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This is the story of how I got my wife to start "swinging", and become a "Hot Wife", and the very first time I ever saw a man touch her in a sexual way!

I had always fantasized about "sharing my wife" with other men for sex. The thought of that, really turned me on, and I wanted very much, to some day live out that fantasy! But! How to get her to do it, was the question. I had these desires even before I met her. In fact, I tried to get my first wife to try it, but she never went for it. The failure of that marriage had to do with a lot of factors other than just her resfusal to become a "Hot Wife".

My current wife, Brandie, was a VERY sexual woman! She was sexy, blonde, had fantastic legs, big tits, and men generally found her to be very attractive! She didn't have any trouble getting attention from men and she knew it. Sex with her was the best I had EVER had! She was always willing to indulge me in the bedroom. She had a large selection of the sexiest lingerie! She willingly wore that stuff and we had fantastic sex! She didn't seem to mind that I talked dirty and she seemed to enjoy being "my slut". I wanted to tell her about my desires to "share her", but I didn't know how to approach the subject.

I eventually decided on a strategy, to ease her into the idea. Step #1, I got her to "play" a little game with me. I told her I wanted her to dress as "sleazy" as she dared, and to go out with me to bars, lounges, and restaurants. I wanted to show off, "my slut". I told her that it would be a real "kick" for me to take her out, dressed like a "slut", have guys staring at her all night, "wanting her", but knowing that at the end of the night, I would be the one she would go home with and be fucking! She agreed to be "my slut" and play the game.

So, early on in our relationship, I got her to dress VERY sexy, (sluttish, might be a better word), and go out with me to a nightclub. The more she looked like a slut, the better I liked it! I loved to "show her off" and see men's reactions as they saw how she was dressed and acted. (This was the closest that I thought I would ever get to "sharing her" with another man).

I remember one particular night when she had on a VERY short red dress that had about 2" of fringe on the bottom of it. As she moved about and the fringe moved, you could see even farther up her thighs than the already short dress covered. Under the dress, she wore a pair of fishnet pantyhose and no panties. When she sat down, leaned forward, or reached up, you could see the very tops of her thighs, or maybe from the right angle, the very bottom of her ass cheeks! My wife is not a "size 5 model type". She's a real woman with a normal body that isn't perfect. BUT! One thing about her that is perfect, (maybe it's 2 things), is her legs! She has a BEAUTIFUL, SEXY pair of legs! And this night, with those fishnet hose on and ending with a pair of "come fuck me" red pumps on her feet, any guy would do anything to get between those legs! The top of the dress was low cut and showed the ample cleavage of her 38D tits. She had her blonde hair done in a "big hair" style and just enough makeup on. She looked like a real slut! She looked like she was saying, "I'm HOT and ready to fuck!" I loved the reaction of the men that saw her that night. We went into one nightclub and as she walked through the tables and booths, headed to the bar, I followed and watched. She walked past this one guy sitting in a booth. I was only a few steps behind her, but the guy never even saw ME! As Brandie walked by, he turned and stared at her and nearly fell out of the booth as he watched her walk past, towards the bar. I actually had to stop, because he was leaning out of the booth so far, I couldn't get by! I LOVED IT! Later that night, we had GREAT sex as I fucked her and talked about all the men that night that would love to be doing to her what I was doing right then.

Another night, we were in a nightclub that has small round tables that sit up high and they have barstools at each table to sit on. Brandie was wearing a VERY short black skirt that "looked like leather". When I say short, I MEAN SHORT! She had a friend custom make it for her and standing up, it barely covered her ass and pussy. She wore no panties under it, and her pussy was clean-shaven. She wasn't wearing any stockings as it was summertime and her legs were golden brown from tanning. She wore a very sexy pair of black satin pumps that had little rhinestones on them. On her top, she wore a white blouse, unbuttoned enough to show off her tits. When she sat up on the barstool at the table, her skirt was so short that her bare ass was sitting on the stool. There wasn't enough material to pull it down under her ass! In the front, the very bottom edge of the skirt came right across the top of her legs. Her bare pussy was just INCHES up under the skirt! If you were standing in the right place in the club and were looking at her when she crossed her legs, or moved about on her stool, you could easily see the whiteness of her clean-shaven pussy under the edge of the skirt! There were 3 of us at the table, my wife, Brandie, one of her friends, and me. The table, being as small as it was, there was no way I could sit "next" to Brandie. I sat between the 2 women and so with just a first glance; it wouldn't be easy to tell which woman I was with. 3 young stud GI's in their later 20's, came in to sit at the table next to us. The guy that was going to sit on the stool to the side of their table, (the side that my wife sat on), would actually be sitting almost side-to-side with her. As he started to get up on his stool, he saw all that leg that Brandie was showing. He reached out and with the tip of his index finger he touched my wife's thigh, VERY high up on her leg. Quickly, he pulled it back, making a hissing sound as if he had burned his finger.

