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Girlfriends Sister

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Girlfriend's Sister

I didn't want to go to the wedding with my girlfriend and her parents, and the four hour drive made it even worse. At least we got our own motel room, with her parents staying next door. The wedding was in a very small town, but the hotel was nice. My girlfriend was in the wedding, so we went a couple of days early so she (Jana)

could help with the wedding plans and rehearsal. Her cousin was the one getting married, and I got dragged along by Jana because she didn't want me to stay at home by myself.

She knew I'd just go out with my buddies and have fun.

We checked into our room and I plopped down on one of the beds to take a nap. A four hour car ride with Jana's parents would exhaust anyone! Jana got ready to go meet with her cousin, and I dozed off. She asked if I wanted to join her, and I didn't do a very good job of hiding my feelings.

She just said "fine" and stormed out of the room.

I turned on the TV, glad to be left alone. I stripped down to my boxers and fell back asleep with the noise of the TV in the background.

I was awakened by a knock on the door. I jumped out of bed quickly, because I thought maybe Jana had left her key in the room and was returning to get it. I didn't have time to put on any clothes, and I was surprised to see Jana's little sister (Casey) standing at the door. We didn't think Casey was even coming to the wedding, let alone arriving two days early. She looked my up and down, checking out my boxers. "Can I stay with you and Jana? I can't bear to be with my parents for two days!" My first thought was one of disappointment, as I had planned to have sex with Jana multiple times throughout our weekend out of town.

But then the thought of maybe catching a glimpse of Casey in some state of undress excited me. "Sure", I replied "you can stay with us".

Jana was a petite girl, 5' 2" with great legs and a cute but, but she had no breasts to speak of. Casey, on the other hand, was a 5'9" blonde with long legs and a great set of tits. Casey had just turned 19, and had the reputation as quite a party girl. I had often fantasized about Casey while I fucked her older sister, and having her stay in our room only fueled my intense desire to see her naked. I knew I would have to be careful, because Jana was very observant and very jealous.

Casey got into the shower, and I could hear her humming to herself above the sound of the water. It was all I could do to keep from opening the door and peeking at her body, but I didn't want to get caught and ruin the entire weekend.

These thoughts were interrupted by another knock on the door. I opened the door and it was their bitchy mother. She asked if I wanted to join them at the local pub (I'm sure there was only one bar in this one-horse town). You should have seen the look on her face when Casey walked out of the bathroom! "Hi mom" she said with absolutely no emotion. Her mom quickly got over her surprise and repeated her offer to go down to the local bar for some beers. "OK" Casey replied, "I'll get ready and we'll meet you down there in 20 minutes".

I got dressed and Casey got herself ready to go, and we jumped into her Camaro for the three block drive down to the bar.

It was just starting to snow, and you could tell it was going to be one of those all-night storms on this cold December evening in Iowa. We parked out front and made our way to the bar. Casey was wearing a sweater and a really nice pair of jeans, the kind that showed her great ass and made her long legs look even longer. I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the bar, as it was really big. There was a large room in the front, where there was a large bar, some tables, and a couple of pool tables. They also had a smaller back room, with a small dance floor and a few tables and booths. Her parents waved to us from the back room, and we joined them at their booth.

The beer flowed all night. We drank pitcher after pitcher.

Her mom was getting really drunk, and her dad (who didn?t drink at all) was getting ready to drag her out of the bar and take her back to the hotel. Casey was getting pretty tipsy, as was I, and she asked if I would dance with her. I don?t normally dance that much, but the beer and the way she looked got me up out of my seat and on the dance floor.

I saw the looks from the local men, who all stared at Casey and wished they were me. We danced several fast songs, and then headed back to the booth to quench our thirst with more beer. We were both pretty sweaty, and it only made Casey look even hotter. Her mother was getting loud, and her dad started the weekly argument over how much was enough. After a loud and embarrassing fight, he finally left the bar with her mother in tow.

Casey wanted to dance some more, so we headed back to the floor as a set of slow songs began to play. I was pretty buzzed, so I pulled her close as we began to sway with the music. I don?t know if it was the smell of her hair, or the tight grip I had on her awesome body, but I began to feel my cock swell in my jeans. Maybe wearing boxers wasn?t such a great idea, dancing so close to my girlfriend?s little sister. Casey didn?t seem to mind, in fact she pulled me even closer and seemed to be rubbing her crotch against my leg. She put her face into my neck, and I could feel her breathing on me. There was no hiding my erection now, and I was too drunk to care.

We held each other close and were grinding into each other for several songs, until the DJ switched to a fast song.

I could feel her disappointment with the change in tempo, and we walked back to the booth. I had completely forgotten about Jana, until my cell phone vibrated on the table. She was calling to tell me she was going to stay with her cousin tonight, and that I was on my own for the night. I told her I was drinking with Casey, and she talked to Casey for a couple of minutes before hanging up.

