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Now.. lets see, I'm just shy of 31years of age.. been a FireFighter for 11 years.. there are only 2 girls in our Fire Department out of 56 people.. so you can imagine how tough it is being around all these really hot guys.... but even harder to see them with their sexy wives...sooo here is something that might give you an idea as to what my day might be like when we aren't out working a structure fire or car accident.

There was someone new at work.. new to the shift.. he was younger .... We were out doing the usually safety checks.. somehow I got teamed up with this probie.. go figure.. Well we got to talking about all kinds of different things. you know how it is when you first meet someone.. We talked a lot about things that I wouldn't normally talk about.. Told him that his wife was HOT,, we had all got to meet her when she dropped off lunch for him earlier.. .. so we talked about her.. and her likes and dislikes.. then things got a little steamy.. <especially when i blurted out i was bi > then we got into how I would like to sit her on top of the table.. and lick her till she came, maybe have her for a 5 course meal of her. I don't think it phased him. He seemed to be really turned on at the thought.. I was secretly hoping HIS wife was bi also..

I told him how I like having someone higher then me, like up on a table.. with her feet on my shoulders.. that way i have room to look.. and touch.. and lick. and let my fingers play.. then the conversation got VERY hot.. I could barely concentrate.. thank god he was driving the truck.

At the last inspection of the day... it was 4:30.. and the place closed at 4:30.. we stuck around till everyone left.. we needed to test the alarms.. .. we had went down to the basement.. I was resetting the secondary panel, I turned around and he was standing right there, the next thing I know.. he's got me pinned against the wall.. kissing me, I damn near passed out.. I pushed him away.. I asked him are you SURE you wanna do this?? no going back.. I think he gave me his answer when he pulled a condom out of his back pocket <blushing> I guess that he had thought of everything before hand.. maybe he had it all planned.

We started looking around for some place to lean against.. there was an old table there and some old file cabinets.. so we agreed on the table.. he sat me up on there.. and we played.. kissed for a while.. then his hands starting moving over me.. over my neck.. and back, then finally up to my breast .. he was driving me nuts.. I was talking to him about what would make him more hot.. watching me with his wife.. or watching me with his cock in my mouth, he grins... then said, lets find out.. soo.. I hopped off the table.. got down on my knees.. undid his pants.. and looked him straight in the eye when I took him in my mouth <giggling> he just about came right then and there.. Especially when I took him all the way.. let him slide right down my throat.. I love that feeling.. a nice hard cock in the back of my throat, letting it slide back and forth. I was watching the look on his face.. he could barely breath.

I stopped.. he opened his eyes.. and he said ¡ now THAT was HOT¡.. even more hotter then the thoughts of me and his wife tangled up sooo he pulled me up.. starting kissing me wicked hard.. ran his fingers into the back of my hair.. pulled my head back and started kissing my neck.. with his other hand.. he started to undo my shirt.. I had reached down to undo my pants.. I was in a hurry I guess.. and he pushed my hands away.. he leaned down and put his face close to mine.. I thought he was going to kiss me.. but he pulled away.. he was in control I almost came right then and there.

Finally after teasing me.. he undid my pants.. and pushed them down.. all the way to my knees.. sat me back onto the table.. on top of my jacket.. pushed me back.. and raised my legs up straight.. my pants and boots were still on.. so it was like my ankles were tied... I was getting soaking wet.. I could feel it drizzling down my crack.. he finally put my feet against his chest.. making my knees come a little bit apart.. he took a while, playing as he went.. but he finally got his cock into me.. I was just about ready to scream... he had been playing with my button with his finger for a while.. Saying all along that wanted me even more wet.

Well once he got his cock all the way inside.. He straighten back out my legs.. put them to one side of his head.. grabbed my butt and pulled it up hard against him.. I thought he was going to go through my throat he was so deep inside.

Well to say the least.. it took around 2.4 seconds for him to make me come.. he just kept going when I came again and again, he didn't let the wave stop.. he kept going till I had tears streaming down my face from pleasure and release.. then he kept asking me if I was ready for him to come.. I was just about begging him to come.. Then right before he came.. he got SOOO freaking hard.. thought he was going to break me in two.. we both were such a mess after that.. I was like jello.. he just pulled me back up to sitting on the table and kissed me till I cooled back down..

I wanted him again so quick.. I knew he had just came.. but he was still hard.. So I took off the condom.. licked my hand.. and wrapped it around his cock.. After I got him going again.. it was my turn to put him on the table.. I then bent over and took him in my mouth. I could taste both of us together.. it was awesome. He laid on back.. and propped up on one elbow to watch me.. I kept looking up to see his face. =o)... he tasted so good. it didn't take long.. maybe 10 min's max.. but he got realllly close and told me to stop.. but I couldn't.. I wanted him sooo bad.. he grabbed my hair and pulled me back.. he jumped up off the table so fast....then he sat me back up on the table.. I think he was the fastest person in the east to throw that condom on.. and the next thing I knew he was balls deep inside again.

We both came SOOOO hard. I swear we knocked a few tiles off the ceiling with our screaming. He could barely stand up when we finished.. I could barely breath.. I just laid there on the table.. Blinking.. I couldn't believe it..

But I guess it was real.. I could barely stand up or think straight.. thank goodness the radio had been quiet.. and everyone had already left the building.. I think we would have been arrested..

And to think that people say that work and sex don't mix <winking> I'll take that bet ANYDAY.

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