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He went to Town (part I)

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They had been talking for a few weeks online, using the computer to help alleviate the loneliness they felt at home. The tried the cyber-sex routine, but both were dissatisfied. Finally they met, met quickly at the local coffee shop. They talk of the weather, the reasons for meeting, the way they feel love has been lost in their lives. He leans across & kisses her tenderly. She kisses back?????? Breaking free, they both say, they must get to work. As they part, they kiss one last time. A kiss, that is only the beginning of their long lasting friendship. A kiss begins the passion they will feel. A kiss they both needed. Feelings felt that have been dormant for so long.

The Plan

They part, grateful of each other?s presence. Even if it was a short time. Plans are made to meet again. He makes plans to be out & about for the afternoon........................ She makes plans to take the afternoon off...............

He sets up a meeting for a town nearby on Thursday. He emails her & they chat about the plans. Both want to meet so desperately they stumble over words as they type out the plan. But through it all, a time is set. The park at 1:30. On the following Thursday.

Thursday starts as a typical fall day, cool & clear, with a faint haze from the harvest, now in full swing. He takes the afternoon off, drives to the park, his excitement barely contained. He has to drop off an item at a local business, but plans on leaving immediately following the meeting. He has to hurry to meet the 1:30 deadline in the park...................

The Meeting

.............he leaves his meeting & drives to the park. He sees her from the entrance. She is so lovely, she glows in the sunlight. The weather could not be more perfect, cool a slight breeze & dappled sunlight shining through the trees. He drives up to where she is parked & gets out. Looking about the park, he walks up to her & embraces her. Looking down into her eyes & she up to his, they get lost in each other?s soul. He leans forward & kisses her, she kisses back. The world stands still for that moment as he holds her in his arms & she holds him. The feelings of a lifetime are expressed in that one kiss.

Breaking the kiss, he says "Hi" & smiles softly to her. She looks shyly at him & says "Hi" and smiles back. Suddenly they know. They know the other's need. They feel connected. Whole. Walking to the park bench nearby they sit down, holding hands & looking at each other. Neither wanting to say anything & break the spell.

They begin talking. Talking about general things, like what they did during the day, what they have to do, at home, that evening. They begin talking about their lives at home. What has lead them to meet.

The longing is there. It hangs over the two lovers like a cloud. They see the need the others eyes. Topics slowly turn to sex. A teasing, flirting & innuendo chat. Suddenly they can no longer wait, they embrace. Right there in front of God & the whole world. During the day. They hold each other & kiss again. Kiss until the stars fall from the sky. Or so it seemed.

Caring less of being observed, they begin touching each other through their clothing. His breathing becomes faster & heavier, hers the same. They are careful to keep their hands under their jackets. Finally, they break. Looking at each other, they know, their need is too great to wait longer. He has such need for her, he feels almost overwhelmed. She looks & smiles, nods her head. She suggests they go somewhere more private. He agrees.

Calling the local motel, he finds a room in the back of the building. Driving there they both arrive separately. While he is checking in, she arrives & waits. She is so excited about making love with him, she is unable to sit still. Looking out at her, passers by would think she is dancing in her seat to the beat of a song. Finally, he calls & tells her the room number. Quickly, she drives to the backside of the motel & goes to the door. There he is waiting for her, beckoning.

She enters the motel room, notes the coolness of the room & the heat has been set on the wall unit. He enters behind her, locks & bolts the door. The anticipation mounts. Both are nervous. Both speechless with the need. Reaching out, he embraces & kisses her deeply.................

Making love in the afternoon

.............. he brushes her jacket from her shoulders & moves her toward the bed. She allows herself to be guided, as she finds comfort in his strength. She finds herself dancing slightly to remain with him. He releases her lips & begins to kiss & nuzzle her neck. He licks & nips at her earlobes, moves to her neck & slides to the other side of her neck. He repeats his licks & nips. She gasps slightly as he kisses her neck, a sigh when he nibbles on an earlobe.

