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Her first

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It all started when my sister (who is much older and we never really talk) called and asked if I would let her 23 yo daughter move in with me while she went to the college I live by. I never really knew her daughter since we live about 100 miles apart and my sister and I were never close. But since she did call and asked.. Kinda felt obligated to give in, and I did have a house with empty bedrooms and I am the only one living here.. So about two weeks later this hot 23 yo girl became a part of my household. We saw one another almost daily in passing, had some casual conversations but except for that didn?t realize she was even here. We quickly learned one another?s routine. Well that all changed quite suddenly about 2 months after she moved in. Maybe I should describe what she looks like.. She is about 5' 7" tall 120 lbs. Blond hair, blue eyes, beautiful face and body with a very bubbly personality. Anyhow I found myself home much earlier then expected and was walking down the hallway as she came out of the bathroom after I assume just taking a shower. She rounded the corner and ran smack dab into me wearing nothing but a towel around her hair. When she bumped into me. By pure reflex I grabbed her to prevent either of us from falling. With my hands grabbing both of her ass cheeks. She was wearing that after body splash or whatever it is that girls wear, and the scent she wears is always an immediate turn on for me. She looked up in surprise and said, ?Oh, I didn?t know you were home.? Still not fully conscious of what was happening and that I was holding her against me with my hands cupping her cute little ass. I said, ?my day ended early so thought I would come home and get cleaned up and go out for the evening.? I then became consciously aware that I was massaging her bare ass with my hands, and had a rapidly growing hard on pressing into her abdomen. We had been standing like that for maybe about 30 seconds at this point and I let go of her butt and stepped back just as she did.. That is when I got my first real look at her. She had no tan lines with a very soft all over teddy bear tan nice C size perky breasts and a very clean shaven pussy. Just seeing her standing there I made an audible gasp. Then I noticed her eyes focused on my bulging pants. She smiled and quickly went back into the bathroom and closed the door. I went into my room flustered and closed the door with her naked image dancing in front of my eyes. Well over the next week or so.. I noticed I was seeing a bit more of her. Not only time wise.. But she would also just happen to not have her bra on or be only in her undies. Finally after about the second week of events that I was actually finding myself waiting for the next one to occur.. She called for me to come help her in her bedroom... figured it was another spider or something that she didn?t deal well with. When I walked in her room being fully expected, I didn?t expect to find her standing before me naked. Her words took me by total surprise as I stood there with my mouth hanging open and my cock straining at my pants. Her cute little voice was saying look uncle Bill you have seen me naked a lot in the last week.. Don?t you think it is time I saw you. My mind was whirling, and I started to stammer Tami you are about 14 years younger then me and you?re my niece why, what you don?t want me.. And the whole time I was standing there she never broke her gaze from my pants. Then she replied, I want to see you, all of you.. Please...... she was absolutely gorgeous standing there her nipples were sticking out like huge erasers from her breasts she started to walk up to me and reached out and grabbed my rock hard cock through my pants and said I want to see this. At that point I lost any sense of reasoning I had I leaned forward took her in my arms with my hands around her ass and started kissing her.. Not the way an uncle should.. At that point she was no longer my niece... I could feel the heat pouring out of her sex and she was still gripping my cock through my pants... Her other hand was trying to undo them we stepped back and trying to focus and bring some sense to this.. I asked her are you sure... she replied yes I want to see you.... Well how could I refuse her.. I quickly pulled off my shirt and undid my pants they fell to my ankles with only a slight push.. The tip of my cock was sticking out of the top of my briefs and I could see her licking her lips I think a little in anticipation and a little because of nerves. Still reeling from everything that was happening.. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and started to slide them down.. And my cock leaped out and started to bob in the air. She gasped and grabbed it with her hand never taking her eyes off of it... I said hey if you really wanna see it you have to let me finish pulling down my pants. She giggled and stepped back I finished pulling down my underwear and we were both standing there in our birthday suits.... That is when I started sounding stupid.. I asked well what do you think.. She got a big smile and said I think it is great can I play with it.. As she came over and grabbed it again. Then she took me by surprise yet again.. She phallaceae me in the eyes with her hand clenched around my cock and said.. Uncle Bill I?ve never seen a mans penis before will you show me what to do. I started to stammer, you?re a virgin you never been with a guy. She said no, I have never even seen a real guy naked before now. Please show me..... please. Then she slowly lowered to her knees and started looking directly into my cock like it was looking back... still holding it in her death grip.. I told her I would lay down and let her examine me and check me out... and that she could touch anything on me she wanted. So for about the next five minutes she examined my cock and balls holding them massaging them.. Then she crawled up next to me and said teach me more. I asked are you sure... her response was I am absolutely sure... so I told her I would love too.. But we would stop anytime she wanted... I then started kissing her and her neck moving slowly down to her breast nibbling on her nipples and she started breathing heavy with short gasps. I could smell her feminine aroma I reached down with my fingers and touched her pussy.. Her legs spread and she gasped and jumped all at the same time.. She was soaking wet... I couldn?t stand it any more.. I moved down and started licking the juices from her pussy which was so small and petite except for her clit which was swollen more then any I had ever seen. She grabbed the back of my head and buried it into her crotch.. And I licked and sucked on her pussy and every time my tongue touched her clit she would let out a deep moan. I quickly learned sucking up all of her juices was never going to happen fairly quickly her hips started to buck against my face and she was moaning very loudly and deeply as she had her first orgasm that afternoon. On about her third one.. She begged me to stop.. I backed off and said are you done.. She said she needed a rest and wanted to do something for me... I laid back and she got on her knees looking down at my cock and slowly lowered her lips to the tip.. Very hesitantly and then just lightly touching the tip with her lips and tongue tasting a man for the first time.. The head was coated in pre-cum which apparently she liked the taste of.. Cause the next thing I knew she was trying to shove my entire cock down her throat. Not being able to swallow the whole thing she started to chock and backed up and looked at me with sad eyes and said I?m so sorry.. I said that?s ok if you don?t want too.. She said I do want to but I don?t know how.. Told her to go slow and not try to swallow the whole thing.. And ok to play with and suck on my balls. Well before I knew it Tami became an expert at giving head. She was sucking on my cock better then anyone before. Before long I could feel my balls boiling, I thought about telling her.. But she wanted to learn.. My first shot of cum caught her off guard. She backed up a bit and it splatter all over her mouth and face.. She quickly dove down on it though and started sucking all of it down and my cock was in the mood to cum.. Shot after shot she would swallow then suck some more.. Finally I had to pull her off.. She had a hurt look on her face and asked if she had done something wrong.. Told her no.. just like you I need a rest.. And in fact that was the best anyone had ever done.. She smiled sweetly and asked if I would suck on her some more.. I gladly agreed and started eating her pussy yet again.. This time it was swollen and puffy from the last go around and smelled oh so good.. She let me suck on and eat her for about a half hour when I slid a finger in her to the first knuckle. She jumped and moaned so loud. Then started begging me to fuck her. And her hips were bucking into my mouth so very hard.. I pulled away and asked are you sure.. And she screamed fuck my god damn pussy, OH God please fuck finger feels so good.. Please fuck me now. Her legs were spread wide.. I moved up slowly with my cock once again rock hard conscious of the fact she was a virgin, my first virgin. I slowly slid the head of my cock into her soaking wet pussy. Pushing very slowly in.. And she was moaning so loud with her hand gripping my back and her pussy trying to impale itself onto my shaft. Then I felt her hymen pressing on the head of my cock.. I pulled back almost coming out of her.. Then back in until I felt that pressure again.. Repeating my moves several times.. Then from her sweet little mouth came this deep command.. Give me all of your cock now... so I started pressing in deeper and deeper ever so slowly feeling her hymen stretch.. Then finally I gave way... that is when I drove all 9.5 inches into her she screamed and dug her nails into my back and wrapped her legs around my waist... I pulled back and started pounding her tight little cunt with full strokes slamming into her feeling my balls smacking into her ass. There was no turning back.. I couldn?t stop she was screaming and moaning.. And he pussy was bucking up against me... seemed like I had fucked her for hours.. When in actuality was probably only a few minutes when I felt my nuts tighten and knew what was about to happen reluctantly I pulled out.. The head of my cock just got out of her cunt when the first stream took off shooting up between us splashing into her tits.. I dropped down and started sliding back and forth so my cock was rubbin on her clit as several streams of cum shot out.. Well that was our first enounter, and her sexual education..

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