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Happy Birthday

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It had been along time, several years to be exact. Unless you count the nights of cyber sex, the constant emails, or the many thoughts at bedtime. My heart was pounding. I could barely breathe. I didn't know if he'd show up or not. I had tried many times to arrange a meeting, to no avail. I'd spent the better part of the evening getting ready for the possibility of what might be. I started with a cold beer and hot shower to try and ease the fluttering of my stomach. As I soaped up my breasts, I could feel his touch on my leg skimming up to my thigh. Imagining it was enough to send a jolt of desire through me. Enjoying the distraction, I spent some time playing with my nipples. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, wanting him to fill me up more and more. I contemplated letting myself go and abusing the shower massage, but it wouldn't have been as fulfilling as having him. I slipped my finger into my slit and caressed my clit. I was so wet. Not wanting to lose the anticipation, I stopped. The rest of my dressing routine hadn't done anything to lessen the desire that had been building all day. There was a knock at my door. This was it. It was either him or a stranger. If it was a stranger, I hoped he was up for the challenge. I slowly opened the door. My stomach fell through the floor. It was him. My pussy was instantly throbbing. I didn't know if I'd have the self-restraint to make small talk before I dropped down in front of him and started sucking his cock. That single thought had occupied my mind all day. To be perfectly honest, the thought had been in my mind since the last time it had been in my mouth. There wasn't much that I liked more than having a cock slide in and out of my mouth. And the thought of his getting harder and throbbing made me shiver. I could hardly stand the anticipation of his raging hardon fucking my throat til his balls tightened and he exploded in my mouth. I wondered if I could swallow his entire load. I managed to get out a couple of chatty phrases before he hauled me to him and started kissing me. Not being able to resist any longer, I pushed him up against the wall, unbuttoned his Wranglers? and pushed them down to his knees. His cock was beautiful. It was hard and huge. I wanted to taste it, tease it and suck it. I bent over and lightly ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I let out a small sigh. After some more teasing, I slid it in so it touched the back of my throat. Moving nice and slow, I reveled in the feel of his cock. I loved having him watch me suck it. I took one of his balls in my mouth and then the other. I looked up and saw that he had the most delicious smile on his face. I put my hand up under my skirt and slid my finger in my slit once again. I was dripping. All thoughts of whether I could take the mammoth dick in my pussy were evaporated when I felt the wetness. It was almost like I had just squirted. My fingers followed the trail of juices to the crack of my ass. My finger was instantly sucked into my anus and we were just getting started. The feeling was amazing, something I had never felt before. Making sure my fingers were good and wet, I brought them up to tease his ass. He let out a small moan. He kicked off his jeans and spread his legs to give me better access. I wasn't ready to let him have everything quite yet, so I continued to tease. Round and round it I went, occasionally pressing lightly on it - all the while sucking his cock. Needing to taste more of him, I picked up the pace. I put one hand around the base of his shaft and the other was teasing his ass and stroking his balls. My lips grazed my fingers as the pair worked in tandem. I was trying to take it all, but the back of my tongue on the underside of his dick was apparently more than he could stand. I felt it first in his balls as they tightened even more, and then I felt the wave of come move up the length of him. His shaft felt as though it grew another 3 inches, as he stretched. The first spurt of come nearly choked me but I was ready, willing and eager and managed to swallow it while maintaining my suction on his rigid pole. Wave after wave of come spilled into my mouth as he bucked up against my face, fucking my mouth. As the flow started to subside, I pulled on his balls and sucked the last little bit from deep inside him. An involuntary moan escaped his lips. I'd wanted to taste him for so long. I saved a bit of his come and rolled it around on my tongue. I opened my mouth a bit and let him see me swallow the last drop. Then I stood up and kissed him. Mmm. He tasted so good. By this time I was so horny, I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside me. I wanted to feel him pounding into me making me writhe and moan. We managed to make our way over to the couch. He started rubbing my thigh with his hand, torturing me with the slowness. As soon as he made his way to where I wanted him, I ground my increasingly wet pussy against his fingers, feeling the heat spread through me like wildfire. I was so close to coming. Then he pushed me on my back and started a slow descent from my neck down my body. Stopping at my breasts, he sucked and pulled on my nipples. The pain was just enough to hurt a little but make me moan at the same time. My nipples were extremely sensitive, to the point I almost came. I felt his hands tracing my inner thighs, staying just out of reach of my dripping wet bald pussy. With each suck and nibble he made, the chill bumps increased in size also. As he hand moved lower down my leg, I felt his arm pass by my clit, just brushing it slightly. It was enough to remind me that he knew where it was, but not enough to set up homestead. Damnnnnn, I screamed, fuck me with your finger please. My words went unnoticed as he seemed to ignore me.His