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His Voice on the Radio

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How could she have ever known she would become entranced with a voice on the radio?

?I?ll call you when I?m on my way over,? were the last words he heard before clicking his cell phone shut. She had promised him a brief meeting for later that evening. Finally, their schedules would coincide and they would be able to act on those fantasies which had been building for months. It seemed like forever as he waited in the dark for her to arrive in his office. It was surreal as he looked around the room where he was so accustomed to seeing familiar faces and hearing the voices of his co-workers. He could hear the clock ticking on the wall behind him. The distant sounds of students in the hallway and down below in the gym reminded him there were still people in the building even this late on a school night. Of course that added to the excitement all the more. Just knowing any second she would walk into his office and find him there waiting for her was nearly more than he could imagine.

?What am I doing?? she thought to herself as she tossed her briefcase into the backseat and hopped into the driver?s seat. She had been obsessively thinking of him for days. Knowing the plan was set for their long-awaited meeting just added to her nerves that evening. Every detail of the night had been carefully arranged. From the silk stockings she wore underneath her basic black skirt to the lace garters that held them in place; all the elements led to her heightened excitement as she thought of nothing but him throughout the day. She knew her class would be over near ten. As she worked her way through the lecture notes and carefully surmised each major point, she struggled not to rush through the important material. It was difficult not to sigh when another student asked a question and another wanted to continue with the discussion. Thankfully, a young woman in the back of her classroom reminded the others it was getting late and to give the professor a break. A warm smile spread across her face as she thanked the class for their participation and quickly packed her things to leave for the evening. She could feel her heart beating under her sweater. Taking a deep breath, she called him and said, ?I?ll be there in five minutes.?

?I?m waiting for you, upstairs in the office,? he replied. It was happening. He prayed she wouldn?t back out now. He gave the room a final glance as he imagined what it would be like to finally have her alone. The whole thing was beyond belief. He still could not make sense of the irony of their meeting. She told him on the phone it was his voice that drew her to him.

Although she had been working at the university only a semester, she tried to become familiar with the students and their campus activities. That?s how it happened, he supposed. She must have listened to a game on the campus radio network. How else could she have known to call the arena and ask for ?the guy with the great voice?? It became the joke of the sports information department, that he would be the one to have a female fan in his listening audience who didn?t even know his name.

Well, at least she knew his name now. After that first awkward telephone conversation, he was no longer the ?mystery voice? to her listening ears. He hoped she had been thinking of him as often as he had of her during the last week. It took all the concentration and focus he could muster to make it through the last hour of the show that evening. Knowing he would have her before he slept was nearly more than his mind could fathom. Now all that remained was a few more minutes of waiting until he heard her knock at the door.

As she parked in the gravel lot and walked around the building to the front entrance, her heart began pounding in her chest. She stopped to straighten her skirt and catch her breath. Taking one last look in her compact, she figured it was now or never. So she stood tall and walked proudly through the lobby as if she belonged there at this late hour. Several student athletes milled about in groups, but none seemed concerned to see a thirty-something, overdressed, professor strolling through the arena lobby at ten o?clock on a Tuesday evening. She approached the staircase and thought to herself, ?no turning back now.? Once at the top of the stairs she hesitated on which way to turn. Should she call him again for assistance? No, she wanted to surprise him and catch him off guard. She wanted to see his face when she walked into the room. No, she would find the office alone. After all, it was a small building and she was an educated woman. How hard could it be?

He was nervous. He hadn?t been nervous over a woman in years. What was happening to him? Not sure if he liked this affect ?Miss Professor? was having on him. What was he thinking? He was a jock. She was a brain. ?I?m out of my league,? he thought as he heard a knock at the door. All at once he lunged for the door handle to let her into the locked office. He had all but one small lamp turned off. She could barely make out his facial features when he opened the door to her. His lips were full and she noticed a few beads of sweat on his upper lip. Was he nervous? It was hard to believe she may have caught him off guard. An obvious erection was developing in his Dockers. Now she wondered, ?What in the world am I doing with this jock in the dark??

He took her hand gently and led her across the room. ?Let me look at you,? he said softly. She felt feminine, sexy, and desirable. The look in his eyes was intensely deep and caused warmth to spread across her chest and down into her thighs. She dropped her eyes and smiled. Creaming herself in less than thirty seconds, she could not have planned for this reaction. She was usually much more in control of herself and most situations than this. Would he think she was easy or desperate? She genuinely hoped he wouldn?t.