She feels a hand on her breasts while the other rubs the small of her back. As he is kissing her, their lips part, their tongues touch. Tongues push & probe at each other & their mouths, they both are breathing heavy. Her excitement is so great, she feels her panties becoming wet. He feels uncomfortable in this position & shifts his hips slightly to rearrange himself. He caresses her breast & feels her nipple stiffen. He hears the little gasps & sighs as he kisses her.

Releasing her breast, yet still holding her close, he slides his hand between them & begins unbuttoning her blouse. He is able to free the buttons without ending the kiss. Switching hands, he moves his free hand to her other breast. Caressing under her blouse, outside her bra, he feels her nipple becoming more erect & firm. Sliding his hand up her back, he finds the clasp of her bra & releases it. Holding her bra in his hand, he takes his other hand & slides her blouse off her shoulder.

With a shrug, her blouse falls to the floor. He moves back slightly as she unbuttons his shirt & moves it off his shoulders. A shrug from him, his shirt falls to the floor. Releasing her bra & moving it off her shoulders, he drops it in a heap beside them. Chest to chest they stand, holding onto each other firmly. He feels her nipples hard, erect & hot against his chest. She feels the thudding of his heart on hers. They continue to kiss as they stand beside the bed.

She moves her hands & begins to unbuckle his jeans. First the belt...........she has trouble with this, it?s such a strange buckle. Finally, she releases his belt & is able to unbutton his pants. Slowly unzipping him, she feels the heat of his need. She feels the hardness of him, through the material of his jeans. Slipping her hands behind him, she pushes his jeans down & they slide off to his knees. He shivers in the suddenly cool sensation on his hot skin.

He reaches down, unbuttons her jeans & helps her step out of them. Then he steps out of his. Standing there, he in his boxers, her in her panties........both shivering slightly, from the cool room air. They step closer to the bed & pull the covers back, he helps her lie down. Sliding in beside her, he begins to kiss her again. Her neck & earlobes again. Sliding downward, he finds her breasts. Nibbling on her skin, he finds her nipple with his mouth. He engulfs her nipple & swirls it with his tongue. Running his hand up her side, he finds her other breast & begins to caress.

He finds her nipple & gently rolls it between his fingers. A quick flick of his tongue on the other brings a gasp from her. He moves his mouth to the other nipple, quickly covering the first with his hand. He is able to feel her heat, feel her heart pound in her chest. Reaching downward with his hand, he comes to her panties. He slides his hand along her hip & finds the leg band of her panties. He slides his hand under her panties onto the bare smooth skin of her bottom & caresses. Continuing to kiss & suck on her nipples, he slides his hand out & back to the waistband of her panties. He pushes the waistband down slightly. He rolls her slightly & she responds by rolling with his direction. He slides the waistband off the her other hip & down to her thigh.

Releasing her nipple with his mouth he begins to slide downward. He encounters the coarse dark hair of her bush, as it peaks above her panties. Using both hands, he lifts her up enough to slide her panties down to her knees. She lifts her legs one at a time to slide out of her panties as he looks down upon her now naked pussy. Inhaling deeply, he take the aroma of her musk deeply into his being. ?Wonderful?, he thinks to himself, ?Wonderful indeed?. Dipping his head his lips touch her mound. He kisses lightly, she sighs in anticipation. As he has his head is between her legs, she shifts her legs & lifts her hips to meet his waiting mouth. He dips lower & kisses the beginning of her slit.

He flicks his tongue out, parting her slit. He licks again & finds her now hard clit. He kisses deeper onto her clit & sucks it in slightly. Moving his tongue downward, he parts the lips of her pussy & licks her lips. Quickly he puts his lips back onto her clit & sucks her into his mouth. He flicks her clit with his tongue as she is in his mouth. She moans & bucks her hips. He feels hands on the back of his head, pushing him tighter to her pussy. He starts tonguing her clit & licking her pussy lips. He moves a hand upward toward her pussy & touches her pussy lips. Sliding one finger inside her, he feels her wetness & need. Stroking his finger in & out, all the while sucking on her clit, he feels her clit swell in his mouth.