Then he shook his hand, as if his finger was really burned and exclaimed, “HOT!" Everyone started to laugh, except Brandie, she just sat there with her mouth-hung open, in shock that this guy had spontaneously done this! Her shocked look made it even that much more funny and laughable! Well, she was absolutely speechless and never said anything to the guy. I LOVED it! This guy obviously liked what he saw of my wife's legs, (which was damn near EVERY inch of them!), and he had actually touched her!

Another night, we went to a pool hall type bar. They had several pool tables in the back of the bar. My wife was wearing a VERY short, black mini-skirt, sexy black pumps and no stockings or panties. As she shot pool, the very bottoms of her ass cheeks would "peek" out from under the tail of her skirt and this didn't go unnoticed by the men at the other tables! If she had to bend over and take a shot in a place where her back was towards the other tables, ALL of them would stop and watch as she took her shot! As the night wore on, eventually there was only one pair of men on another table and us, still there, playing pool. They asked if we wanted to play "pairs" and we said, "Sure."

The two guys always seemed to get behind my wife whenever she had to bend over to take a shot. I enjoyed watching them, checking her out, and she knew what was going on too. My wife teased them, and gave me a "show", by bending a little more than she actually needed sometimes!

The black mini-skirt she was wearing had a zipper up the back of the skirt that zipped "upward", from the hemline, up to about the mid-point between the hem and the waist of the skirt. It was there so that a woman could unzip it and give her skirt a "split" in the back as high up as she dared. One time while she was bent over in front of me, taking a shot, (I was sitting in a chair right behind her), I reached over and unzipped the zipper about halway up. Brandie didn't notice, or she pretended not to notice, I don't know which. Now, with that "split" in the back of her skirt, every time my wife bent over to take a shot, it was plain to see that she didn't have any panties on and you could plainly see her bare ass! The two guys we were shooting pool with, saw this, and they became less "coy" about it, and now when Brandie had to bend over to take a shot, they just got behind her and even sat down in a chair to get a better look whenever they could!

At one point my wife went to the bathroom and while she was gone, the guys told me how HOT they thought my wife was and that she had a VERY nice pair of legs and fantastic ass! I thanked them, but told them to tell her, when she came back. They semed surprised by the suggestion, but I assured them it would be OK. When Brandie came back from the bathroom, the zipper in the back of the skirt was now unzipped as high as it would go, and even standing straight up, you could she my wife's bare ass in the split of the skirt! When she bent over to take a shot, you could plainly see her pussy lips peeking out between her legs!!! (When we talked about this later, Brandie claimed she didn't know the skirt was unzipped and that it must have "accidentally" come unzipped the rest of the way while she was pulling her skirt up and down to use the toilet.)

I watched the two guys as they got some VERY good looks of my wife's ass and pussy peeking out, and it REALLY turned me on to know that I was sitting here watching "other men" look at my wife's bare ass and pussy! I wanted them to get "bold enough" to make some "indecent proposal" to my wife, but they never got up the courage to do anything more than just look. I wanted to know what my wife would do, IF, they had made some sort of "suggestion"!

We played a couple more games of pool then left and went home, where I fucked my wife to a couple of terrific orgasms, while I talked about how much I would have liked to have watched her fucking and sucking those two guys in the back seat of the car out in the parking lot behind the bar!

