeared for a time and came back wearing a very nice camouflaged outfit I would call a swim suit, but probably was some sore of lingerie.

She stood off from me a bit, struck a ?how-do-I-look pose and asked. ?What do you think of this??

?Very apropos,? I smiled with my answer. ?Camouflage always works out here.?

She walked straight up to me then, grabbed my sudden erection and slipped it in between her legs.

With expertise, she adjusted her position so that my cock almost fell into her pussy in this standing position. She exposed her breasts, leaned backwards against the grip I had around her waist and pulsated her hips on and off my cock. I did my best to support her leaning weight and did all I could do to keep us upright. This effort did not impede the feelings that ran from my cock to my brain and gave me the impetus to drive myself into her as she drove forward.

Suddenly, she squatted down in front of me, taking my very hard cock into her mouth. She stayed with it for a long while, until I started groaning.

?Not yet,? she commanded and loosed me to the open air.

She went over to a small sapling, straddling it and rubbing her cunt up and down on the smooth bark. Using her hands for support, she fucked that tree like there was no tomorrow until she screamed with delight. I watched in awe as her juices came from her cunt and soaked a small section of that lucky little plant.

She moved around the tree, keeping a hold on it for support. She looked over her shoulder to me and as she bent forward, pushing her ass toward me and reaching under herself to move the crotch of the outfit out of the way to expose the pink of her open cunt and then directed me to come over and fuck her from behind.

Happily, I obliged her, but I wanted first to feel her wetness in my hands. I gently played with her backside for a few minutes until my fingers were dripping with her cum. I lubricated her ass with her own fluids and then rammed my cock into her open, wet, hot pussy. She pushed backward against the tree. I plunged forward, aided by my grip on her waist.

We used that tree for support until I came, again in her cunt and her ass. The fluid build up from the two of us was immense and as I pulled away from her, we both dripped in ample amounts of seminal fluids.

Not yet satiated, she ordered me to lie down and then stood over me, dripping her rewards on my chest.

?Now that I?m creaming in proper fashion,? she said, I want to ride your face and your cock.? She kneeled down between my outstretched legs, bent over and stated to me in no uncertain terms, ?You see this cunt? You see this ass? Well neither has seen it?s fill of you yet and I want your pulsing rod in both from as many angles as we can dream up.?

My retort was sophomoric, but at this point I had few words to express my excited mood so I just simply said, ?However you want it, baby! It?s there, it?s rock hard, it?s fully loaded and it?s all yours.?

She backed up to put her cunt directly in front of my face. I had no choice but to lick and suck it as she took my ?rod? again into her wonton mouth.

I buried my tongue in her cunt as far as I could and fingered her clit and ass as I took small gasps of air. I found it hard to breath with my tongue in her pussy and my nose in her ass. It would have been comical had I had time to think about it.

Suddenly she moved away from my face, enwrapped my cock with her cunt and then squatted on her heels and slammed down hard on it. She did squatting thrusts like that for longer than I can remember, but I enjoyed the view and the sensation of being swallowed whole by this deep on wonting cunt.

She moved quicker than a mongoose and was giving me head again from between my spread legs. Ramming my cock deep into her throat until I exploded my wad. She took it all, but let it seep back between her lips down the length of my overstretched rod. She wiped her face with her free hand while continuing to stoke me with the other. Mistakenly she spread my cum around her mouth, but looked at me and smiled.

?Have you got one more load in there,? she asked.

My answer was, ?I?m not sure, but to quote from an old folk song, ?you?ve got to prime the pump, you?ve got to have faith and believe!?

?Oh, I have faith,? she smiled, ?and I do believe,? as she mounted my swollen member again and rocked me until I was moaning from excruciating delight.

She stayed up there for untold amounts of time. Squatting on my cock, rocking her cunt so that my length struck the button deep inside her. I could feel it slide over the tip of my sensitized head as her movements drove both of us crazy. I noticed as she rode me that she squeezed her tits and pinched her swollen, erect nipples, giving herself even more delightful sensations. Finally, she put her hands on my knees behind her, brought her heels up beside my chest and slowly brought me down by lessening her rocking motion little by little. Her smile was immense, as she stated with surety,

?You, my friend, are as good as your word. I?m impressed, very fucking impressed.?


For two more days this perverse amount of sex went on and on and on. Finally I said I had to get back to work down on the flats. There was no disappointment in her words of departure, no promises of future or return engagements.

As I dropped her off at another rest stop where she could catch another ride, she said, ?Here is my email address,? handing me a small sheet of paper. If you would send me copies of the pictures you took, I would be greatly appreciative.?

?I?ll do it tonight when I get home.? With that promise from me, she leaned into the truck and gave me a very passionate and wet kiss. It was the first kiss we?d had in four days and it would be one I would remember for a lifetime.

She walked off, but I saw that she headed straight for a couple of college types having lunch at a picnic table. The two college girls smiled as she approach them, but I couldn?t hear the conversation.

I smiled to myself and thought my fruitless warning to those unsuspecting ?victims?, ?Enjoy yourself ladies, you?re in for the ride of your life.?

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