mouth continued it?s journey down my body mixing with soft kisses and tender bites. My belly button was his next stop. It must have been the piercing that caused him to moan. He was gently tugging on my belly ring, causing me to gasp and push upward with my body. My hands were holding his head in place and our moans mixed together as only two lovers could. I could stand no more and I began to beg and plead for him to fuck me. My pleas went unheard however. He continued his torture by moving further down my body. By the time his fingers reached the back of my knees, I could feel his warm breath on my clit. EAT MY PUSSY DAMMIT, I was thinking. Just as his hand moved back up my leg, his lips reached my enlarged clit. It was so swollen, I felt as though all my blood had to drained to it. His tongue followed the course of my labia and his mouth rested on top of my clitoris. I could feel the wet spot on the bed getting larger and wetter. If he only knew what this was doing to me; or maybe he did know. It seemed his motions were slow but deliberate. Up one side and down the other. His tongue was pushing the juices toward my asshole with each stroke down and with the upstroke, he would push them back inside. Then without notice, his hands lifted my ass cheeks up and began to probe inside. This lasted for what seemed like hours before he returned to my pussy. Pausing for a moment on my clit, he wrestled it from one side to the other, then up and down. Occasionally he would tongue fuck my juicy hole, searching for my g-spot. Damn I was close. I grabbed his head to my twitching clit and held him there. His tongue was working it?s magic. Suddenly I felt a finger at my opening. Not wanting him to move it, I pushed up against it and he entered easily. As he probed my insides, I fucked his finger like it was all I was getting. Then he slid another in. His tongue was sucking and lips nibbling on my clit. Sensing that I was getting close, he eased another finger along my tight wet asshole. My head was spinning, as I was unsure what was making me close: the tongue on my clit, fingers in my cunt or the finger on my asshole. It was more than I could handle anymore as I held his face and thrust upward. Our moans mixed with screams and I thought I had drowned him as I heard him gasping for air. He pulled his finger out and I watched him suck my fluids off. I pulled him to my face and kissed his cum drenched face. With a weak but desperate plea, I said please fuck me now. His look said it all. Then he turned me over on my stomach and told me to get up on all fours. I let out a loud moan as he slid into me. I felt myself pushing against him. It had really been much too long. He kept teasing me, sliding in and out, oh so slowly. I kept trying to pick up the pace so I could feel him grinding into me, but he had his hands on my hips so all my efforts were in vain. I started playing with my clit while he moved in and out of me. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more he pulled out his cock, slick with my juices, and rubbed it onn my asshole. I let out another moan. He placed his dick back in my dripping cunt and quickened the pace. We had talked about this several times so he knew how I liked it. I get an amazing rush when I think of getting fucked hard from behind. It feels so incredible. Now he let me have it. Then suddenly he stopped and pulled out. This was killing me. I felt him get off the bed and watched him walk around to to face me. With his cock glistening from my moisture, he placed it in my mouth. I sucked like it was the first and only cock I would ever get. After removing all my juices from it and replacing the wetness with my saliva he spun me around and entered me from behind again. He was pounding away just like I needed and wanted. It took only seconds for me to come. As I screamed out in orgasm I leaned forward with my head resting in the linen. He took advantage of my weakness and continued to fuck me doggie style. His thrusting cock seemed to be going deeper and deeper. His hands were holding my hips tight and pulling me toward him with authority. With each stroke, he brought me closer and closer to another orgasm. But this time I wanted him to see me cum. I leaned forward out of his reach. He looked at me with concern as I rolled over on my back and motioned with my finger. As he crawled on top of me, we kissed like 2 teens for the first time. I reached between us and guided him into me again. I felt him hit bottom as we moaned and kissed again. I wrapped my legs around his waist and grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands. Between my legs and hands pulling him in, we got closer again. His crotch was rubbing my swollen clit and. One of his hands was under my shoulder and holding me tight as we continued to kiss and look into each other?s eyes. His other hand was spread wide holding my ass tightly. I felt a finger sliding around my asshole, lubricated from all my juices. Our moans increased in intensity and frequency. His groin continued it?s assault on my hole. I felt his body begin to change and I was nearing a record number of orgasms also. Then suddenly he slid his finger to my asshole and eased in slightly. This was enough to bring a moan from us both. The look in our eyes must have said it all. As he increased the pounding, he shoved his finger all the way in and back out. That was all it took. Our bodies tightened and began to cum and he fucked my ass with that finger. He pulled out with his cum dripping from my pussy and off his cock. I grabbed his hips and pulled them to my mouth. I sucked both our juices from his stiff dick. Looking into his eyes, I smiled and asked when we could do this again. I hope we don?t have to wait this long again. What a nice birthday gift. I?ll never complain about getting older as long I get these types of presents.

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