This was the kind of fun that fed my sexual fantasies. I fantasized about the guys who where bold enough to "hit on my wife", even though they saw she was with me. I fantasized that Brandie would let me show them her pussy. Or that, she would let them reach under her skirt for a quick feel of her pussy while they stood close to her or danced with her. In the case of the guy who "burned" his finger, I fantasized that when he shook his finger and exclaimed, "HOT!" that she had spread her legs and told him, "If you want to touch something HOT, you were about 2 inches too low!" I told her about these fantasies and we always had incredible sex afterwards or sometimes while I talked about them!

So, Step #1 was accomplished! I got my wife use to my sexual desire of "sharing her" by dressing her like a "slut" and showing her off to other men, then having GREAT sex while I talked dirty to her about what all those "other men" wanted to do to her!

My wife was a "normal", middle-aged woman, whose body wasn't "perfect" anymore. She carried a little extra weight, and her big tits hung a little lower than they did when she was younger. BUT! I still thought she was VERY sexy and other men certainly found her to be attractive, but, I had to convince her that "normal" looking women were "swinging". She had the idea that she wouldn't "fit in" with other swingers, that they must all be "pretty people".

So, Step #2, was to "show" my wife that she would "fit in"! I had gotten Brandie to look at some of the swinger's magazines that I had purchased at the local adult bookstore and brought home. I never responded to any of the ads, I just liked to read them, look at the pictures and fantasize that my wife would do the things that these women were doing. I would rather look at the pictures in these magazines, of "real women", than to look at the "professional models" in other men's magazines. Brandie began to realize that "swingers" weren't all a bunch of "beautiful people". They were ordinary people of all shapes, sizes, and types, who LOVED sex, just as much as she/we did! (I think this was one of the main "keys" to getting Brandie, or any woman, to swing. You have to show them that lots of "ordinary" people, tall, short, fat, skinny, young, old, beautiful and ugly, NONE with "perfect" bodies, are having FUN, having sex!) So, she began to think that maybe my "swinging ideas" weren't so "crazy" after all! Our conversations about sexual "play" became more 2-way, instead of just “me” spelling out my fantasies. We even began to talk about going to a swinger's club in Nashville, TN, about 45 minutes from where we live in TN. Finally, one day, Brandie made my dreams come true when she agreed to go to the club!

Step #3, was to get my wife to go to a "swingers club", and meet some real swingers and see what the "lifestyle" was about, with NO PRESSURE to try anything, just check it out! We got all the info about the club that we could get. Then we decided that we would go check it out, with NO expectations of anything happening! Brandie has always been VERY jealous about other women, and me. Early in our marriage, I could send her into a rage just by looking at a woman in a short skirt! I had never been to a swing club before, but I had some idea of what to expect from reading about them in magazines and seeing pictures from parties in swing clubs. I figured that I would get one, and ONLY one chance, to go to a swing club! I figured that once my wife saw other women walking around dressed in all sorts of sexy clothes, lingerie, or naked, that she would haul my ass out of there so fast my feet wouldn't touch the floor on the way out!

The first night that we went, Brandie wore a short black skirt, skimpy panties, black pumps, very high quality, shear black thigh highs, and a button up blouse that she could unbutton more "if" she got "brave"! Nervous as hell, but ready to "check it out" we went into the club. The VERY first thing we saw, was a totally naked woman, wearing only a fishnet swimsuit cover, (that was so see through she might as well not had it on), and a pair of shoes!

I thought, “Oh boy! My ass ain't even gonna get a chance to hit a chair!" But! My wife surprised me when she pointed the woman out, (she didn't need to, I saw the woman as soon as she had), and just said she was surprised that women would dress that way "in public". I reminded her that this was a swing club! It isn't exactly "public". Women dress like that here, on purpose, to “show off”! We went in, found a seat, and started to people watch.

