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His Morning, Couple, Waking up

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His morning?

I was lying on the cool tile floor, eyes closed but awake; lounging in the sunshine streaming through the window and enjoying a well deserved moment of recovery.

Several hours of uninhibited sex, with an insatiable woman, had left me pleasantly weak and I was enjoying mentally reliving every moment. We had spent the time intertwined and seemingly competing to be the one giving pleasure. It was primal and passionate leaving the two of us satisfied, or so I thought.

My daydreaming was leading to the beginnings of an erection, my hunger for her starting to grow again.

Soft lips brought me back to the present. I didn't notice her awaken, but the tongue sliding up my cock was unmistakably hers. I didn't open my eyes just yet, I was enjoying just having her attention focused on me. She on the other hand had something else in mind; she wanted me again and there would be no denying what this woman wants. She playfully licked and nibbled her way up my leg staying under the sheet that half covered me until she was crouched on her knees with me caught between her thighs my cock throbbing at full attention begging for her touch like a dog wagging his tail in anticipation of a pat on the head.

She had stopped her teasing trail once she reached my cock but she was far from done.

She gently took my cock into her hand and started stroking it. I had to bite down on a pillow to keep from letting out an animalistic growl as my cock responded immediately to this sweet form of torture. She pulled the sheet off us and I knew she was ready to do more than just play. I opened my eyes to find her looking down on me wearing a naughty smile that clearly told what she was thinking even though I?m sure she thought it was a look of pure ?who me?? innocence.

I gave her an answering grin that I knew she would interpret as a throwing down of a gauntlet. She did, and immediately turned her attention back to what her hand was doing. She gave a smirk and appreciative raise of the brow as she had to add her other hand to match the growing size of my cock.

I watched her while she focused on me, switching things up so one hand stroked my cock while the other softly cupped my balls. As I watched in amazement and appreciation the care and enthusiasm she put into every movement and touch to ensure my ultimate pleasure; I noticed that at some point, she had slipped on a simple pair of white cotton panties. So different from the silky blue ones my teeth stripped off her last night, but no less stimulating in the way they hugged that hot little ass of hers so nicely.

While I was distracted by that vision of sweetness, she shifted her position. Wrapping one hand around my cock, thumb on the underside she ran a long firm stroke from bottom to top. Her eyes lit up when she coaxed a dewdrop of pre-cum from me and she quickly leaned forward and used the tip of her tongue to capture her reward.

At the same time, sliding her free hand into the front of her panties, searching out her clit. She obviously found it because she closed her eyes and her lips parted to let out a soft gasp. I slid my hand into her blond hair and pulled her close, sliding my cock past her lips.

Hungrily, she took me into her mouth, her lips and tongue working magic on my cock. I couldn't help but let out low moan and ended up grabbing a handful of sheet to keep from crushing her into my groin. I knew my moans increased her arousal as her movements became quicker. Her mouth sliding up and down my shaft with near desperation to get me to my peak. I managed to get her back under my control so I could enjoy watching her please herself while sucking me off. She didn't give up control for long, hand and mouth working together to achieve a goal. God, she?s an amazing and sensual animal.

My head tilted back and all I could do was hang on as I gave over to her completely. My hips started to thrust in sync with her mouth and hand. It wouldn?t be long and she would have over the edge.

Before reaching the point of no return, she leaned back and I slipped out of her mouth. While trying to catch my breath I looked up to see why she had stopped.

What a vision; her eyes were closed, mouth slightly open and she was breathing heavily. The hand in her panties was working furiously, her hips bucking wildly.

A feminine growl escaped her lips as she slid her fingers deep inside her pussy. The expression on her face was pure bliss. The excitement of watching her was enough to make any man cum, but I knew what I wanted more.

I quickly untangled myself from under her and moved into position to kneel behind her. Her hand never quit; which was what I had hoped for. I pressed my body against hers and wrapped my arms around her. She leaned back into the cradle of my body and reached over her shoulder to grab the back of my neck. I kissed and nibbled up her neck to her ear and whispered "I want to watch you make yourself cum.?

She grasped one of my hands and placed it over the one still in her panties without missing a stroke and gave me a look of pure hunger and a whimper of desperate need. I know she had expected that look to convince me to give her my cock, but that was not the first thing I had in mind. I lifted her slightly and turned her over so we were facing one another. Once I had her comfortably on her back, I slid off those tantalizingly simple little white panties. She arched her back and spread her legs to show me what I wanted to see. Two glistening finger buried into her wet pink slit, her palm grinding against her clit. "Is this what you want?" she said.

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