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Her Flight

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It had been a long 3 day trip, and she was tired.  Not just tired, but weary and worn out tired.  None of the flights had been particularly pleasant ones, given the lousy weather, delays, and pissy passengers, but the crews hadn't helped make them any easier either.


Both the Captain and the First Officer were a couple of martinettes, stuffy, cooly polite, overly professional, and generally no fun at all.  And her other crew mates had to have been picked from the dregs of Flight Attendant Hell, because the drama never stopped from the moment that they had all arrived at the gate just three short days before.  Fucking, whiny, nasty bitch's, all of them.  Never happy, and always complaining about something.  If she never saw a one of them again in her lifetime, it would be too soon!

But she sighed heavily and almost smiled as she realized that it was almost over now.  She had gladly left her crew with nary a wave or a smile over two hours ago when the last flight was completed, and was finally relaxing at the gate where she would soon hopefully board for home, and a needed five days off.

The only thing that sucked about this non-rev flight home was that it was going to be through one of United?s regional partners, which meant flying the last leg home on a small 50 seat jet, with no room to stretch out, and no place for her roller-board, which would probably have to be gate checked as she boarded.

Well, maybe it won't be too crowded, and I can get a whole row to myself back in the tail.  It'd be noisier back there because of the engines screaming away just behind her head, but at least she'd be closer to the one lavatory if she had to go during the hour and a half flight. 

She stretched a bit and settled into her chair, looking about the gate area, not really paying attention to anyone or anything, nor thinking of anything in particular either.

She was just about to close her eyes for a moment when she saw him.  He was sitting across from her in another row of bench seats, but about six seats to her right.

He looked away slightly when he saw that she had noticed him, but not entirely.

He was a nice looking man, probably around 40 or so, with wavy, dirty blonde hair, clean shaven, and even from this distance, she could see that he had a pair of the bluest eyes she had ever seen, with lashes that seemed to go on forever, which appeared to curl up quietly above his eyelids.

His eyes were beautiful, and she could see how any woman could just happily fall in and get lost in them if she was wont to do so.  They seemed almost translucent, and they emitted a look of sweetness, kindness, openess; even a little tinge of sadness, and a timbre that bespoke of great understanding, virility, and a wielding, yielding power.

He had a bit of a weak chin, but it only served to enunciate his overbite, which on him was very attractive.

And his mouth.  He kept it pursed most of the time, as if he was in great thought, wrestling with the problems of the world and his own, and when solved, the lovely mouth would crack slowly into a shy sort of smile, and then remain there for a moment before resuming the pursed postition of the negotiator.

He looked like a business man, only a very casual one.  Not at all Brooks Brotherish, but more like an airline pilot non-revving from base to base.  Relaxed and casual, cool and competent.  In command of his life and his surroundings.  And his women.

She had looked away now, trying to get back to that relaxed place of near sleep she had been only moments before noticing him looking at her.

She could feel his eyes on her though, looking her up and down, and side to side, taking her into himself, holding her there in his thoughts, controlling her, doing God only knows what with her in there. 

There, where she was powerless to protect herself, powerless to argue with him, powerless to run, to hide, to fight, to scream, or to strike out, to get away.

To get away.  Her eyes opened slowly, she couldn't remember where she was, she could sense and hear noise and shoes, and speakers and televisions, and announcements and children and babies and the whine of turbines, and, and of someone pushing her, jostling her, shaking her gently and speaking softly to her.

The voice was gentle and manly, and rolled off of his tongue with a resonance which strangely stirred her, and comforted her as well. 

As her eyes slowly focused, she looked up into the face of the man that had been looking at her earlier, and realized that the resonant voice and the hand that was gently nudging her belonged to him, and she was suddenly awash in acute embarrassment when she came to the conclusion that she must have dozed completely off.

He was smiling broadly down at her now, talking easily, and without being asked to, was helping to gather up her belongings, which in her present and drowsy state of mind, she couldn't seem to recall what exactly was.

He helped her easily to her feet.  He wasn't very tall.  In fact in her heels, she had an inch or two on him, which didn't seem to bother him in the least. 