She knew she had come here for one reason. She was determined to give herself to this man whose voice haunted her dreams. She wanted to feel him touch her, taste her, and take her. She was ready for him to become more than a voice from her fantasies. Her desire was unmistakable. Her fantasy man, the voice on the radio was here holding her and whispering words of sweet adoration in her ears. She had to sit down quickly or else she knew she would faint.

Once in the chair, she crossed her legs and took a deep breath. He glanced at her leg and noticed the stockings, the garter, the lace, and the delicate way in which this lady had come to him all dressed in a feminine package. He dared to touch her knee and she nodded to him. He moved his hand gently up her thigh, exposing her stockings and pink lace garters. His hands were shaking now as he moaned with pleasure. This reaction was exactly what she had hoped for when she chose this ensemble. He couldn?t control his passion at this point. He kissed her with such forcefulness she sucked in a breath quickly and leaned back into the chair for support. She felt the room spinning around her. He was literally rocking her world. Never had she been with a man in this way. Never had she secretly met someone in their workplace for a late night tryst in the dark. It was all so incredibly hot and sensual. She wanted it to go on forever.

?Damn, it?s freaking hot in here,? he thought to himself as he looked around the room for a place to lay this woman down and have his way with her. She was his and he knew it. Spreading her legs apart as she leaned back in the office chair, he began licking and tasting her sweet nectar. She moaned as she slipped closer to him and moved with his rhythmic tongue motions. He was teasing her and edging her closer and closer to climax with his mouth. She was lost in the sensation of the moment. Suddenly she exploded with wetness and heat. His face was flooded with her womanly juices. She squealed softly with pleasure as he continued to lick her and suck her until she cooed with delight.

She was ready for more. She stood and removed her sweater. He was crazy about her breasts and she knew it. She brought his face into her bosom and he dove in head first. With a quick snap, her bra was unhooked and tossed to the floor with her sweater. She was topless before him and he reached up to grasp a handful of womanly flesh. He held her breasts and looked at them adoringly before he took a nipple into his mouth and began to nibble and pull until she was writhing from pleasure. She reached for his belt and felt the immense size of his erection for the first time. Oh how she longed for the feel of his hardness in her hand. She struggled for a moment and then was able to free his manhood from its hiding place.

He was hot to her touch. It seemed to be pulsing with his every heartbeat. She wanted to lick it and taste the juice dripping from the tip. Sitting in the chair in front of him as he stood before her, she pulled him into her wet and waiting mouth. Holding his ass cheeks, one in each hand, she began to suck and swallow him into her throat. She pulled him deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat as she milked him with hands and lips. His head thrown back in spasms of pleasure, she thought she heard him say her name for the first time.

She had not wanted him to call her by name. They agreed it was too personal and this was about need, not about a relationship. Still, the sound of her name softened her to him and caused her to want him more.

?Let me make love to you LeAnn,? he begged. She was startled at this revelation he had just spoken. This was not supposed to be a personal connection. They agreed it would be a quick fuck at best. It was thrilling to plan and imagine the risk of getting caught in the office. Now, he was telling her he wanted her in a way for which she was quite unprepared. She was too far gone to protest and she completely gave in to his request. She allowed him to lay her down gently on the carpet as he mounted her and began to move slowly and deliberately inside her. It was the most intense and exciting sexual experience of her life. She could barely breathe. He had moved her to a place where she could only respond to his movements with movements of her own body. They brought each other much pleasure in this way until neither could hold out any longer. Covered in each other?s scent and damp with the sweat of two lovers entwined, they exploded in simultaneous orgasmic release.

Her body trembled with the aftershock of intense cumming. It took a moment for their bodies to adjust to the completion of the act. Their eyes met and the message was unspoken. The two of them could not break eye contact and continued to hold onto each other as if holding onto their lives. When the magic moment was ended, the words began to flow between them. ?Amazing, you?re incredible, I?ve never felt anything so wonderful.? She realized in that moment of afterglow that her life would never be the same again. She had crossed a line and it would be forever different between them. She only hoped they would be able to return to the passion of that moment again and again.

He didn?t think he would click with the brainy woman. She was out of his league. It didn?t make sense she would come into his world and make this kind of impression in his life. The events of that passionate night changed the way they both looked at the future. Nothing will ever be the same. Passion fuels the heart and the mind. All it takes for her now is hearing his voice on the radio.

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