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I'm the coach of a girls' soccer team. And you're my star goalie. You just helped the team to victory by blocking a shot that would have sent the game into overtime. But you sprained your finger.

I take you to the trainer's room. As the rest of the team shower and change I work on your finger, icing it and making sure it's not broken or swelling too much. Each of your teammates on her way out comes by to give you a big hug and a pat on the ass and the occasional kiss. By the time we're finished everyone else is gone, it's just the two of us.

Now how are you going to shower and change with a sprained finger? Obviously you will require the assistance of your caring coach.

I sit you in a chair and remove your cleats, shin pads, and sweat socks. I massage your feet; they really need it after the game you played today. I wish I could massage each of my players' feet after a great game. Just a little higher are your calves, firm and well muscled from their time on the field.

Next, I walk around behind you to your other end where I remove the scrunchie from your beautiful golden hair letting it fall about your shoulders. A little scalp and ear massage ensues. God, to have the time to give each player the attention she needs and deserves. (And desires?)

Next your jersey, you raise your arms above your head and I lift your jersey off. Careful of that finger! Likewise, I lift your sports bra off over your head. I guess some more massaging is in order here. First your shoulders, I feel you relax under my strong hands. You were so tense just a moment ago, now your eyes are closed. You start to moan with pleasure as I knead the stiff muscles of your shoulders, neck, and upper back.

As I come around in front of you to help you off with your shorts I see your lovely breasts full on for the first time, your nipples are now big and hard, flushed, yearning for the touch of my fingers, lips, teeth, and tongue. You are so beautiful as you start to blush virginally under my gaze. You bite your lip and gaze back, needing to hear my approval, my adoration of your incredible lithe young body; so feminine yet so strong, god-like, and powerful. And I worship you.

But my duties as your coach come first. Kneeling before you I ask you to stand and I put my hands inside the waistband of your shorts and lower them to the floor, the air is filled with the over-powering aroma of your sweat, your womanliness, your sex, your desire. Your lucky game panties are damp from your exertion on the field and your expectations of the pleasure that is yet to come, the word "GOAL!" in big gold letters mimics my thoughts. I wonder how much trouble I'd be in if the school board knew I'd bought them for each girl on my team. I nuzzle my nose into the moist cotton to more deeply inhale your scent and you grasp my head and shudder lightly in response.

My hands massage the backs of your thighs from your knees up, up inside your panties to your wonderful ass, firm and tight, perfectly rounded from sport. I lower your panties to your ankles and you step out of them and your shorts. The panties go in my pocket, forever to be treasured. You now stand before me gloriously naked, as I have imagined you hundreds of times, and yet so much more beautiful, more vital, more sensual than I have ever imagined. Your golden curls of pubic hair are close-cropped and delicate, accentuating the gentle curves that lead down from your flat athlete's belly to your tender pussy.

With my hands on your ass I draw you to me. I lick a line up your belly from the top of your pubic hair up to your belly button, which I kiss. I kiss your entire belly, savoring its smoothness, relishing the taste of your sweat. You pull my head up and we kiss, our lips meeting softly, warmly, tenderly. Your lips are still those of a girl, not yet a woman. The sensation is new to me, erotic and wonderful. Our tongues meet hesitantly at first, but quickly they entwine and dance their dance of joy, bringing our souls together as no other dance can.

We break our kiss and I lower my head to your breasts. You arch your back and press your tender flesh to my mouth. Soft, warm, heavenly, your breasts are perfect in their shape and consistency. Your nipples stand hard and erect as I nibble at them, nipping, licking, kissing, tasting. I want to take them completely into me so that I may be improved. I press my head to your bosom and hold you to me, shedding a tear of joy that you have chosen to bless me so. You smile down at me and stroke my head to assure me that indeed I am worthy of this honor.

I lower my head to your pussy, kissing my way across your belly once again. I inhale your womanly scent wafting up from your fully aroused pussy, intoxicating. I nuzzle my nose into your pubic hair and briefly brush against your clit. You shudder and pull my head deeper into your pussy demanding that I give you what you want. Now! I sit you back in the chair, your pussy on the edge and your legs dr*ped over my shoulders to give me total access and yet trap me in place, as if I would ever want to leave this temple of pleasure you have opened for me alone.

