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Here By Me - Or Just Another Ordinary Day -)

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The dawn seems earlier than usual this morning. I welcome Spring, a new beginning, new life. I wake up before you just to watch you sleep in the pastel reflections. I notch my fingers in yours and whisper gently in your ear nothing more than "I love you." You press your body close to mine and let out your peaceful sigh, the one that makes my heart skip a beat. You know that you are in the one place in the world where you can feel completely safe - against my broad chest in our warm bed before the symphony of kids, work and life break our splendid cocoon. I run my hands from your neck to your chest and your gentle body writhes as the sun tangles in your silky hair. I press my right hand firmly against your downy mound and you gasp a soft breath of desire - of love for me. My finger and thumb find your perfect flesh and ever so slowly knead it as I have so many times before. While my fingers adroitly bring a warm dew to your thighs, I kiss your neck and then I delicately nibble your hard, wanting nipples. My mouth relishes your hot skin as I move closer and closer to your waiting flower. Your perfect hips press your perfumed petals hard into my large waiting mouth - our fires united.

I start ever so slowly. With nothing but the tip of my wanting wet tongue I explore every inch of your sweetness. My mouth consumes you whole now and I inhale all that you offer me. Your pulsing sex against my darting tongue begins our dance of love - your hips writhing, your hands clenching, your heart pounding. I hold those powerful hips in my strong hands as I receive the first of your otherworldly convulsions - the first of many, each stronger than the last. As you lose your breath from the strength of the passion between us I move my mouth from your precious wetness and move my body up onto yours - ever so slowly, kissing your scars, your beautiful stomach, your motherly breasts, your strong shoulders - I breath you in. I can feel your heart beating against mine as you whisper to me "do anything you want," as if my aching could be satisfied by anything but the pleasure of your flesh. I laugh a little, laugh at how a guy like me had such a wonderful woman choose to be his wife. My laughter is contagious as I hear you laugh like you really mean it - that I am your joy in this world. Just as our duet of laughter reaches its crescendo you receive my ample manhood into your sacred temple.

There's nothing holding me back now, yet I still enter you slowly, deliberately, without selfishness - so you can feel every inch of me, it is in this time that we can forget the world together - it is in this special place that our oneness brings us strength. You raise your hips to meet mine as I let you set the pace - you push your hips firmly against mine, feeling me, consuming me whole. Our kisses, our beating hearts, our joined flesh, our magic is so right - so effortless and beautiful - a true love. Seemingly without pause you bring yourself again and then again to the peak of pleasure; your sweet smile each time fills my heart with pure joy. The more you share yourself with me, the more my own vigor and rhythm grows. Then, and only then, when we both completely surrender our bodies to each other, you cry out for me to release you from your beautiful rapture. Our musky bodies become a single force of love as I exhaust every drop of my love into you. I collapse into you tired with joy.

Good morning, my love. I can't wait for this evening............

Knowing that you've had a long day with playing Mom taxi driver all over creation, helping with homework, managing music practice and enforcing the safety rules for steel-cage sibling rivalry, around 3 o'clock I make the most sexually exciting statement that any Mom will ever hear, "honey, I'm leaving work early today, how about I stop off at Whole Foods and pick up a couple dry aged steaks, a pizza for the kids and a bottle of pinot grigio for you and a nice cab for me?" You are so turned on I can sense it through the phone line before you mutter a word. I had you at leaving work early, the rest was just frosting on the cake.

As I enter the house my first instinct is to cover my ears and duck my head. Your screaming is the primary sound I hear over the chaos of Wii battles, sibling warfare and a dog chasing, well, no one was sure what he was chasing, but by the looks of the living room, the other guy won. Your skinny Mom jeans and practical top with remnants of school lunch prep, baby glop, bike repair smears and some odd sparkly craft project gone wrong might as well be $1,000 La Perla to my loving eyes. You are my ideal. The vision of a woman fully engaged with her life. Our life together.

