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Her First Time with Another Man

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Six months after joining the Air Force my buddy Reed and I had just arrived at our first duty station just north of Las Vegas. He was assigned to the smaller squadron and I was assigned to the other much larger squadron. The base actually had three squadrons. The third was the Air Force?s precision flight demonstrations squadron, the Thunderbirds. Reed had been to our apartment several time to played cards, have dinner, and talk about things of interest. He stayed in the dorms on the base, which was less than an exciting place to be so coming over to our apartment gave him a chance to get out. He had a girl friend back in the LA area that he would go see no many of his weekends off. He was a few years younger than I and may have even been a couple years younger than Ceesee my wife.

A couple three month after arriving on station Ceesee mentioned that Reed would make comments to her and leer at her when I was out of the area that lead her to believe that he would like to get her into bed. I asked her if it was a problem. Did I need to talk with him and get him to stop? She said no, that it was actually quite a turn-on for her.

That evening she was more into sex than previously, not that it wasn?t good before, the sex was just more intense. After we both came and were resting she told me that she kind of liked Reed. After all he was good-looking and his making lewd comments turned her on. We discussed if for a while and she said it was just animal attraction, that she loved only me. I told her that it was ok with me but I had to hear all about it afterwards. We were both very turned-on by the conversation and made love several more times that evening.

I really didn?t expect anything to happen, at least not right away but the following day Reed came over to the hanger where I worked and wanted to talk to me about something. He was very vague on what he wanted to talk about. Almost like he was afraid to say anything at all. What I didn?t know at the time was that Ceesee had called him at work and asked him to stop by the apartment before I got home. His shift got off a couple of hours earlier than mine. We went out to my car to talk and after stumbling and stammering for a while he finally got it out that Ceesee had asked that he stop by this afternoon before I got home. He wanted to know if I knew she had called him. I had to tell him that I didn?t know but it was ok. He asked if it was ok with me for him to stop by the apartment this afternoon while I was still at work. I told him that it was ok with me, to go ahead and see what she wanted. I knew what she wanted but I didn?t tell him.

I went back to work and he headed out. I had a hard time keeping my mind on my work the rest of the day, actually a very hard time. I kept thinking about her getting Reed to fuck her. Would he or would he be too afraid of what I would do to him. I wished that I could be a fly on the wall in our bedroom. I wanted to get off work and get home to find out what happened but that was not to be. I was assigned a job that I would not be able to finish by the end of my shift so I would have to stay a little late to turn it over to the next shifts crew. That always seemed to take an hour. They would have roll call before getting their assignments, their tools and a ride to the flight line to relieve me. I would have to explain where I was in the process so that they would be able to continue on from there. It was hell, having to stay at work when I wanted to be at home hearing what had happened when Reed got to our place.

By the time I got the job turned over to the next crew, my tools turned in and home, it was an hour and a half later than when I usually get home. Every time I thought about Ceesee and Reed being together I got a hard-on. It was kind of embarrassing walking around with a hard-on. On the drive home I thought that my fatigues were going to be ripped open by my hard-on. I did not see Reeds? van in the parking lot as I drove in. He must have decided to not come and see Ceesee or he had already left.

I parked and sat in the car trying to muster up the courage to go in. I had to make an adjustment of my hard-on so that I could get out of the car and walk up to the apartment. When I opened the door I could see that Ceesee had the kids at the table eating and my dinner was there waiting. Ceesee looked good. I asked her how her day was and she said that if was good, how about yours? I said I was a little distracted this afternoon. She asked why. I told her that Reed came by the hanger to tell me that she had called him and asked him to stop by this afternoon. She said, oh that?s why, with a twinkle in her eyes.

When we had the kids fed, bathed and put to bed we sat down in the living room to talk. Before we could get to what had happened that afternoon our older son was up asking for a drink. Ceesee got up, got him a drink and put him back to bed.

When she came back, she sat down right next to me. I asked her why she called Reed so soon. She said that there was no reason to wait and I wanted to do it before she lost her nerve. I asked her, so did he come by? She said yes and it was a lot of fun. At first she said that they were both very tense. Neither of them could come up with a way to get started at first. She decided to just go over to where he was sitting and kneel between is feet so that she could unzip his pants. As she did he got hard instantly so she took is cock out and gave him a blowjob right there in the chair. It wasn?t very long before he shooting his load in her mouth. She said that he must not have been home to his girlfriend for quit a while be cause it was almost more than she could swallow.

At this point I?ve got the hardest hard-on that I have ever had in my life. She took my cock out and gave me a blowjob right there in the living room. That was twice today that she had given swallowed a load of cum. She was so hot that night and was so turned on that I was hard again almost immediately. I took her to the bedroom where we fucked for hours. While we were fucking she told me about taking him to the bedroom and fucking him. She made sure that he came deep inside her. It was a good thing that it was Friday because we needed to sleep in to recover from the previous days fucking and sucking.

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