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Harmony of Strokes

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I left you to attend to a call you needed to make, intending only to splash some cool water upon my sun drenched face. Instead I found the thought of warm water covering me too powerful to resist. As the tub filled, I lit the candles of lavender that sat around the tub, and slipped off my sundress. Every sense full of you, every touch, every gesture I made and you were there with me. Even the simple act of sliding my dress from my body, and I once again felt your hands slip the straps from my shoulders, your breath hot against my skin.

The tub filled, the steam rising from the heart of the water ? like the passion that rises from us. Sinking into the softness of the warmth, each gentle current is your tongue floating across my body, tasting, exploring?teasing ? pleasing. My eyes close, giving my body to your bidding?lost yet found in the seduction of your tongue. Without thought or reason my body arches from the water, eager to find the hardness of your body claim me?

So lost was I in the moment of remembrance, so strong your presence resting in me, I was startled to find it not you, but simply the subtle brushing of water against skin that brought you to me. Smiling, I reached for the soap just hours earlier we?d used to lather each other?s body after a morning spent drinking of love?s splendor.

As I worked a thick lather between my hands, I catch you from the corner of my eye, leaning strong and silent against the door, your shirt now removed and your smile reaching your eyes. Those eyes, the ones that visited me in the many nights of lost longing, in the silence of my slumber ? the smile that warmed me even in the harshness of life, like a warm embrace.

Acting as if I am unaware of your presence, I slowly begin sculpting the lather from my shoulders to my breasts, taking time to circle my nipples, and drift into the memories of your fingers as they played against my sensitive skin?Once again I am lost in your presence, your presence?my heart.

My hands become yours, skillful, knowing each stroke brings me closer to you?. The soft scent of the soap mingles with my yearning ? one hand leaves my breast to travel smoothly across my stomach, dipping into my navel, teasing, before working its way down along my thigh. My back arches, bringing me to the surface of the water, a million caresses washing over me as my legs spread hungry for your touch?

Our moans are let simultaneously, as my fingers find my swollen clit. My eyes seek yours as I continue the waltz of flesh against flesh, my fingers gracefully dancing against my clit, taking time to dip deep into me and be coated with my nectar. I watch your eyes glaze with passion, feel your lust even from the distance that separates us. I continue the ballet, losing myself in your eyes, your desire, and my clit swells excitedly against its partner as my nectar flows from me.

My eyes travel the length of your body, possessing it even as it is hid behind a layer of cloth. Just as your eyes smolder with desire, mine smolder with the same desire, same passion, and same lust. Without words, you reach, unbuckle the belt, and drop the jeans that kept you hid from me ? My hands never lose rhythm with my body?s needs as I watch you take your hard cock in your hand ? and once again our sighs of pleasure are let simultaneously ? I watch you match the rhythm of the dance that is performed for you ? across the room you stand, yet one we are ?the room fills with the sweet scent of our passion? man and woman ?dancing against the manipulations of our own hands, spellbound in the presence of the other. Each breath now music playing across the room, faster, faster ? harmonizing with the strokes against our bodies ?faster and faster?deeper and deeper? across the room ?man and woman...yet one as we reach the pinnacle of climax together? across the room?yet you rest in me?

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Pages: 1

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