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Her Fantasy While Away From Home- Part 1

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You?re away at a business convention and in the bar having a drink with others (male and female) from the meetings. While they are mostly women that know, there are a couple that you don?t know, and a couple of very good looking older men that you?ve never met. After awhile, you strike up a conversation with the one man who appears a bit older. He, like you, is a wonderful flirt and great tease. The group finally decides it?s late, and you all head for your rooms, which are, coincidentally, on the same floor. You are not really ready for bed. Well, not for sleep. This man, who is older than any man you ever thought would interest you, has been very exciting company. His flirting and teasing, his attention to you, his well-spoken demeanor, and even his grey hair, have you surprisingly aroused. For your part, you have teased and flirted more with this man than you have any man in years. Maybe even enough that you?ve given him a hint at some of your fantasies. While you haven?t given any specifics, a man who is paying attention might draw some conclusions. Though it is so very exciting, you hope to yourself (perhaps insincerely) that you haven?t revealed too many of your secrets.

As you and he are walking slowly down the hall (it is actually YOU who is walking slowly- he is only walking with you; neither in a hurry to end this encounter) the others begin to pull ahead and their voices begin to fade. As you walk, you fantasize about going into this relative stranger?s room and experiencing some of the things that others who know you would never suspect had even crossed your mind, much less dominated your thoughts on many days; would never have dreamt you masturbate as often as you do; would never believe what is about to happen.

You stop to say good night when he reaches his door, not really wanting to night to end this way, not wanting to go back to your room alone, not wanting to give yourself an orgasm when this man would do it so much better. Before you can speak, he smiles and unties his tie then turns you gently until your back is to him. Before you can protest, he places his tie over your eyes, tying it snugly in back. You think you hear others giggling and sounding surprised, but you are certain the others were too far down the hall to see what you are allowing this man to do.

You are so excited, yet you want to run. You are blindfolded and standing in the hall of this hotel, not knowing who is there, who might be watching, what this man you barely know is planning, or what is going to happen to you. That uncertainty, the years of being the good girl while never revealing the truth to your husband, and the fantasies you?ve never spoken combine to excite you more than you thought possible. You hear his card slide into and out of his door, the lock click, and the handle turning. As you hear the door open, he grasps you firmly (but not too tightly) by the arm, then turns you and guides you through the door. The room is quiet and smells faintly of soap and his cologne. You count your steps- one, two, three, four, five, six, and seven; but as you're blindfolded your steps are shorter and more tentative. He says nothing as he places one hand on your stomach and applies enough pressure to indicate you are to stop. As you do, his hands release you and you stand alone and blindfolded, hearing nothing but your own breathing which has quickened, and touching nothing but the floor where you stand. You have no idea what the room he has led you into is like, nor do you know whether the two of you are alone. You don't even know if the lights are on, or the curtains are opened or closed. You are alone and blind. You feel a hand (and naturally assume it is his) touch your left arm above the wrist, moving lightly up the bare skin of your forearm and elbow, up the sleeve of the black dress you are wearing, to your shoulder and down across the bare skin of your chest- around your neck to your right shoulder. It pauses briefly, then moves softly across your pearl necklace to your neck and oh, so softly up your neck to your chin and down, back across your necklace, down your chest, lightly slipping down the hint of cleavage showing above your shallow v-neck, then floating across the material, and sliding his hand across your right breast. You wonder if he can feel your hard, swollen nipple through your bra and dress, knowing that when he does, he will know how much his hand excites you. You think of yourself as always in control, but we now know that you are not when you are blindfolded and standing alone in the room of a man you barely know, having unknown hands touching your body, and exploring it at will. As they do, you become too aroused to be in control and too excited to say no to anything.

As his hand continues exploring, it slides under your right breast, cupping it for a moment and lightly squeezing your nipple through your clothes. There is no longer any question whether he can feel your swollen nipples through your dress and bra- anyone standing nearby could tell by looking that his touch excites you- your nipples are fully erect and pressing visibly through your clothes. His hand does not linger long, but slides slowly and lightly down between your breasts and moves ever so slowly down your stomach towards your mons- slowly and deliberately- not in a beeline, but moving around your stomach- down lower...lower...across your stomach, oh so lightly, down to your right pelvic bone, then down in a shallow arc- not rushing to your pussy, but teasing it as it moves across to your left side and back up, resting on your stomach for a moment. Almost immediately, you feel another hand- this one starting at the back of your neck and moving lightly, slowly across your shoulders- slowly moving down and across, gliding over so slowly down, down to the top of your cheeks, playing lightly... delicately stroking each, then moving slowly up your back again until it reaches the top of your zipper.

Only then(for the first time since being blindfolded) are you spoken to, his mouth so close to your ear that you can feel his hot, deliberate breath on your neck and ear. But there is no "speaking", only a soft whisper asking you if you want to be free of your clothes- naked for anyone and everyone to see, whether it's just the two of you in the room, a room full of people watching you, or if you are standing in front of an open window for anyone to see who looks. You try to say "yes", but are so excited it comes out as a barely audible whisper. He responds that while it may be possible, it will not happen until you ask him politely to undress you. You comply immediately and with a pleading voice, asking him to please undress you. As his hand slowly begins to unzip your dress, he says he didn't hear you and that you need to say it louder. You are embarrassed, but in a clear, strong voice say, "Please undress me- I want you to see me, I want you to touch me- please touch me."

As you feel your zipper begin to move, you also feel his breath, at first on your neck just below your ear, then moving up over your ear, and slowly across your face. His mouth is so close you can feel it, yet his lips stay just far enough away as they move towards your mouth, finally brushing your lips. You bend your neck forward to press your lips against his, but they move away just quickly enough to stay just beyond your reach. As your zipper reaches the small of your back, his lips brush against your neck just above your left shoulder and begin kissing your neck- upwards to the soft flesh below your ear, then strokes your ear, his breath loud and intimately close. As your zipper finishes its journey, he pulls your dress down off your shoulder as his lips move down your neck to the top of your arm. You feel the right shoulder of your dress being pulled down until both are halfway between your shoulders and elbows, your dress barely covering your breasts, threatening to fall at any moment. One hand is travelling oh, so lightly across your chest, from left to right, down to where your breasts begin to swell, caressing each in its turn, his mouth almost touching yours- while the other hand begins slipping your arms out of your dress one at a time. Your dress drops, revealing a sheer black bra, your hard nipples pressing through. It continues sliding down, exposing your bare stomach, then your sheer black panties- revealing your trimmed pussy, and thigh highs. His hand moves to your left nipple, pinching it, then moves across your stomach, downward, palm flat on your flesh with fingers spread open, moving down and around to your right hip then across your panties, pausing briefly below your belly button then sliding down between your legs which spread instinctively in response. His hand presses against your labia, stroking you briefly, slipping easily across your wet, wet crotch. Simultaneously, the other hand unhooks your bra, letting it fall. You do so immediately when a soft whisper tells you to place both of your hands on top of your head, as the hand slips around your ribcage, cupping your right breast and gently tugging on your nipple. It continues downward to the waist of your panties and both hands pull them down, and off you as you lift each foot. You stand naked except for your blindfold, pearl necklace and black heels, hands on your head and legs slightly spread, completely exposed. It?s as if you can feel eyes moving across your body, examining parts of you that few have seen.

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