I knew I wanted to see Casey naked, and maybe I would get the chance with Jana not coming back to the room. We ordered another pitcher, but only drank about half a glass before deciding we should leave for the hotel. Once again the locals watched us walk out of the bar as we left. I?m sure they wondered what I did to land this hot chick, I just laughed thinking about it. We were quickly snapped out of our buzz when we walked out into the cold weather. Her car was covered with about a foot of snow, and it must have dropped below zero while we were getting wasted in the bar. We jumped into the Camaro to get it started, and I asked Casey if she had an ice scr*per. ?Fuck no? she said, ?just let it defrost for a while and we can make it back to the hotel?. I wasn?t going to argue, so we sat and shivered while the car warmed up. It was then that I noticed that Casey?s nipples were clearly visible through her bra and sweater. I am normally pretty reserved, but I couldn?t help pointing out that her headlights were in the high beam position. She laughed at the reference to her nipples, and came right back at me with ?Well, I think I felt a penis on my leg while we were dancing, and it seemed to be excited!? We laughed again and she noticed I was still hard through my jeans, even with the cold weather.

?Jana brags about your big cock? I was dumbfounded and didn?t know how to respond. I just smiled as she leaned over and gave my cock a playful squeeze over my jeans. I couldn?t believe my reaction. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head into my lap. I think I was doing it as a joke, but Casey didn?t waste any time in going for my zipper. I couldn?t believe how fast she had my cock out of my pants! The cold air rushing around my cock was almost as exciting as the hot mouth that suddenly warmed it. Casey took me down her throat as far as she could, then she gagged a little and came back up for air. ?Oh my god, I?ve never seen a cock I couldn?t get all the way down on? she said as she went back down to try again.

I was still shocked at what was happening, but I didn?t want her to stop. I reached under her to grab her tits, and she moaned as she bobbed her head up and down on my member.

Then, just as suddenly, she sat up and announced ?Let?s get into the back seat!? I watched her climb between the seats and plop down on the back seat, frantically taking her clothes off. I watched every move, because I didn?t want to miss seeing her body as the clothes came off. First the sweater, then the jeans, followed by the bra and thong panties.

She was naked in about 20 seconds, as I was still making my way to the back with my cock sticking out of my jeans. I don?t think I?ve ever been so excited! Her body was even better than my imagination, and that?s unbelievable in itself!

Her long legs stretched out over the seat, and her pussy was very pick and puffy, with only a wisp of blond hair above it. Her breasts didn?t sag at all, even thought then must have been a 36 C or bigger. The lust in her eyes as she grabbed and my clothing made it even better.

I didn?t think it would be possible to fuck in the back seat of a Camaro, but desire makes up for a lot of physical obstacles.

I didn?t waste any time, as I put her legs on my shoulders and prepared to sink into her. She put her hand around my cock and led it right to the opening of her wet, swollen pussy.

I knew Casey was no virgin, but I was really surprised when my cock was stopped only an inch into her. Her head flew back and she grunted loudly. ?Oh my god, you are huge!? she cried as she had her eyes wide open in wonder. I put all my weight behind me, and drove my cock a little further into her. She screamed, and I pulled back slightly. ?No!? she yelled, ?fuck me with that monster cock!? This was all I needed to hear, as I drove the rest of my cock into her incredibly tight hole.

I stopped for a moment to enjoy the vise grip around my cock, as Casey squirmed and beg me to start fucking her in earnest.

I didn?t wand to disappoint, so I began to drive into her like a piston. I looked down to see the lips of her cunt spreading to allow my entry, and then pull outward as I withdrew until only the head remained inside her. I looked like I was pulling her pussy inside out, and then drove it back home as I plunged back into her. She felt like she was on fire, even as more and more wetness made our fucking easier. Then she began to cum. She moaned and screamed so loud it hurt my ears inside the car. I looked around to make sure nobody was paying attention in the parking lot, but there was nobody around as the snow continued to fall.

I asked her if she was on the pill, as I felt that old familiar feeling start deep within my balls. She didn?t answer me, and she was still thrashing her head from side to side and biting her lip. It became too late for an answer, as I felt myself stiffen and begin to pump load after load of cum into her young pussy. I pulled out to dump some cum on her belly and tits, and to watch it spray on her pale skin. She didn?t even notice, as she was still coming down from her own orgasm.

I wanted to get her back to the hotel to do it again, so I put my clothes on and jumped behind the wheel. We had really fogged up the windows, so I wiped them with my shirt sleeve as she began to get dressed in the back seat. I drove, sliding all over the snow-covered road, back to the hotel and hurried her inside to the elevator. I kissed her neck, squeezed her breasts and told her the things I was going to do to her when we got back to the room. Imagine my surprise when we got into the room and Jana was there! She had been sleeping, and she told us about her decision to come back to the hotel to be with us instead of her cousin.

I tried to hide my disappointment, but couldn?t help smiling as I got undressed down to my boxers and joined Jana in the bed. I watched Casey undress, and her legs seemed to be a little shaky still from our earlier activities. It was obvious that Jana had been drinking also, because she was chattering on for an hour. After the lights were turned off, I snuggled up to Jana and fucked her from behind, not caring if Casey could hear. It was an interesting weekend!

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