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Hard Day

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This was a letter I wrote to my soon to be wife when we were first dating.

You sit on the bed and stare at me with those beautiful eyes. I lean in and you lift your chin waiting for my lips. I pick up the towel lying on the bed; you look at me in wonder. I lean back into you and tell you ?Patience Love? ever so softly in your ear allowing my lips to gently brush your lobe. I walk to the bathroom with the towel and you hear the sound of water running. A few minutes go by and I come out smiling standing by the door. You walk over to me and I take your hand as you walk into the bathroom. The bathroom is dimly lit with two candles and there is a chair sitting beside the tub. I look over too see you taking off your earrings your hair flows to your shoulders like a dark silky waterfall. Your eyes glimmer in the candle light. I walk behind you and start unbuttoning your shirt rubbing my lips on your exposed neck. You reach up to with your hand and touch my face as a gesture to kiss you. I move my head to the other side of yours and tell you again ?Patience? as I gently slide your shirt off your arms softly rubbing my fingers down your arm as the shirt leaves your skin. With one hand on your stomach and the other loosening your pants I rub my lips on the back of your shoulders. My lips then trail down your back as I slide your pants down the beautiful legs I have before me. You step out of them one leg at a time and I kiss the back of your knees pulling the straps of your panties over your hips and down to the floor. I drag my fingers up your legs as I stand making sure to bring them close to your inner thighs. I reach around front and undo your bra sliding it of your arms and placing it behind me on the counter. I once again take your hand and help you into the tub. The water is warm and relaxing. Bubbles surround you like fluffy white clouds. You look over at the chair then to me. ?I said I am your Servant tonight.? I take a wash cloth from the side of the tub soak it in the warm water massaging your muscles in deep circles. Moving it up to your shoulders the waters trickles down in between your breasts. It finds its way all around your chest and down your stomach. The cloth runs along your legs and back up again making sure you inner thighs are clean. Satisfied with the rapid pace of your breathing I then take you by the hand giving it a soft kiss as I help you out of the tub. I wrap the white towel around your gorgeous body. Leading you by the hand I take you to the room the soft music gives the atmosphere a proper mood. Standing by the edge of the bed my arm wraps around your waist pulling you into me. I take off the towel so that I may see every inch of your awaiting body. Putting my hand on the side of your face and my lips to yours my tongue works its ways into your mouth. I can feel your chest as it moves with every heavy breath you take. Our tongues twist and move in an erotic dance of passion. I feel your fingers undoing my shirt and your hands exploring my chest as we kiss. Your lips stay pressed to mine as you slide my shirt off my back. Your fingers work at my pants and they fall to the floor as your lips find every inch of my beating chest. You caress my ass as you kiss my waist, your tongue tasting my skin with every kiss. I lift you back up and kiss your lips while leaning you slowly to your back on the bed. My lips run a trail from your neck down to your breasts. I wrap my lips around your hard nipples making circles around them with my tongue. I drag my tongue down your stomach kissing your navel. Your stomach lifts as you breathe deep from the heat building inside of you. I spread your legs with my hands so that I may taste your warm wet center as my tongue invitingly enters your flower. You arch your back and let out a moan that has been building in you and must be released. Your legs start to quiver; I can feel how close you are to release. Those beautiful legs are viced around my head as you run your fingers through my hair grabbing and pulling. With one last quiver and arch my lips are covered with your sweet nectar. You pull me up to your lips and your tongue enters my mouth with some force. I use the head of my shaft to tease and rub the lips of your warm and wet center. Finger nails dig into my skin as I drive every bit of me into your flower. You bite the side of my neck as my hips drown in a beat of desire and passion. The sounds of sweet love are heard as hunger starts to grow more and more. I pick up your thigh so it presses my stomach and opens you up a little more. You arch and moan. I drive and push. Your finger nails rake my chest as you push your waist to mine. You grab the sheets with white knuckling strength and let out one final gasp and moan. Veins look like roads on my face as I release into you. My arms shake as I place my head on your shoulder. I lay next to you looking into your beautiful eyes softly rubbing your arms as we try to breathe at a normal pace. I rub the back of my fingers across your cheeks and lips. You take my hand and kiss my fingers. ?This is how to be a servant.?

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