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Her fuck buddy

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I?ve been divorced legally just 12 days, and I met a real cute petite woman, of 44. She and I hit it off very well, after a couple of very closes, slow dances, at a club, I frequent. She came home with me that night, and we got acquainted, (but no sex) which was mostly my doing. I wanted to take it slow and fine out more about her. At the club she was smoking, and I didn?t think it was going to workout at all. I also found out that she had recently divorced. The second night together we did have very hot sex, (fucking and sucking). It seemed like I attract very unadventurous type women. You know the conservative, women looking for a bad boy. I started sharing some of my more erotic fantasies and asked her to share hers, with me. She was real exceptive to it and heightened the sex for the both of us. She?d go down on me, making sure to let me see her take me in, always making sure I could see her licking and sucking the head, while looking into my eyes. After she had given my cock, a lot of attention, she kissed her way to my lips. We kissed and then I?d work my way, kissing her body, down to her small pussy. Sucking, licking, and biting her pussy lips. After she cum, and couldn?t take anymore, she play with my cock, and ask questions.

It was at this point she shared some important information with me. I had asked her if she was sexual active with anyone. Her response was that before meeting me, she had a regular fuck buddy. He was someone she had met, and he?d show up surprisingly, at her apartment, when he wants to fuck her. She liked using him and he enjoyed using her, because it meant no strings. This was great for her, because she loves to fuck and suck. She wanted to know if that was a problem for me. I told I want to know more, and she would get an honest answer, from me. They would get together maybe once a week. He?d get some weekly pussy, and she?d get to suck and fuck a hard cock. My next question was about a threesome, and how she felt about it. She wanted to know if I would like that. I told her I probably would. I?ve always wanted to watch my x wife?s and girlfriends to get fucked by a stranger. Then I asked her if she ever ate pussy. No she said, but one of her friends had wanted to make the moves on her. Because of her friendship, she could not imagine, it happening. But, would experiment with the idea if I wanted her to.

From there we went back to her fuck partner. She informed me that she had been with him, the night before, and he knew a little about me, and he also want to watch her get fucked. This fantasy was the topic of both our conversation, for the next couple of days we were together. On the four date, she told me that he had asked her out, that night. She told him that we had planes to go out and he was, a little pissed off about it. He told her he was going to the club I had met her, because he know she would go there that night. I told her I didn?t want any trouble with any nut case. She said she did want any trouble either. So we decided to go to another club for a drink. After one drink, we chose to stick to the original plans and go the club we had met, and risk seeing him there. She didn?t think he would really show up there. When we got to the club, I asked her if his vehicle was there. After looking at the parking lot, she said that his truck was not there. Inside she did see a person in the dark that might be him. We danced a few songs, and she then was sure it was not him. But shortly after that she told me that he had just walked in, and was sitting across from us. He made no effort to look our way. I watched him closely and she asked me if he looked pissed. He didn?t look that way to me. She wanted to know if she should go over and say hi. I told her to do whatever she felt comfortable doing. I told her I would go to the men room, if she wanted to go over and talk to him. I took my time, and then headed back to the bar. On my way back I chatted with one of the waitresses, I had kiss, before. She complemented me on my sexy shirt, and rubbed her hand inside of it, feeling my chest. She gave me a wink, and I returned to the bar. My date was back, and I asked her, if everything was Ok? Yes was her response. I lending in and asked her what he had said. He wants to know if he could see her later. She told him no, not tonight. He then wanted to know if he could watch the two of us fuck. She added that she told him, that not tonight, but it was very possible. I was rock hard, and we danced, and few more songs. She also danced with some of her other friends, she had danced with before. When she and I were dancing I told her that her fuck partner would probably show up at her door, after she left my place. She said no, he wouldn?t. I told her, she knew he would, because he?d want to fuck her, after seeing her with me. I asked how he and she would fuck at her place. He likes to fuck me on the balcony, so other might see, them fucking. Ok, we both know that he?s definitely going to come knocking on her door, tonight. She said she would do whatever I wanted her to do.

After a few more drinks, we decided to go back to my house, and get naked, and talk about her fuck him. At my house she went down on me as we entered to door. My hard cock was in her mouth, and it felt great. We took off the rest of our clothing. With my cock in her wet hot pussy, we kissed and talked about her fucking and sucking her fuck buddy tonight after she left me. Tammy want to know if the thought of him fucking her after I had, turned me on. I told her that her having the chose, to have two cocks in her turned me on. She said she would call him if I want her to. I told her not to meet him at the club we had just left. She would meet him at her apartment like before. After we both had fuck enough, she got on her phone, and call him, so I could hear her ask him to meet at her apartment, in twenty minutes. She told him that she wanted to get fucked some more, by a second cock. I asked her to call me, after he had fucked her a couple of times, and she had used him all she needed too. She told me she would.

She didn?t call until 8am. He had left just a half hour ago. I asked her if she fucked him and got him off. She was reluctant to answer. So you don?t want to tell me, I asked. No I did fuck him and got him off. It was nothing really to talk about. How many times did you do him, I asked? Three times, was her short answer. Are we going to talk about it when we get together later, I asked? That will be nice, was her response. That will be hot, I thought to myself. I think the thing that makes it such a turn-on, is that she is getting pleasure, he?s getting pleasure, and I know I?m getting pleasure from it all. If her orgasm, gives her as much pleasure as my do, then that is a beautiful and powerful thing. I would want her to have that pleasure as much as she could.

We both had some things to do, and agreed to met later to go out. About 11am she called and asked what I was doing. I had just returned from the gym, and needed to shower. She said she was troubled. I asked her what was wrong. She said we shouldn?t meet. The first thing that popped in my head was she was going to hook up with her fuck buddy again. I asked her if that was the case. No, was her answer. I feel terrible, about what I have done. I don?t think I should see anyone right now. I?m not a slut. I don?t think you are, and didn?t want her to think I felt that she was. She said she was sorry, and she had a lot of things to think about. I told her to do whatever she felt was right and not to worry about me. She said good bye.

Two days later she called me and wanted to see me. In my bedroom we talked about what she had done and didn?t feel good about it. Again she said she was not a slut! I told her that I was very happy with her, and I never thought of her as one. She said she?d never do that again, with him. I told her that it was fine with me. I asked her if she would share the information of that night with me, and if it would upset her to. She told me we could share and talk about it as long as it got us both hot.

From that point on, when we would fuck, I?d wanted her to tell me about what happen from the time she left my place to the time he came into her apartment. I think the hottest part was when she called him, from my bedroom to ask him to met her, knowing she want him to fuck her, and knowing I knew about it. At the point of my ejaculation, I would ask her if she wanted to suck his cock, while I was fucking her. Yes! I want to suck his cock! I want him to cum in my mouth! I want you to cum in my pussy, and then watch me clean his cock, with my mouth. I totally enjoy her, and enjoyed her enthusiasm for storytelling. Soon her passion turn from sucking cock to eating pussy.

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