I take the baby from your arms, kiss her on the forehead and you on the lips and tell you to go up and take a shower, read a book and come back when you smell garlic bread (about three hours from now). I roll up my sleeves, take off my tie and prepare for battle with dolls, Italian plumbers, a shepherd and cleaning up the day's pell mell while making a meal worthy of the best New York steak houses. You must have heard me thinking as you yell down "it's a piece of cake, baby, hmmm cake, could you make a cake too? I love you!" The next sounds I hear are the bedroom door slamming shut and some delightful Yo Yo Ma filling the house from above - enjoy my love.

For me the three hours take an eternity, 3 diapers, 6 bandaids, 7 popsicles, a hopelessly shredded baseball glove and a wrenched back from looking for the Operation Guy's heart that fell under the couch. But I'm not complaining. I could not be happier than with our beautiful family being vibrant and well, family like. We may not be rich, but oh yes we are, we have limitless wealth in what truly matters in this world. I get the kids fed, bathed, read to, jamma'd, talked to God and bedded down before daring to break the seal of the master bedroom. I put the garlic bread in at the very last minute, and really only as a tease, as I have prepared a beautiful tray of two perfect steaks, a light gnocchi I made myself in a creamy tomato basil sauce and a spinach salad with a warm bacon dressing (my fav). I knock twice and exclaim: "ROOM SERVICE." I hear your footsteps and I smell your sweetness.............

You open the bedroom door and my eyes are treated to the most beautiful sight that they have ever seen - your gorgeous body lightly dr*ped in a soft camisole and silky robe. More than that your eyes welcome me with the freshness of a new fallen snow, you are relaxed in all ways, feeling as fresh as after a long night's sleep - but this energy is for spending on our night of passion ahead. The steaks call us to satisfy our hunger for food, the wine our thirst, but it is our bodies that make the simple meal I have made a feast for us both.

You gesture for me to lie on the bed and you quickly remove my clothes exposing my already engorged manhood. Without a word you drop your silky robe and you mount my body with your fresh sweet womanhood against my waiting mouth. As I draw your sweet freshly shaven lips into my wet waiting mouth, you do the same with my bulging cockhead - taking it into your throat as if you were to swallow it whole. Our mouths and bodies move as a single unit, as you push your hips, my hips rise , as you push down on my cock, I lean up to suck your hardened clit. The first time you cum I am ready for your sweet juices to run all over my chin as I lick every drop of your sweet potion. I am as hard as a strong steel rod in your mouth and I push my hands down on the back of your head to feel my cock deeply in your throat, but you have other plans.

Still on my back you move quickly to tie my wrists and ankles to the posts of the bed. Before I knew what had happened I was drawn in four quarters across our bed with my cock rock hard in the middle. I am your slave, I am your servant, use me how you wish - your man is your humble servant. First you tease my whole body with gentle kisses and caresses all over my strong chest, everywhere except my eager cock that you leave throbbing, wanting, aching for your flesh. Then, all at once, like an angel from above you descend your perfect womanhood down upon my rigid cock without hesitation - your body knows what it wants. It wants to be pleasured by controlling my body, controlling my cock, controlling my every movement by preventing me from touching you. Your body is the object of my every desire, my cock, the vessel of my love. I penetrate you as deeply as you have ever been penetrated - I take you whole as my one true love on this earth. You respond by exclaiming your pleasure like no woman ever has in the history of the world - your whole being, flesh and soul, channels through our union and we create a new life - the moment of conception is a perfect collision of all that our love means - we have created life. A sudden twinge tells us that we are blessed to be parents of a beautiful baby in just months' time. I love you. You are the perfect mother to all our children. The perfect wife. The perfect lover.

As you cuddle against me, our spent bodies melted together in the bliss of our union, you look at me with all the seriousness and soberness of a woman who had just conceived and ask, "so, where's the cake?"

(c) Petra Croyl, an original work 2011

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