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Hawaiian Interlude

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Sharon was on her back on her bed, her knees pressed up beside her head and her legs braced against the arms of the young man who was providing her first full sexual experience outside of her marriage. He was working his big cock slowly into her, allowing her to adjust and relax as it parted the folds of her vagina. He paused half way and fucked her a bit with slow short strokes. She was torn between discomfort and wanting more of it. He paused and she moved her hips a bit, raised and lowered her pussy, then settled back relaxing more with each slow jab of his cock.

Sharon had been married for 25 years to Lloyd and in that time she had been completely faithful to him. He had been a considerate husband and to her knowledge completely faithful to her as well. Up until yesterday that was. Prior to marriage to Lloyd she had only fucked one other man. There had been many other men during her married life in whom she had felt erotically interested. But other than a few clandestine passionate kisses and a few dance floor rubs, she had stayed chaste. The day before however, she had returned early from a shopping trip to find Lloyd fucking an older lady, a widow who stayed in a nearby condo. Sharon had seen Lloyd with his cock in her through the bedroom doorway and then backed away before being noticed. She waited a while and listened to them fucking, both of them full of exclamations and phrases with the word "fuck" in them. She left the condo for a bit and re-entered making plenty of noise as she did. She caught a glimpse of the woman scurrying out through the sliding door in the bedroom with her clothes clutched to her body.

They were on their annual vacation in one of the most erotic and romantic places on earth, Maui. Their days were laid back and lazy for the most part. They walked the beach each early morning and then while Lloyd spent a few hours snorkelling in the ocean, Sharon would return to their condo and have a coffee and read and relax outside their ground floor condo overlooking a swimming pool. It was during her morning hours alone on her lanai that she had come to the conclusion that she wanted to try something wild before she got too old. The current source of this desire was a young man who cleaned the pool out each day before people began to show up after breakfast.

Their relationship had started with the usual good mornings and a smiles; then progressed to simply staring at each other with more than good mornings in mind, and finally posing in provocative positions. Sharon's attire had gone from a robe to a bikini with occasional sheer swim covers. She moved around in her lounge chair to expose her breasts to advantage, carelessly spreading her legs, touching herself near her breasts or pussy. He moved as he stared at her, flexing his arms and butt, and most of all giving her every chance to see how well he was hung by deliberately swinging his big cock in his light shorts. Their eyes told the story without words. They were attracted to each other and they thought of little else except getting in bed together.

It was the day that Sharon had waited for; she would make her move this morning. This was not totally retribution on her part. Catching Lloyd fucking the other lady had just freed her mind and allowed her to do something she had been dreaming of for some time. In fact, she and Lloyd had discussed taking other lovers and had even told each other who they would want to fuck. It had only ever reached the discussion stage however, and this would be the first adventure for each. It was not surprising that it happened on Maui where cold women get hot and horny, and hot women get even hornier.

Lloyd was off golfing this morning, with a few buddies who were staying at another resort and she had at least 6 or 7 hours to live out her dream. She bathed and dried her hair, then decided to shave her pussy. She had done it a few times for Lloyd's benefit and thought it may be an extra attraction for her young stud. She was all prepared to leave but then returned to the bedroom and applied some KY jelly to her pussy lips. After her bath she thought she might be a little dry. She then put on a knee length robe without bra or panties. She would have to be careful how she moved should there be others around, but she knew that if he got a gander up her robe, he would be pretty well hooked. She suspected that she would only have this one shot and wanted to make certain of success. She was excited and very horny. Her thoughts ran wild imagining what might lay in store for her. She went outside and settled into the lounge chair on her lanai.

Akamu, his Hawaiian name, showed up on schedule, his eyes searching for her. It gave her a little rush of warmth in her nipples to see him so obviously looking for her. He had the Hawaiian build, with wide shoulders and thick chest, narrow hips and powerful thighs. She guessed that he was about 25 or so. He moved to the other side of the pool so that he could both work and watch her. He must have sensed her feelings this morning as his dark eyes smouldered as they gazed on each other. She leaned ahead allowing her robe to part enough for him to see most of a tit and nipple. She held the pose for a while, letting him know that she wanted him to see it. Akamu walked around the pool, his eyes never leaving her until he stood in front of her about 15 feet away. She looked down his body and noted that she was having an impact on him; his cock was beginning to straighten and move up in his shorts. Her eyes found his again; drifted up and down his body; betraying her interest in him and his cock. She settled back on the lounge chair, checked around for other people, then spread her legs and tugged the bottom of the robe up exposing her shaved pussy to his eyes. Ah yes, he wanted it, she knew it was her call now, she watched him use his hand to move the head of his stiff cock up under his waist band. God she thought, if that feels as good as it looks, I might keep it in me.

Staring at him, Sharon spread wide enough for him to have a full look at her slit right back to her butt hole. Then she pushed herself to her feet, turned and walked back into the condo, pausing just inside the sliding door to look back at him. Her heart was pounding, she was at the point of no return now. She turned to face him, backing up enough that others could not see her, and dropped the robe to the floor.

Akamu was in a state of shock, he had realized her interest in him, but there had been other ladies with the same interest and he had never laid any of them. And while she was of mature age she was in great shape compared to many of the ones who had come before. He was certain that he could fuck her if he had the courage to enter that condo. He looked around and dropped his cleaning net and eased himself through the door. Sharon had moved to the bedroom entrance where she paused long enough to let him know it was what she wanted, and then disappeared inside. She was standing naked inside at the edge of the bed waiting for him, her hands on her hips and her legs spread, her nice tits hanging down, great huge aureoles framing erect pink nipples. She was as desirable as any woman could possibly be. And made more so because she obviously wanted him to fuck her.

