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Gym rat

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As I?m heading to a semi-formal function, my swing ?friend? calls and says he needs to see me. Just for a few moments, he promises - just to say ?hi? and see my smiling face so I agree to meet him at the gym.

Mmmmm?. I love to see his sexy eyes and well, I must admit, I?d SO love to find a way to bury his cock in my sweet wet pussy. It?s always wet when I think of him and how well he fits inside me. He has talents unlike anyone I?ve ever known and every meeting with him brings me to levels of ecstasy that I couldn?t previously even comprehend.

He?s always seen me in my jeans, t-shirts or dressed semi-casual for work so to see me climb out of my car in a short dress, heels and hair done with evening makeup, I see a look of surprise and intrigue I haven?t seen from him before.

Hmmm? I?m taking note of that because I like the way his eyes gleam in playful excitement and desire. I may have to ?dress? for him a little more often - just to impress him. And goodness, he hasn?t even seen the matching black lace bra and g-string that are under the ?little black dress? with the black stiletto heels and the black diamond encrusted combs that pull my hair up so my curls can bounce playfully as I strut across the parking lot to his truck.

I?ve never climbed up in his big truck and it was a little of a challenge in this outfit ? it certainly means my dress is creeping up to show more leg than I had been trying to show but he?s appreciative of the view.

He looks for a more ?private? parking space in the back of the building between two bigger trucks? the back facing the building and with no neighbor beside our gym, the darkness will hide us pretty well (so we thought anyway).

Not more than a second after he parks and I settle comfortably into the passenger seat, he reaches over to kiss me passionately and tell me how ravishing I am tonight. This thrills me to no end because I SO love to please him! I know that when he?s pleased, he wants to please me and he does - every time.

He takes this same moment to softly touch the hem of my dress and push it up a little higher to see the lacy tops of my thigh-high stockings. An incredibly sexy moan escapes his throat and his voice, husky with desire tells me he really likes them with my black heels.

?If you like these, just wait until you see the rest of the outfit,? I tease as I pull the dress up just a smidge more to reveal a bit of the lace on the g-string.

He turns me around to admire the backside of the g-string and runs his fingers around and under the front lace panel to feel my sweet, wet pussy. Thinking about him on my way home from the spa this afternoon, I?d sent several erotic texts, begging him to meet me and take me? so I was already excited and SO ready to feel him buried deep inside me.

The center console in his truck is massive and freedom of movement is to restrictive so he suggests we check out the back seat? and we get out to climb in the back doors instead. Again the climb up into the truck hikes my dress up but I don?t attempt to pull it back down and I can feel the cool night air on my ass.

The lights go off as we shut the doors and the darkness surrounds us. Almost as dark as a blindfold on my eyes, I just concentrate on his breathe on my skin, how he smells and the touch of his hands on my body.

Finally I can?t stand it anymore and I reach to feel his thick hard cock in his sweat pants as he massages my clit thru my g-string. My hand finds him with a drop of pre-cum on the tip of his head and I just cannot resist running my tongue down to capture it then take him deeper in my mouth.

Not having much experience in oral sex, giving or receiving, I am nervous about how to please him but he seems not to mind the things I?m doing. It sounds as if he?s enjoying it so I continue until I hear his breathe quicken and his cock suddenly gets even harder, thicker and his balls contract up until suddenly I feel his hot juices hit the back of my tongue. Not prepared for that, I let the juices flow back onto his cock as I stroke the shaft to milk very last drop from him.

I realize that I haven?t climaxed but this was just SUPPOSED to be a ?hello? - a kiss good night and I was to head off to the affair I was originally supposed to be attending in this sassy little black dress so I am thrilled I was able to make him feel good and I start to straighten my clothes and look for my lip gloss in my little clutch.

But he pulls my hand back down to his cock and much to my surprise, it?s still thick and hard. He asks if I want him to give it to me and I reply in an almost animalistic ?ooooooh yes? yes please!? as he leans me back in my seat.

He places my left leg on the back of the seat and lifts my right leg to place my foot on his shoulder as he slides to press his cock inside me. Oh gosh, he?s so thick and so hard but I can?t understand how he did that. He did come! I felt it hit my tongue! I tasted it and I saw it on his belly and his cock.

?How did you do that? You came for me but you?re still hard???

?Yes baby? I can come two or three times before I go soft. Is that ok?? he asks.

?OK?!? That?s more than ok! It?s amazing and I want to see you do it for me!? I breathlessly exclaim as he thrusts yet deeper inside me again and again.

He knows just the right angle and the pressure to make my climax build. We?ve been together enough times that he knows I can?t really come unless I?m on top so he rolls me up to straddle his lap.

?Come for me baby? I want to hear your screams of satisfaction and feel your pussy clench my cock so tight and warm? come for me now baby!? he says as he grasps my hips and pushes me back and forth, helping me to grind my clit against him.

?Oh yes! Oh yes! Baby I?m cumming? I?m cumming! Ooooooh you?re so amazing? I?m cumming!?

And I hear him say, ?I?m going to cum with you baby? don?t stop! don?t stop grinding that pussy onto my cock? let me have it all baby!? as my wave of orgasm washes over us both.

Spent but so very satiated, we just cling to each other for a few moments before he?s kissing me ever so gently. ?Thank you? thank you baby. Your pussy is so sweet - so warm - so tight! I just love when you cum for me baby!?

Mmmmmm?. I could stay like this for hours but I glance at the dash to see my event is starting in half an hour. I?m 15 minutes away and I will need a few moments to find a seat, get a drink and mingle with my fellow professionals before the ceremony begin so I force myself to straighten my dress, make a last check of my makeup and hair. I don?t want to leave his arms but I have a team of business partners waiting for me there and explaining my absence would be pretty difficult.

?Well, it?s like this? my lover called and I couldn?t resist going to the gym to fuck him in his big truck?? ?. Unfortunately I?m not thinking that will go over well with my peers.

All the way to the Convention Center, parking my car and walking across the lobby to my waiting co-workers, I think of the ?cum? he deposited in my pussy just minutes before and it makes my throb with re-newed vigor and excitement.?

As we enjoy our dinner and a couple of drinks afterwards, the smile never leaves my face and a friend asks me what the glow is about. She's a sweet "vanilla" girl who'd never do the things I so thoroughly enjoy.

There's no way I could tell her I just has the most incredible, hot and steamy sex in the backseat of my lover?s truck - in the parking lot of our gym. Oh but what a juicy story to recall over and over in the hours, weeks and months to come!

In fact, the very next morning, as I speak to the receptionist at the gym, I notice the camera monitors on her screen and nonchalantly ask her about them. I never noticed them before and I wasn't aware that they were there. It turns out that the cameras cover virtually every inch of the property - and yes, that includes the back parking lot too. So somewhere, there is a ?sex tape? of us when we thought no one was looking.

The thought of us being watched actually makes it an even hotter adventure if you ask me. Working up a sweat at the gym carries a whole new meaning to me too!

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