He just continued to smile and talk to her with his kindly resonant voice, and lead her quite willingly towards the gate agent, who was taking their boarding passes unsmilingly, and pushing them down the jetway, towards the open main cabin door of the whining regional jet awaiting them at the bottom.

She was suddenly aware of something else that was awaiting her as she walked a little bit unsteadily down the steep jetway. 

She was wet.  Very wet.  For a moment she wondered if she had somehow lost control of her bladder, or spilled something on herself while dozing in the chair, but no, she knew it wasn't any of those things causing the flushing, pleasurable creaminess which was emanating warmly from her sweet, tight labial folds, and causing her clit to throb and ache continually for release.

She shook her head and blushed, thinking about it, and glad that no one around her could have possibly known what was occuring between her long legs as she walked towards the end of the jetway.

Then she looked at him, and knew.  His face said it as clearly as her sopping panties did.  He knew.  He knew everything.  He knew that her pussy was swollen and engorged, and creamy with her juices and the desires of a woman that needed to be touched and pleasured, and kissed, and made love to, and licked, and caressed, and fucked. Yes, there, she?d said it; even fucked. Fucked good and hard, and long and well.

God it had been a long time. Too long, and she was tired of being a good girl and rejecting the advances and outright propositions that she received on an almost daily basis.

Well, she wasn?t going to say no if she was asked this time. She needed the attentions that only a man could give her, and she had no intentions of falling asleep cold and frustrated in her empty bed tonight.

Oh yes. He knew all right.  And she was suddenly relieved and glad.  His hands felt perfect on her arm.  His smile was seductive.  His voice was like music, strong, and pulsing with life and fire and the virility of a man who understood women.

Who knew what a woman wanted.  Who knew what they needed.  Even when they said the opposite, knowing full well that they were lying to themselves, their mothers and fathers, and everyone that had ever told them it was wrong to feel this way about their bodies.  And their bodies needs. 

Oh God, he knew.  She looked at him again, and he just looked back and smiled his knowing smile as they boarded the doorway and headed for the very empty back end of the aircraft.

He took the single seat on the left side of the jet as she slid into the two empty seats which were across from him and automatically buckled herself in, closing her eyes and squeezing her thighs together so as not to stop the roar and the rolling tide of her raging loins and clit as they longed and screamed for freedom and release.

Airborne now, she tried to relax, but couldn't as her hard nipples rubbed incessantly against the confines of her bra, crying for the freedom, bites, and sucks they so desperately craved and wanted.

Few words were spoken between them now, but few were needed.  If the passengers had been able to hear the clamor and cry which silently shouted from each of their impassioned bodies, the noise would have drowned out the deafening drone of the jets screaming out their songs through their contrails in the sky.

She had come to grips with her situation now, and having reached the conclusion that pleasure was going to be theirs, she began to relax and slip into the role she was born to fulfill and make her own.  That of a woman.

And she was good at it.  She knew it.  She had always known that she was pretty, but now, sexually mature and in her late 20's, she had developed into a strikingly beautiful and stunning woman, a confident head turner of both sexes and she enjoyed it.

As she was now.  She had taken note of his swollen and grossly pushed out slacks, bulging and wet behind the zipper, with a stain that couldn't be hidden from view, no matter how he turned in his seat.

She crossed and uncrossed her long lovely legs, pulling her already short non-regulation uniform skirt higher and higher around her firm sweet and pulsing wet thighs, and unbuttoning her blouse by two buttons, allowed him to view her beautiful firm breasts, residing restlessly within her lacy black bra.

If she leaned over just right, he could catch a glimpse of her hard, dark pink nipples, with the beautiful brown of her ridged areolas spreading away from them like ripples on a pond.

She uncrossed her legs again, and when she knew he was looking, she lifted her tight, taut, perfect, ass from her seat, and with one swift movement, reached up under her skirt and pulled her hopelessly soaked and stained panties down around her ankles, slipped them off, and then carelessly tossed them across the aisle to him, where they landed sighing, into his lap.

He cradled his wet and delicate prize in his hands, lifting them slowly to his face and breathing the fragrance of her womanly juices deeply into his lungs, savoring the wonder that was her, and which was now appeared to be his for the taking.

