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Golfing with Another Mans Wife

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My wife and I were going on 5 years of marriage. Sex was still good and we were still in the honeymoon stage. All the couples we knew had kids by this time and it was rare for us to go out with them without kids. We began to look for other couples to hang out with. Before I go any farther I want to say that we had never discussed swinging before. The dirtiest my wife got during sex was saying fuck her harder or something like that. We did joke and pick on each other when we would catch ourselves looking at someone else. My wife was in her mid 20?s and I was in my early 30?s at this time. My wife and I had dated while she was in college but I had finished college before we ever met. I did my fair share of sexual activities while in college but my wife had not. She told me she had only been with 1 guy before me. I never gave her a reason to lie to me so I assume she was honest. Anyways we decided to look for some other couples to hang out with that didn?t have kids like us. We looked for younger couples my wife?s age but couldn?t click with any of them. I worked with all older guys and my friends all had kids so nothing there. My wife worked in a big chain department store. She took an assistant managers job out of college and in only 1 year had become store manager. I would often go eat supper with her as I worked a 9 to 5 job and she had those crazy retail hours often ending late at night. As I walked in the store to meet her one night I saw Becky. I had met her briefly once before but only said hello. She was turned looking away from me on the 3rd rung of a small step ladder. She was reaching to place something on a shelf. She had a knee length black skirt on that had a slit about 5 inches up the back. She had black pantyhose on and about 3 inch heels with a white blouse on top. It was a conservative outfit but the way she was stretching her skirt had rose a little and with the help of the split I could see all of her inner thigh. I couldn?t take my eyes off her. Just as I was walking by she lost her balance a little and began to tilt back. I reacted and put my hand up to brace her. That was all fine except one hand ended up in the small of her back and the other ended up square on her right ass cheek. She was also a curvy woman so it took some force to stop her so I got in a good feel. I asked if she was all right as I helped her stand back up on the ladder. At that point I gave her a quick glance from head to toe and got a good look at her tits which were just about eye level and only a few inches away. She quickly climbed down and thanked me and we chatted briefly until my wife Em walked up. She had seen what happened from a distance and asked if Becky was ok. She said she was thanks to me. So we left to get something to eat and I asked Em if Becky was married. Em said yes and she had met her husband Dave several times. She said he comes in a lot to see Becky. I asked her why she never suggested we go out with Becky and Dave and she said because she thought they were too old. Becky and Dave were both in their early 40?s. She said their two kids were already out of the house and that Dave was a golf nut like me. It sounded like a good fit but Em didn?t want to complicate her work environment. We decided to talk about it later. As I walked Em back into her store Becky came walking up. I couldn?t help but look at her tits. They were much larger than Em?s and kind of swayed right to left as she walked. She came up to us and began thanking me again. I said it was no problem and she suggested we go out for drinks after work. I looked at Em and said fine with me and she agreed so it was set. To help speed things up over the next year we all went out almost every weekend. It worked good with the girls talking about work and us guys talking about golf, football, cars, women, or whatever. They were a very active couple. They rode motorcycles, they both golfed and many other things. I had a bad motorcycle wreck when I was in highschool and was pretty sure I would never ride one again. I had also attempted to teach Em how to play golf but she didn?t have the patience for it. So we didn?t do everything together like they did. Dave and I also began to play in golf tournaments together. This is where all our lives began to change. Dave and I played golf at least once a week and we always talked like all guys do. Our wives were always a common point and somehow seemed to always work into our conversations. We often discussed sexual stuff as guys do but never anything intimate about our mates. I talked about how I had played a lot in college and how Em was pretty conservative. Dave told me that he had strayed a couple of times with random women on business trips and he was pretty sure Becky had strayed a couple times herself. He said they never questioned each other or dug to deep into what the other was doing and it worked for them. I always knew Dave was a flirt. You could see it with the girl in the refreshment cart, waitresses, and even my wife sometimes. Em enjoyed it and often flirted back. I didn?t care. Becky and I often flirted too with little brushes against each other or light touches of some kind or maybe even a suggestive glance. It was all harmless and we all seemed to enjoy it. Anyways Dave and I had signed up and paid our money for a golf tourney coming up. About 3 weeks before the tourney Dave said he hurt his knee. It was just a sprain but the doctor told him to take it easy for a month. Dave suggested since we had already paid that Becky take his place. Becky is an ok golfer but she would get to hit from the ladies tees which would be a big advantage on some holes so I agreed. We all went out the night before the tourney. Dave looked fine and even told Becky that he thought he could play. Becky told him the doctor said no and besides she was looking forward to playing with me in the tourney. He said fine with a little bit of a child?s pout. Em spoke up and said it wasn?t fair that her and Dave were going to have to set at home while we were out golfing and having fun. Then Dave spoke up and said he wasn?t going to set at home. He said he was going to take his Harley out. Can I come, my wife said. I was shocked that she said that. Dave had taken her for a quick ride once before and she told me how she liked it but thought it was too dangerous. Fine, I said. I?ll drop Em off when I come to pick Becky up. Sounds good Dave said with a big smile on his face. I knew why that smile was there too. He was going to have my hot young wife?s arms around him all day. The next morning Em was up before me and in her closet going through outfits like a typical woman. She