The women were dressed, as I knew they would be, in everything from street clothes, to naked, and everything in between! It was a voyeur's paradise! I loved seeing all the women dressed so sexy and acting so "loose"! The place was full of "sluts"! These women were all horny and ready to fuck! This was unlike any nightclub we had ever been to before. Unlike a "normal club", men didn't mind if other men came up and asked their wife to dance. It was "normal" here, to see a man dancing with a woman and pull her skirt up to rub her bare ass. There was what I call "sexual grab ass" going on all over the place. Men playing with tits, fingering pussies, sucking tits, etc. and whatever the men were doing to women, women were doing to each other as well! This place just "oozed" with sex! The club atmosphere was so sexual that there was no way you could party here without getting horny!

Brandie surprised me by allowing me to stay and see all these women! But, the place, and the fact that there were women of all types in here, fascinated her! She realized that she could "fit right in" here! Before the night was over, I had gotten her to take her skirt off so that she was only wearing her blouse and panties. Also, she let me finger fuck her right there at the table where other people could watch! When we had gone out before, she had let me occasionally get a quick "feel" under her skirt when she knew nobody was watching. But here, she was letting me actually finger fuck her as people watched! I was so excited and my cock so damn hard I thought I would pass out from lack of blood flow to my brain!

At one point, late in the evening, I was finger fucking my wife at our table. She had one foot up on the edge of the table and the other leg spread way out around me. She was leaned way back in her chair and she was really spread out! Her head was back, her eyes closed, and she was moaning and enjoying the finger fucking I was giving her. Several men crowded around and respectfully watched in silence as I brought my wife to a tremendous orgasm! She tensed up, did a kind of “crunch” move, rising her torso up and squeezing her abdomen. She clamped her thighs tight onto my hand and she came hard with juices oozing all over my hand, her panties, the tops of her stockings, and her chair. You could actually SMELL her juices in the immediate area around our table! As my wife came down off the high of her orgasm, she opened her eyes to find this small group of men standing around her watching and she was a bit embarrassed. But, the men all gave her an ovation, clapping their hands and telling her how much they enjoyed the “show”!

We met a few people that night, briefly spoke to some, and some men asked Brandie to dance. But, she didn't dance and we didn't have any "contact" with anyone else that first night. When we left the club, at about 2AM, we were both very excited about the experience and BOTH of us were horny as two teenagers with over active hormones! We wanted some more "steamy sex", the kinkier, the better! I suggested we go to a nearby adult bookstore and see some movies. My wife shocked me when she readily agreed!

(We were about to experience Step #4, which was to actually get my wife involved sexually, with another man. But, I didn't KNOW that!)

Brandie had put all her clothes back on before we left the club but as we entered the adult bookstore at 2AM, she was looking every bit the "slut", in her short black skirt, blouse opened to below her tits, sexy shear black stockings, and sexy black pumps. We purchased several dollars worth of tokens for the movie booths and then went searching in the dark for one that had a "glory hole". I figured we would have sex in the booth while someone watched us from the other booth. I had NO IDEA that there would be much more than that!

As we entered our booth, a man whom we didn't see, immediately entered the other booth. I dropped some tokens in the slot to get the movie going on the screen. Then Brandie and I embraced and began to make out and "paw each other" all over! I pulled her skirt up over her ass and was rubbing her pussy through her panties. We took a break long enough to see if we had an audience from the other booth. Sure enough, we could see that the guy was watching us, and he had his cock in his hand, stroking it. We started to make out again and I got my wife's panties off her. Then I stepped a bit to the side and finger fucked her pussy so that the other guy could see what I was doing. Brandie was HOTTER than Hell itself! Her cunt was so wet! Juices were running all over the inside of her thighs and even onto her stockings! Then our "friend" from the other booth, stepped up to the "glory hole" and put his hard cock through the hole. It was pretty large, not really long, but straight and fat. My wife was fascinated!

I told her, “He wants you to touch it. Go ahead and stroke him."

She looked at me like she thought I was nuts, then she reached out and wrapping her hand around his fat cock, she began to stroke him. This was the first time I had EVER seen my wife, touching another man in a sexual way! Here she was, standing in a video booth in an adult bookstore, at 2AM, naked from the waist down, and with another man's cock in her hand! What a total “slut”! I couldn't believe it! My cock was harder than concrete, and I don't know how I kept from blowing my load right then and there in my pants!

