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Giving my first party

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He moved through the house as if in a daze. What a night this had been, and it wasnt even finished yet. He had no idea what the time was. Time had no meaning for him. All around him there were the signs of people like himself, people free to express themselves sexually in whatever way they were most comfortable with. Never before had he felt such a wave of euphoria and bliss. Beautiful men and women surrounded him. As he moved through the rooms, the people would sometimes stop to admire him. Some would offer a word of greeting, still others gave words of appreciation. A few looked at him with unadulterated lust in their eyes, communicating without words their attraction for him. Everyone received a smile, a kind word, more often than not a lustful kiss to express his thanks for their attention. The world began to speed up, as if the spinning motor of time was set too high. Everything became a blur, and he sank into the arms of abandonment, giving himself over to the moment.

Later, as the last guest was leaving, he dutifully bade each guest good night. It had been a greater success than he had hoped for. Many people had endulged, and some had ventured beyond their limits to try new things. After the guests were gone, he tried briefly to clean up some of the food items left as an offering to the refrigerator god. When he was satisfied that what was left could wait until tomorrow, he moved through the house and turned off the lights, locking the doors. He took the time to do the things that people do before climbing into bed. However, this particular night he had no intention of falling right to sleep. You see, he knew that a beautiful woman lay in the bed in the master bedroom.

She was a creature of sublime perfection. Her long auburn hair was a perfect frame for the beauty of her face. Her full lips were red, her eyes dark and mysterious. She was curvy in a way that drove men mad with lust just to look at her. And she was fully aware of the affect her looks and manner had on a man. He moved into the room, looking at her there on the bed. He pulled the covers down the bed, leaving just the clean cotton sheet as a cover against the cool air. She was beautiful, full figured and so full of sexual desire. He slowly slid into the bed next to her, wrapping his arms around/behind her shoulders and across her breasts, cradeling her in his warm embrace. She sighed a small sigh of relaxing, enjoying this brief time they had together. He had thought that they would simply hold onto one another, two people in need of human touch, giving to the other what they themselves so desparately needed.

He felt her hand on his, guiding him toward what she wanted. He gave himself over to the night, giving of himself yet again, gladly and without hesitation. He slowly breathed and kised and licked his way down across her belly, taking the time to tickle her belly button. Slowly, achingly slowly he lifted her legs and placed the tip of his tongue where she most wanted it. As his warm breath caressed her nether regions, she communicated what she liked, giving encouragement or words of warning when needed. She ran her hands through his hair, pulling ever harder and harder, slowly building toward a wave that threatened to wash them both away.

No areas were unknown to his touch, every soft stroke and brush of his tongue bringing her closer and closer to the peak. As the wave grew, she began to thrust upward, pulling his hair and driving his face ever deeper into herself. He began to lightly bite her at the focus of her desire, driving her ever onward toward release. His fingers drove into her over and over, reaching up to the place where her need was greatest. Finally, with a yell and a cry, she began to climax. He attempted to continue his actions, and succeeded briefly. She was able to slow her breathing somewhat, and he continued, lightly touching and nibbling at her. She quickly reached the peak again, yelling and crying out her need for release.

Finally, as the sun was beginning to peak over the horizon to the East, she begged him to stop and lay next to her again. They both knew that each was too tired for more than a passing comment toward his own need. He smiled, knowing that the pleasure he gave to her would sustain him for many days to come. He would call up this treasure of memory, and think of it when the time came to release his own pent up desires. As they lay there, softly talking and whispering, they both drifted off, sleeping at last, happy if only for a brief moment in time, together. The end.


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