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Her Dream Come True

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My wife had been fantisiZing for some time about a friend of ours. Actually Mark is not a true friend, but only an aquaintance.

She, Wanda, had been talking to me about wanting to see what he looks like without any clothes on and would really like the idea and opportunity to suck him.

I had told her on many occations that it would be fine with me and she should go for it.

For months we kept discusing it and the way I saw it, nothing was going to happen as long as all we did was talk.

Mark had even made comments to me about my wife and sex. So a few days ago I talk to him and told him that if he wanted to do something with Wanda, he would have to make a move.

He was worried what I might feel about him doing my wife, so I told him it was fine with me.

I was working late Saturday and was hurring to get home when my cell phone rang. It was my wife.

"Hi hon." I answered.

"Hi. Where are you?" Wanda asked me.

"On my way home. Why?" I asked.

"Just wondering. Would you mind stopping and picking up a few things from the store on your way." She asked.

"Not at all. What is it?"

She proceeded to give me a grocery list over the phone. From the length of it I knew it would take me at least 30 or more minutes. Being it was Saturday evening it would probably take longer.

I pulled into the store and was curious as to why she wanted me to pick up all this stuff. My mind got the best of me, so I got back into my truck and drove toward our house.

You can see our house from the side street without pulling onto our road. So I slowed down and looked to see if anyone was there. Besides my wifes van.

Sure enough. Marks car was parked in our drive.

"So that's why she wanted me to do all the shopping." I thought as I pulled into a side street and stopped my truck.

"I think I'll walk around to the house and see what I can see." I said to myself.

I made my way the block and an half and tried to peek through the living room blinds, but I couldn't see anything.

I made my way to the back of the house and saw the back porch light was on. Someone was sitting on the screened section, but I couldn't make out who it was.

Making my way closer, I made out the figure of a guy sitting in a patio chair with his head laid back on the headrest.

Getting closer I made out who it was. It was Mark and then I saw a hand reach up and pull his arm.

Slowly walking around the dark side of the patio I saw a sight that made my dick start to stiffen.

There was Mark sitting on a patio chair with his legs spread and his pants down around his ankles.

The I saw her. There was Wanda, my wife, on her knees with Marks cock buried deep in her throat.

She moved up and down slowly then quickened her pace. Then really slow and deep again.

I remembered when we first started having sex that, that was the way she use to suck me. Savoring every inch and every second.

I watched as Mark reached down and placed his hand on either side of her head and held her motionless. Then he started pumping his hips and thrusting his rather large cock in and out of her mouth.

Wanda kept a lip lock on his dick and was massaging his balls as I saw him begin to tense.

Wanda knew what was about to happen. She pulled her head free of his hands and took him so deep I thought she was going to gag, but she didn't.

She worked the back of her throat on his swelling cock and pulled back with just the head between her lips.

I saw Marks cock as it throbbed and jerked and knew that he was shooting his cock juice into my wifes mouth.

She didn't move until it completely stopped twitching and then she pulled her mouth off his spent cock.

Mark looked down on her with a totally satisfied look on his face. I know that look because I get it every thing she gives me a blowjob.

Then Wanda did something that completely shocked me. She held her head back. Opened her mouth and showed Mark where his cum was.

I could see it from the dark corner I was standing in. He had came so much it almost filled her mouth.

Wanda then closed her eyes and her mouth. I watched her throat work and knew she was swallowing Marks complete load of sperm he had just gave her.

I didn't realize, but the whole time I was watching the action I had pulled out my own cock and was shooting the large load I think I had ever shot.

The both got up and went into the house.

I made my way back to my truck and decided to drive back by the house.

Mark was leaving and I know he was satisfied and would be coming back for more.

Maybe Wanda will tell me what had happened after I get back from my shopping.

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