He slides the second finger inside & strokes her pussy. Continuing to suck & lick her clit, he slows & removes his fingers. Using his tongue, he strokes her pussy lips, dipping his tongue inside. He licks out her hot musky juice. He licks the inside of her pussy with his hot tongue. Her hips are bucking against his mouth as her passion builds. He reaches around her legs & spreads the lips of her pussy with his fingers. Stopping his licking the inside of her pussy, he re-attacks her clit. Her breathing comes in more ragged gasps, her moans become more frequent & louder. He feels the beginning pulsations of her clit as he licks & sucks. He feels the pulsations of her pussy as the muscles convulse with anticipation of her impending orgasm.

Slowing his pace even farther, he applies steady pressure onto her clit with his tongue. The occasional flick of the tongue causes her to gasp & squeal with delight. He reaches up with the other hand & finds her breast. Finding her nipple he rolls it between his fingers. As he does so, he hears the pace of her breathing increase. She is now panting, moaning between breaths & squeals in harmony with his tongue.

He feels her heart beating rapidly through her clit. He licks. Licks again. And again. He hears the rumbling of her guttural growl as her orgasm builds toward a crescendo. He hears her telling him ?Don?t stop. Right there. Oh God, that feels wonderful. A little faster. Oh God???moan, sigh, pant, pant, pant????.? As he continues & follows her commands, he feels the familiar twitch of her muscles. He feels her hips buck harder????..

He feels her tighten her grasp of his head, her legs try to close against him, but he won?t let her. She lifts her ass completely off the bed as her orgasm starts. She feels the intense pleasure release beginning, anticipating the waves of pleasure. She gasps a quick breath & bears down on his mouth. He is holding his tongue still, she is fucking his tongue by herself. When she stops, he moves his tongue enough to keep the rhythm steady. It the burning of her passion builds higher. He hears her starting to cum. He hears ?OH GOD. OH MY GOD. OH squeal MY moan GOD!!!!? ?I?M CUMMING. I?M GONNA CUM ON YOU. OH MY GOD, MAKE ME CUM HARDDDDDDD??.? He bears down with his tongue & puts pressure directly onto her clit. He feels her clit jump with her orgasm as the convulsions of her pussy starts????..

She is louder now ? OH GOOOOOODDDDDD, I?M CUUUUUUMMMMMMMMIIINNGGGGGGGG? as her hips buck her pussy savagely into his mouth. He maintains pressure against her clit??? ?UUUUUUGGGGHHHH, OHH GOOOD!!!! OHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYGOOOOOODDDDDD?.. UHHHHGGGG, OOOOOOOOO?, as her pussy convulses & floods his mouth with her cum. He laps up all he can & continues to kiss & tongue her pussy as her orgasm pulsates over her body. He feels her contractions lessening. He responds by slowing the stroke of his tongue & releasing her nipple. He caresses her breast as her orgasm subsides, her pussy hot & wanting more.

She squeals & wiggles her hips away from his probing tongue. She lifts his head to stop him & pulls him toward her. He lifts up & slides up the bed to her & kisses her deeply. She responds to his kiss & embraces him. She holds him as he moves slightly to lie beside her. She feels him move & pull the blankets over them as they lay basking in her orgasm.

Never has she felt such a complete orgasm. Never has she felt such feeling & passion from her partner. She pulls him closer as she lay her head on his shoulder. She feels so complete, she begins to relax. The first time in forever. No pressures, just gentle loving & mind blowing orgasms. As she relaxes, she drifts into that twilight sleep that gives so much pleasure. The pleasure of knowing she is safe & nothing will hurt her tonight???????

We leave our lovers lying beside each other. Looking down upon them, we see two people wrapped in a loving embrace. Relaxed, resting, dozing, warm & safe????????.

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