I nuzzle my nose up and down the slick folds of your beautiful pussy, still inhaling your aroma. Finally I begin to use my tongue as well, dipping it into your hole and licking up to your super-sensitive clit, then back down to your hole. I brush your labia quickly with my tongue then grasp them with my lips and pull gently, flicking them rapidly with my tongue. Then I lick up to your clit once again and grasp it with my lips, sucking hard while also caressing it with my tongue. I return to your hole, delving in as far as I can, but I just can't go as far as I'd like. I lick up your labia to your clit again and insert a finger into your pussy, it slides in easily and your pussy grips it forcefully. As I continue to suck hard on your clit and explore your pussy with my finger you finally reach your orgasm, shouting, squealing, rocking the chair, your legs straighten and your hands pull me more firmly against your vulva. I drink the nectar of your pussy, a divine gift from the one I worship. I continue to lick you clean, bringing you back to here and now. When you finally release my head from its delightful prison I sit back and enjoy the look of pure joy on your face. You are radiant, blinding, and so beautiful.

As you continue to let your breathing subside I undress before you, revealing my cock, fully erect, drooling for a taste of you. I approach you and you take my cock and balls in your hands, feeling them, exploring, caressing, you worship them as I worship you. You lower your mouth to its tip and place a gentle kiss there, then lick sensuously all around the whole tip and along the slit before taking the head between your pouting lips. Once the head is inside your mouth you continue to encircle it with your tongue. Your hands stroke along my cock and a little more of my length sinks into your mouth. Maintaining sexy eye-contact with me you slowly draw your mouth back off my cock then quickly take it back in and I explode, releasing my load of steamy seed onto your tongue and you swallow it. Your lips close tight around my cock as you draw back to keep it all in. Then you place another kiss on the head.

Hand-in-hand we walk to the showers. I turn on two heads in the back corner close together. The room begins to fill with steam as I caress your body beneath the torrent. We are soon covered in hot water, slippery, we come together for an embrace and the sensation is fantastic, your breasts with their hard nipples slide erotically across my chest. We kiss. We caress. We fondle. We melt together into one.

My cock is soon erect again and makes its presence known between our bodies. The only way to accommodate it is to lift you onto it so I grab your ass firmly in my hands and lift you up until you clear it then lower you down and I slide easily into the depths of your pussy. You whimper at the intrusion, but begin to moan as I start to slide you up and down my pole. You wrap your legs around my back and your arms around my neck. I build a rhythm and soon I am shooting my seed deep inside your pussy, my pulsing sends you over the brink of your own orgasm. You jerk and wriggle around holding onto my shoulders to keep from falling. As you recover you release my shoulders and lean backward. Supporting you, I lean forward to suck your nipples once again.

Finally I lower you back to your feet on the tile floor and lather up your hair with shampoo. The suds slither down your shoulders and follows the curves of your body down your back, across your ass, and to the floor. After rinsing the shampoo from your hair I lather you up with body wash, starting logically with your shoulders, again working my hands into the muscles. Next I move to your breasts, being sure I cleanse every square inch thoroughly before moving along to your back. Followed of course by your wondrous ass, I scrub it firmly; delving into your crack to be sure I am thorough. Your coos of pleasure encourage me to insert a finger into your tight little asshole to be really thorough in my task. Your breath catches and you clasp onto me, but as I work my finger in and out you begin to moan and your body slackens. Now I have to continue washing you one-handed, but I'm sure I can do it. The next part is your belly with its smooth silky skin. I pay special attention to your navel. Then I travel just a little farther down.

I begin to work the suds into your pussy, being sure that every part is well cleansed. I use a circular motion to expose each surface as I move my hand up toward your clit, once there you begin to thrash wildly as my efforts both on your clit and in your ass rocket you toward yet another incredible orgasm.

With your legs made of Jell-O you slump to the tile floor. I sit beside you and soap up your legs, working down your thighs, past your adorable knees, over your calves, to your fabulous feet. I stroke each as I scrub, pulling, squeezing, manipulating. Once your feet are rinsed under the spray of the shower I begin to suck your toes, paying homage once again to your beauty and perfection.

You reach out and begin to stroke my cock, it responds instantly to your bidding, once again ready to do as you wish. You sit up and push me down on my back; you take my cock in your delicate mouth once again, stroking my balls. Once satisfied that I'm at full staff you move up and slide your beautiful pussy along my length, licking your lips teasingly as you pinch your nipples. Your pussy engulfs my cock... slowly... devilishly... wonderfully. Once you are fully impaled on me you grind your hips in circles, as you continue to pinch your nipples and drive me wild with your eyes. I replace your hands with mine and rejoice again in the feel of your tender breasts, your hard nipples, your smooth skin. You lean forward and kiss me, your tongue seeking mine once again. It is the kiss to end all kisses. Let the universe collapse, perfection has been achieved; the meaning of life is in your kiss. I move my hands to your ass and again I thrill in its shape and texture. I insert two fingers and you moan my name as your mouth goes slack. You begin slowly pumping your hips up and down, sending waves of pleasure through our joined bodies. You are lost in your own world of extreme pleasure until you hear a moan as if it is yours echoed back from afar.