had settled on dark blue jeans and a sweater. I told her she couldn?t wear that on a Harley. So I went in and grabbed her tightest pair of jeans with some holes ripped in them, a black spaghetti strap, and her fuck me boots with the 4 inch spiked heels. I told her to grab her leather coat and lets go. I told her several times how hot she looked. She even asked me what I was up to having her dress that way for another man. I told her I just wanted her to fit in and look like she belonged on a Harley. As we arrived Dave almost fell over when we pulled up. He was polishing on the bike and admiring Em?s body. It was great. She is about 5?9? with great legs, great ass, and long dark hair. Her tits are small but looked good and perky in that spaghetti strap that even showed a little of her black bra. You look fucking hot he said to Em. You can thank Brad (me) she said. He said I needed to look like a biker chick. It was time to go so I asked where Becky was and Dave said she?s inside. I walked through the carport door and into the kitchen. As I walked around the kitchen wall I ran straight into Becky. She had a short golf skirt on and a white lacy bra and nothing else. When we ran into each other I instinctively grabbed her around the waist. I was mesmerized by her huge tits. I held her for a few seconds just apologizing and staring at them. Wow I said and finally released her. I was rock hard almost right away. She noticed my bulge and said it was nice but I better put it away. She quickly got dressed and off we went leaving Dave and Em getting ready to leave as well. We did not play that great. I couldn?t get her tits off my mind and watching them bounce all day didn?t help much. We were having a good time though and were joking a lot. I told her it was hard to swing with a raging hard on. She would laugh and say whatever. She said an old woman like her could never get a guy like me excited. I told her she had on several occasions. Really she asked. Yes I said especially that day she fell off the ladder. Yea you did grab my ass pretty good that day she said. I didn?t think you noticed I said. How could I not notice? You gave it a good feel, she said. I didn?t know when I?d get another chance, I said. Anytime you want big boy, she said in an almost challenging tone. Oh ok well that?s good to know. We arrived at the next tee and all was quickly forgotten. We continued to play with each other throughout the day. There was a lot of touching while riding in the cart and the occasional brisk grind while choosing clubs. As we finished the round we headed to the bar to get a drink and wait for the other groups to finish. We knew we didn?t win but wanted to see how we did. Neither one of us was ready to go home either. There was a sexual tension that hadn?t been there before. We sat at our small table in the corner and joked about the round and things that were said. We laughed and gave sexual looks at each other. I wish we could have played better, I said. I should have jerked off in the woods or something and got my head straight I said. She laughed and said she could have blown me on the way over and we would have set a new club record. To this day I don?t know where it came from but I blame the alcohol for what I said next. I had never come close to cheating on my wife but for some reason the days circumstances had changed that. I don?t know about the club record but you can still blow me in the car, I blurted out. She looked at me and then turned away. It was quiet for a few moments and finally she turned to me and said she was ready to leave. She looked very serious and almost upset. We walked to the car with no words spoken. I had already put the bags in the car so we got in and began to drive off. I didn?t know what to say. I thought I had really stepped over the line. We had just left the club when she unbuckled her seat belt. I looked at her just as she leaned in and kissed me. It was a light kiss as I returned my focus to the road. She placed her hand on my growing crotch and began to rub it. What are you doing I asked. What we both want she said. But we are both married I said as my cock continued to grow. I was protesting but I wanted this so bad. You want me to stop, she asked. I didn?t say anything . It was all I could do to stay on the road. She began to unzip my pants and soon had my cock out. Nice, she said as she lightly stroked it. She then lowered her head onto my cock and began the greatest blow job I had ever had. It was amazing. After only a few moments I whipped in behind a closed gas station. It was on a busy road but no one could see us so I felt we were safe. I quickly unbuckled and pushed her back up in her seat. What is wrong she asked. I want to see your tits. Unbutton your shirt. She undid the buttons and the greatest tits I had ever seen popped out. She had worn the white lacy bra instead of a sports bra. I dove over the console and was on top of her. I pushed her into the seat as I reclined it back as far as it would go. I don?t want a blow job, I said. I want to fuck you. I have since that day on the ladder. So have I she said. Fuck me now Brad. With that I grabbed her soaking panties and ripped them off. I positioned the tip of my cock at her pussy and drove it in. I wasn?t wasting any time. I buried all 8 inches on the first plunge. She screamed yes! Every thrust was as hard as I could go in that tight position. The entire car was shaking and rocking. I grabbed the top of the seat behind her so that I could pull myself into her even harder. She screamed over and over again. Most of it was a mumbled mix of yes, fuck yea, oh damn, and others I couldn?t make out. Cum in me baby, she said. You first I demanded. I am baby, I am she replied. Cum in me now! That was all I could take. I grabbed her tits hard and launched my first load of cum deep into her. I continued to pound her as I was cuming. I collapsed on top of her. My legs were on fire from the position we were in. I have never been fucked like that before she said. Me neither. I?ve never came that hard, I said. We cleaned up a little with some napkins and drove on home. To our surprise Dave and Em weren?t back yet. We washed up real quick and not long after we sat down in the living room Dave and Em returned. Em had this funny look on her face. She looked like she had shoplifted or hit a car and was waiting to get caught. She seemed kind of nervous but happy at the same time. Dave wasn?t saying much either. This was unusual for him. We briefly discussed our days obviously leaving parts out, said our goodbyes, and we headed home. It would be a few weeks before all the events of that day would come out. I will have to leave that for a later time. Thanks for reading.

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