Not willing to wait any longer, she pulled her lip gloss from her purse, and while he watched, she slowly brushed it on and across her full, lovely lips in front of him, and after placing the tube back in her purse she leaned over to him from across the aisle and said:  "This flight is only going to last so long you know, so if you'd like to finish what we've started here, I need you to go into the lavatory which is directly behind us, lock the door, and keep yourself busy for at least five minutes until the other passengers have forgotten that you've gone in there."

"At that point, I am going to unlock the door from the outside, and let myself in.  Okay?"

He smiled and nodded wordlessly, got up from his seat as unobtrusively as he could, and entered the lavatory, quickly locking the door behind him.

Very shortly after, she arose from her seat, walked to the lavatory door, and without looking around, unlocked it, and then entered it, quickly relocking it behind her.

His back against the wall, she smiled at him at him and said "C'mere you", while placing her hands on his face and chin, pulling his mouth slowly to hers, her gloss sliding slowly across his mouth, while their tongues met, mingling together, tasting, savoring, exploring, while their hands explored their own territories, unbuttoning buttons, unzipping zippers, releasing clasps, and lifting hems.

His mouth quickly found her hard nipples, and he sucked and bit them in a way that caused her to moan and writhe against him, while his fingers quickly made their way up inside her throbbing and engorged labia, finger fucking her clit against her pubic bone in a perfect rhythm, her juices and cream running down his exposed fingers and hands, and slowly dripping to the floor.

Kissing her mouth slowly again, and bringing his creamy fingers to their kiss, they licked and sucked his fingers clean of her sweet frosting, as she took his thick, throbbing, and rock hard cock in her hands, and ran her thumb over the top of his enervated, sensitized head, reveling in the slick, clear, pre-cum dripping from it.

He moaned and lurched with the agony of the exquisite pleasure she was bringing to his aching prick just with her fingers.

But it was when she brought her gleaming, lipsticked and glossed mouth down to his lovely mushroomed head, and looked up at him with her eyes glittering with power, and her lashes fluttering with contempt at him, that he knew that pleasure would never be like this for him again.

Placing her lovely feminine hands on his ass and balls, and stroking him expertly around his asshole and inner thighs, she took his swollen, semen slickened, 8" prick slowly and expertly back into her mouth and throat, sucking and licking and pleasuring it like it had never been pleasured or fucked by a mouth before, and she watched his face intently with her beautiful, expressive eyes as she felatted him, knowing that his hot, thick, sweet, salty, liquid treasure would soon be hers to savor and take with her.

Not desiring or willing to wait a minute longer she quickened her pace with her mouth and tongue, alternating from slow to fast, and shallow to deep, pushing and fucking him continuously until the moment she had awaited arrived, when he nearly screamed, his hands grasping for something, and finding her hair, his swollen shaft quivered, pulsed convulsively and finally exploded with a gush of thick, hot, creamy cum which jetted in powerful squirts across the back of her hungry and thirsty throat.

Her eyes closed in rapture, she eagerly swallowed his hot jism with a joy bordering on ecstasy, and savoring every drop and the rich flavor of it, she continued to milk his cock dry, using her mouth, tongue, and hands to empty him completely, this final act driving him almost to a frenzy of pain bordering on cruelly wondrous agony.

Releasing his now empty, but still thickened cock from her mouth, she arose slowly, and lifting her short skirt up around her beautiful thighs, she pushed him back and down onto the closed seat of the lavatory, and after spreading her long hungry legs, she rewarded her impatient, wet chamber with the complete fullness of his still turgid member, sliding it sweetly, deeply and slowly into her ravenous, tight, and creamy goodness, while rubbing her hardened and expectant clit over and over and over, fucking his still hard shaft of a cock steadily until the orgasmic waves overtook her, and taking his face gently in her hands, and kissing his mouth slowly once more, she finally allowed her clamoring, creamy cunt to climax in an explosion of pleasure so intense and violent, that she bit down on his lip until his warm blood mixed with her own, and tasting it there, she laid her head softly upon his shoulder, closed her eyes, and sighed.

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