You look up and there is another girl, a gymnast who has just finished practicing, watching you ride my hard cock, her hands busy inside the crotch of her leotard, her hard nipples pressing against the tight material. You sit up and caress your breasts and lick your lips while looking deep into her eyes, never missing a beat of your rhythm. With one hand you begin to rub your clit and with the other you signal for her to join in. She undresses quickly, yet teasingly. Her pussy is shaved so that hair won't be visible through her leotard, and the tight material accentuates every curve of her womanhood. She comes over and squats on my face. Who am I to complain? I begin eating her; the musky aroma of her sex is mingled with the scent of gymnastic chalk. Holding hands, the two of you lean toward each other and join in a passionate kiss. Hands quickly separate and seek out breasts. Another orgasm is quickly upon you as you cling to her and shudder.

After you come down you switch places with her, mounting my tongue as she slides down on my cock. I lick you clean, exploring your now familiar folds. She bends backward, arching her back, allowing you a great view of her pussy swallowing my cock. With her in this position I am incapable of thrusting and agony ensues, my cock demanding relief, but no relief is in sight. You lean forward and begin licking my cock and her pussy, the only movement my cock feels is that of your tongue on it's way to and from her clit. As she starts to come she wriggles around on my captive cock. The movement provided is barely enough to urge my balls to send their load gushing into her hot pussy. You continue to lick her through her orgasm, getting a taste of the come seeping around my cock.

After my erection subsides enough, my cock is finally released from captivity and you return my favor by licking it clean. You proceed to lick her clean as well, then hand-in-hand you go back to the shower to rinse each other off, kissing and fondling each other all the while. I sit and watch the wonderfully erotic sight before me and wonder how I can be so lucky. Soon I join you in the shower, lathering up her hair while you wash the rest of her, lingering on her breasts, ass, and pussy.

After we're all cleaned up again, she gives you one last soulful kiss before drying off and going to her locker to get dressed and go home. Meanwhile, we dry each other off and I lead you back to the trainer's room. There, I lift you onto the massage table and get out the bottle of massage oil I keep there just for such occasions. I begin on your shoulders, kneading your supple flesh. I work my way slowly down to your fine fine ass, so firm and round and perfect, I bite it gently, savoring its smooth texture. Your ass is truly one worthy of a god. I continue down your thighs, with their long strong muscles. Your lovely calves once again receive my attention, stroke after stroke; I delight in my contact with your skin. On once again to your feet because even your smallest of toes must be worshipped properly.

Now is my time of dilemma, should I massage your arms while I can continue to gaze at your ass? Or should I ask you to flip over so I can see your wonderful breasts and pussy while I massage your arms? In the end I choose the former, going right after your arms and continuing to marvel at your finely sculpted backside.

Finally I ask you to flip over, and you smile up at me with sincere appreciation as you do so. You are the most beautiful sight in all creation, as Eve before you, but so much more radiant. Once again I can gaze at the lovely mounds of your breasts, topped by the jewels of your nipples. Your belly, so taut and flat, calls to me as would a mountain meadow and I lean over and kiss it and worship your belly button. Giggling, you implore me to continue.

Returning to your head, I begin with the flesh just above your breasts. I bend over and kiss your lips as I continue downward to your breasts, coming at them from the sides; I cup them in my hands. They are magnificent; firm, smooth, perfectly shaped to my hands. I pinch your nipples and you coo gently. I linger at your breasts, ensuring that they are properly treated. Then down to your belly, and further, to your thighs. As if by magic your thighs spread apart and I am granted entry to your most private valley. A golden triangle of pubic hair points the way and I follow dumbly, wanting only to give you pleasure, for only from your pleasure can I find happiness.

My hand cups your vulva and presses gently, rocking and rolling, as you sigh sweetly. I kiss you and you put your arm around my neck and pull me closer. A finger slips into your cleft to brush along your clit and labia. Your mouth goes slack and your arm loses its strength. I nip gently at your nipples, then swirl my tongue teasingly around each in turn. You start to writhe, humping my hand, begging for release. With two fingers inside your pussy and my thumb on your clit you go berserk; neither of us is in control of your body. You begin to verbalize your unspeakable pleasure and your juices flow down to your ass. At last your orgasm breaks over you as you shout the obvious to the world, "I'm coming!"

You fall into a satisfied doze as I do my best to lick you clean once more. When you come back to Earth I'm dressed and I have your clothes ready, your sweaty uniform and shin guards are packed in your duffle bag. I help you get dressed; sadly covering your body from my sight yet relishing the honor you have paid me.

We embrace one last glorious time; I shed a tear of happiness that I have pleased you, my heart welling with love. You place a gentle, virginal kiss on my lips and depart. There will be another game next Saturday and there is a fresh pair of lucky game panties in your duffle bag, just waiting to shout, "GOAL!"

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