For the next several minutes she stroked his cock and I could see that she had gotten over her bashfulness about it and began to really enjoy playing with it. At one point, she stepped up to the hole and rubbed the head of his dick on her pussy! By this time, I had my own cock out of my pants and was CAREFULLY stroking mine! The other guy pulled his cock back from the hole and reached through with his hand and touched my wife's pussy! Another first! And I loved it! She stood close to the hole so that he could easily finger her soaking wet cunt! As he worked his fingers in and out of her hot snatch, I could hear the squishing sounds and her low moans of pleasure. I wanted some attention, so I got her to turn around, bend over with her ass to the hole and suck my cock. While she was in that position, he fingered her cunt and continued to stroke his cock. Brandie gives the absolute BEST fucking blowjob I have EVER had in my life! As excited as I was I knew it wouldn't take her long to make me cum.

Not wanting to cum yet, I was about to make her stop, when she suddenly bolted upright and said, “I think he just came on my ass!"

She turned around, and sure enough, I could see globs of cum running down her ass and the backs of her legs. I confirmed what she had thought, and then I kind of saw in her eyes a look that said, “Alright! Enough fuckin' around now! It's my turn to get off!"

So, she stepped up close to the hole again and stood a bit facing me. I had sat down on a chair that was in the booth and the other guy reached through the hole and began to again, finger fuck my wife. Brandie put her left foot up on the chair next to me, and grabbed both of my shoulders with her hands to steady herself. Then she stood there, with her pussy just inches from my face, I watched this unknown man sliding his fingers in and out of my “slut” wife's hot, juicy cunt! Once in a while I would look up at her face and I loved the looks of sheer sexual pleasure that were on her face! I could see the stranger's hand and wrist becoming soaked with my wife's juices and I could hear the squishing sounds and her moans. The smell of her HOT, wet, cunt filled the air! I knew she was close to an orgasm, so I stood up and embraced her, kissed her hard on the mouth, and she took my cock in her hand.

Then holding her, I whispered in her ear, “He's gonna make ya cum, isn't he?" She moaned that yes he was.

Then I told her, “Go ahead, let that cunt feel good you "slut"! Let him make you cum!"

That was all it took! She moaned louder now, I'm sure that everyone else in the theater could hear her over the moans coming from the various video screens, and her body stiffened and shuddered as the wave of her orgasm swept over her! Juices ran out of her cunt, all over her thighs, and down onto her stocking tops. When she was done, our "friend" withdrew his hand.

I told her, “Now it's my turn! Suck me off like the good "slut" you are!"

With a grin she bent over and both of us knew this wasn't going to take long! She took my cock into her mouth, gave it a half dozen sucks and I pulled it out. She stroked me as I shot my load of cum all over the video screen!

Now that we were all done, she wanted to wipe herself off a bit but I didn't have anything to use. (I have since learned that like a Boy Scout, I will always be prepared and whenever we go out, I make sure I have a few paper towels in my pocket.). I picked her panties up from the floor of the booth. There wasn't much material to them, but I wiped the cum off her ass and the backs of her legs, then threw them down in the corner of the booth. I figured they would become a souvenir for the next pervert who came into that booth.

She pulled her skirt down over her bare ass, and with her crotch and inner thighs still soaking wet from her own cum, we walked out of the booth. There were several men standing around whom, had obviously enjoyed the events by sound and imagination!

As we went out into the bookstore, a short 50ish man came up to me, holding his hand up, he said to me, “She got me wet clean to my elbow!" I laughed and told him I was glad he had fun, because we had a BLAST! Brandie was a bit embarrassed and so she didn't say a thing!

On our way home in the car, (it's about 45 minutes), we talked about the whole night; the club, the people, and the events in the bookstore. I told her I couldn't believe that she had actually stroked another man's cock in front of me and let him finger fuck her to an orgasm! She asked me if I was jealous or mad.

I said, “Hell NO! I loved the whole damn thing! I was just surprised that you actually did it." Then she said, "Well, it was a lot of fun!"

Right then and there, I knew that my wife had become what they call a "HOT Wife" and that many more FUN things were yet to happen!

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