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Hike in the Woods

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He took my hand as we walked away from the house. Quietly together we strolled through the brush until we reached the road. He kept me towards the inside, away from traffic. I tried to protest, since he was dressed in a black tshirt and jeans, but he wouldn't hear of it. We had only walked a few hundred feet when he steered me up a path towards a gate.

"Tresspassers will be viloated" he read. "Cool" and he laughed. I did also.

We walked around the fence and continued up the path, he was pointing out deer paths. We talked little as we each walked up one tire path. He told me there have been bears sighted up here yet I didn't feel scared. He kept asking me if I was alright, making sure I wasn't too sore to continue. I assured him I was fine, even though the pain in my knee was burning. I'm just too stubborn to give in and hate pity for my problem. So I kept up with him and smiled.

Soon we reached the top of a knoll and we both stopped. I think we both saw the white tail at the same time. We didn't get to see what it was but less than a minute later, another tail flashed by, following the first. They were both quite big deer, but I wish I could have seen horns.

I then noticed a cabin off to the right. He told me that it was just a weekend place, whcih explained why it was closed up. We walked into the driveway and stood quietly, enjoying the view. Farther in the field lay a pond surrounded by mountains.

We sat down in the grass and he started massaging my shoulders. Oh it felt so good, as his hands pressed against strained muscles. He saw my eyes closing and he mentioned that his puts his wife asleep very easily. I told him that I was just enjoying, and had no intention of falling asleep on him. Once he stopped, we lay next to each other, leaning on elbows. Our eyes met and we just stared, almost daring to see what the other might do. He pulled me closer and kissed me softly. His moustache tickled but his lips felt so warm and tender against mine. We shared small kisses, back and forth, and occasionally rubbed noses for a while. Then our hands reached to touch the other and we held each other close. It felt so nice as I enjoyed taking in his scent. This mysterious man was doing things to me which I didn't understand.

After a while of teasing and tickling, he asked what I wanted to do. Being the stubborn people we are, we debated over who got to choose. Finally I just loooked at him and asked him to make love to me.

He just smiled but didn't move, so I boldly began unzipping his jeans. As I found the reason for my quest, I took it gently in my hand and began kissing it. Slowly I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking it deep. The tip felt like velvet as my tongue swirled around it's length. I peeked up at him and his eyes were closed, I was hoping he was enjoying the moment.

I stopped then moved up to kiss him, then he asked how I would like it. So I stood up, stripped off my jeans as he lowered his and threw on his raincoat. I stood above him and straddled his hips. I lowered myself onto him but my legs wouldn't bend enough to fit him all in. I pouted a bit but he told me not to worry. I arose and he helped me lie down in the grass where he had been. He held my legs as he moved in bewteen them and slowly entered me. I felt him slide all the way in, my pussy already soaked with anticipation for him. He didn't last long but what he gave me was wonderful. The ground was hard and anything longer may have hurt us both in the morning. Once he was done, he laid down next to me and he took the condom and shot it across the field. We laughed as we watched it fly into the night.

We arose and dressed, deciding it was getting pretty dark and we needed to get back. He took my hand as we found the path again, glad it was all downhill this time. Again if I stumbled on an unseen rock or unlevel ground he asked me if I was okay. I always said I was fine, and smiled within, knowing he cares. Once we reached the road he decided we'd walk all the way to the driveway, so I didn't have to navigate the brush again. I sighed, yes, he is a little overprotective but he's cute.

After saying my goodnights to his family, his wife and he walked me to my car. I gave her a hug and kiss, thanked her for letting me play with him for a while. Then he gave me a short hug and kiss. I told him I was glad he's my number one. She smiled and teased him that he's number one to two women. The smile on his face lit the drive, as her and I both giggled.

I pulled away very happy, knowing I had two wonderful friends who I loved and enjoyed.

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