He was sure of himself now. He had attracted women and girls since he was a teenager. His reputation was that of a discreet and virile lover. However, while he had fucked several women of Sharon's age before; she was a guest at his place of work and it took him a minute to block that from his mind. He stood a few feet in front of her, his eyes roaming her body, and back to her eyes. Not a word spoken yet as he removed his shirt and dropped his shorts to the floor. He did not wear undershorts at any time, to allow ladies such as Sharon to easily discover that he had what they wanted. He was fully erect, his cock hard, long and thick, bent upwards in full display. It always gave him a charge when a lady saw it for the first time. Their eyes would widen or mouths open or a little gasp. His chest swelled with pride. He just loved to fuck.

Sharon's heart was pounding even more now that she could see that monster cock within arms reach of her. She sensed the powerful urge to fuck her silly by the young man carrying it. It was exactly what she had hoped for. He was calm and in control as he moved closer to her; his fingers found her nipples, rolling them, tugging at them, looking for a response. She closed her eyes and bit her lips as her nipples sent signals to her pussy to get ready. He cupped her breasts, lifted them and bent his head to lick underneath along the crease with her body. He rubbed them on his cheek, she could feel his shaved whiskers on her nipples and her pussy contracted so tightly that it ached. He sucked one nipple in and then the other and sensed her body surrendering to him, any last feelings of reluctance submerged by lust.

He moved a knee between her legs to spread her, his cock brushing and rubbing on her hips and belly and shaved mound. Then he ran a hand down along her belly, fingers teasing the V of her legs and belly while rubbing her mound, finally pushing in between her legs, pinching her pussy lips together, rubbing them and pulling at them. He could feel the slippery feel in them, unaware that she had primed them with jelly. Sharon's hands were on his shoulders supporting her as her knees were weak with anticipation and nervousness. She thought to herself, "put your fingers in, your fingers, push them inside my cunt."

Akamu sensed she was ready for more. He kissed her for the first time to reassure her that he wanted her, running his tongue around her lips, then inside the lips along her teeth, seeking and engaging her tongue. He moved her to the bed and watched as she lay back on the pillow. First she covered her pussy with her hand, but slowly removed it and spread wide, then wider, inviting him to take and use it. He crawled up on his knees between her legs and lay his big cock along her belly, his balls teasing her pussy and butt. She murmured "it is so big, it will be a challenge for me." He slipped it up to her tits, dragging his cock and balls along her belly; and she peered down at it, the scent of it in her nostrils. He lifted her legs up with her knees against his chest and dragged his cock back down along her belly and between her legs. He put a hand down to rub the knob in her slit and probed for her hole.

Sharon was in another world, almost immobile now with him pulling her tight up to him with her knees jammed against him, but could only think of that hot knob massaging her pussy lips, pressing hard against her, seeking to enter her. She let out a grunt of "ooohhh" as the knob popped into her. She tentatively squeezed just behind the knob with her cunt muscles bringing an explanation from Akamu. He let her feel it for a while, then pushed ahead parting her cunt wider on entry, his rod throbbing as it entered new territory.

Sharon relaxed now, content that it was only pleasure from now on, her pussy relaxed more and Akamu jammed the rest of it in her. Ah god she could feel his balls in her ass between her legs, and he withdrew slowly, paused at her entry once more and then with one swift stroke buried in her again. Sharon cried out as the big shaft rubbed every bit of the inside of her cunt hole. He began a steady stroking now, and also released the pressure on her, lifting his chest up and allowing her to respond to his strokes. She was ready to cum and he whispered to her, "what a pussy, hmmm love fucking your pussy, can you feel my cock in you, you want to cum don't you, just go for it, let it cum, I will be fucking you for a while and I love to fuck a pussy as it cums." Sharon cried out and let her body release itself in a series of jerks, and jamming her hips up against him while the big cock just kept pounding away in her. She cried and gasped at the relief, settled back a bit and felt him screwing her now soft pussy. Within minutes the desire began to build again with his relentless stroking. Her hands found his ass, her fingers scratched and pinched and dug in. He said, "tell me that you love to feel my cock in you, tell me how big it feels, tell me you want me to fill you with cum, fuck me baby, fuck me."

Sharon wanted to tell the world how it was. Her legs were free and up around his back. She began to drive her hips up at him, matching his strokes, closing her pussy on it as he withdrew and then opening wide as he re-entered her. "Ah it is the best cock I have ever felt, feel it stroking my insides filling me, spreading me, fucking me. Cum now, I want your cum, cum with me, fuck me hard." She felt the first belt of cum sear her pussy, then she lost it again and her body thrashed out of control. He jammed it hard up in her and released his load, grinding his pubic bone against hers, as if trying to dig a hole in her. They lay there clutched together almost vibrating. He lifted off her slowly, pulling his long cock out of her as he settled on his knees between her spread legs. He smiled down at her as the last of his cum oozed out along her slit and down to her butt. Sharon had expected to feel guilty after it had ended, but she did not, she felt triumphant. She had lived out her dream and this beautiful young man had provided her with the release she had sought.

He said, "I want more pussy but I have to find someone to cover for me. Will you wait here for me? I want to fuck you different ways. Do you want that? I could fuck that pussy all day long, it is a horny pussy, it loves the feel of me in her. Do you want more?" Sharon stretched out, lifting her knees and spreading luxuriously. Her eyes were partly glazed, her pussy was sore in a very pleasant way. She believed that another dose of his big cock would make it feel better. She said, "I have about 3 hours left. I want more of you. I want you in me. Hurry back."

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