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Getting the Groceries

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She looked like she was in her late fifties, with a time worn face that had seen its share of heartache and failure, but she always wore something that showed three inches of the freshest, sexiest cleavage I have ever seen. I would wait any amount of time in her aisle just to hand her my money and perhaps feel the touch of her fingers in return. I always smiled and she would smile back, unable to keep myself from staring at her incredible bosom, heaving over the check-out conveyor. I memorized her schedule and changed my shopping habits daily visits. She wore a wedding ring, but I didn't care, I wanted her. I wanted to feel her full, supple body, to slowly remover her blouse and memorize the bounty of her breasts. Her eyes looking directly into mine as I took her missionary style.

My obsession with her became uncontrollable. I composed a letter addressing all my feelings for her, begging her for a chance, offering her one thousand dollars in cash for one night with her. It was all the extra money that I could muster, and it took every ounce of courage to hand her the plain white envelope with note inside on another empty Friday night. She looked at me as if I were a crazy man. Please read the note inside, I whispered it, trying not to sound desperate,fawning over the trace of black lace showing from her bra.

She didn't say a word and I left, red-faced, swearing never to return to her store, not able to face her certain rejection. I went back to my apartment and, once inside, immediately drew out my hard cock and stroked to the memory of her haggard face and sweet cleavage, perhaps it was the contrast between the two that made me want her so very badly, and now I was worried that she might even call the cops, accuse me of harassment, and thinking how fucking stupid it was to give her a handwritten note. The worry withered my cock and the phone rang to scare me even further, like it was going to be some detective, already pursuing me for assault, but my caller ID showed the name Jen, her name.

My hand shook. Maybe she was going scream at me over the phone, stupid me I gave her my number in the note and my address, maybe she would even send her husband after me, Christ how could I have been so stupid?

"I'm sorry," my first words, hoping to quell her anger, praying that I could escape the wrath of her husband.

"For what?"

"The letter, I shouldn't have..."

"How old are you?"

The question surprised me, no angry rant, no threatening husband, no I'm calling the cops.

"I'm 29."

"Do you realize that I'm old enough to be your mother? Is this some sort of joke?"

"No, I'm deadly serious, I can't stop thinking about you, ever since I first came to the store."

"Shut-up and listen," she commanded, and I did, a chill running down my spine, a primeval ache twisting in my gut, an instant hardening of my cock,"Mommy wants you, mommy wants you in the worst way. You'll do exactly as mommy says!"

I couldn't speak, it was like my throat was swollen shut, my mind racing at the thought of her commands.

"Are you there? Answer me!"

"Everything mommy says, yes." I whispered I waited at the door for her, my beautiful zaftig mommy, still not believing that she would show, half fearing that it would be her husband wanting to rip me apart. When I heard the bell, I jumped and buzzed without even asking who was there. I opened the door to the hallway. As soon as I saw her hair, took in the sexy scent of her, watched as she looked up, she wearing a long grey gabardine raincoat, her black nylon clad legs stepping up and out from the coat's cover, my cock filled and hardened with bl**d, the bl**d of portent, the bl**d of promise, the bl**d brought on by her haggard, hard face and the thought of her soft large breasts just beyond my reach.

"Hello," was all I could get out.

"Show me the money!" She held her raincoat closed, she had put on too much make-up trying to hide the lines, but I didn't care, I had ten crisp hundred dollar bills in my palm, not even thinking that she could take the money and split without another word, without revealing so much as a nipple. What could I do if she took off, call the cops and tell them that I offered the check-out woman at the grocery store a thousand dollars to fuck me and she didn't deliver?

"Take it." I didn't care what happened, it all became a blur, time slowed, my heart raced.

"Now let's she what you have for mommy." She took her hand and unzipped me in the hallway and pulled out my cock. "Hmmm, mommy likes." She smiled, it was the first time I had seen her smile. If nothing else had happened, that moment alone would have been worth every penny, but she had only just begun. She drew close to me and whispered into my ear. "Are you ready to be mommy's bad little boy?"

"Yes, anything."

She pushed me back into my apartment and slapped me across the face, "Yes, mommy, say it, say yes mommy." If she wouldn't have grabbed my cock again, this time with both hands, I might have fallen to the ground.

"Yes mommy. I'll do anything you want." She kissed me. A long wet, open mouth kiss, a hungry, wanton kiss. I took her full body and felt her pressing against me and began to unbutton her raincoat to feel a leather mini-dress, and large breasts pouring out of it, thinking that she was worth ten thousand dollars, a million dollars, and that I would do anything mommy asked, anything.

Somehow we made it to my bed. She was in her leather mini dress, black thigh high nylons and open toed pumps. She pushed me down and roughly stripped off my pants.

"Mommy is going to take what she wants." She began stroking and slurping my cock, her red brown hair falling over my stomach.

"Wait, I'm going to cum."

She looked up at me, smiling, twisting my cock in her hands, "Mommy wants you to cum."

My cock was throbbing in her grasp, her smile, her eyes looking directly into my soul, and her melon ripe breasts heaving, forcing the cum through my shaft like an eruption that she quickly captured with her wet warm lips and eagerly swallowed. "Arghhhhh," I growled, like a hunted a****l pierced by an arrow, overwhelmed by her power over me.

"Now mommy is going to put on a little show." She stepped back from the edge of my bed and began to remove her leather mini, her breasts looked as fresh and firm as woman half her age, her nipples were a pale pink and hard, her stomach was dotted with freckles, her wide hips were covered by a black silk thong stretched to its limits, her vaginal mound gleaming wet beneath it. I lay there in awe of the seething sensuality that lay beneath her ordinary grocery store frock. She removed her thong, to reveal a clean shaven pussy, pert and plump. She traced the outline of her vulva and then spread her lips to finger her clitoris. She moved closer to the bed, fingering herself as she moved, swaying her full fleshy hips.

"Mommy has a special dish for her bad boy."

I lay there in a catatonic daze, my cock exposed and flaccid. She climbed up unto the bed and straddled my face, her moist pussy spread open. "You're going to eat mommy until she cums." I grunted an agreement and placed my hands on her big round ass cheeks and inhaled the scent of her pussy. "Eat me!" She commanded and slammed her open cunt into my waiting tongue. She began to grind her pussy into my mouth as if she were trying to fuck me with her bl**d engorged clit. I nibbled it, sucked it, and flicked it, encouraged by her moans.

"Lick mommy." She pulled my head up into her gaping pussy, riding my face. I don't know if it was ten minutes or twenty, I only remember her covering me, the sweet sent of cunt, the quivering of her ass in my grasp. "Get ready to take mommy's cum!" She held my head, my nose and mouth covered, I was on the edge of passing out when her entire body shivered and she shouted, "Take mommy's cum, drink it baby," and she collapsed next to me, her flesh rosy and nipples hard. She idly played with my cock as she lay next to me still breathing hard from her magnificent orgasm.

"Now you are going to fuck mommy with this cock, and not with a rubber. Mommy wants to feel your raw cock flesh inside her!" It didn't take long until my dick was hard and ready. I made a move to turn her over and fuck her missionary on the bed, but she pushed me back down and slapped me across the face.

"Mommy is going to ride you and you had better not cum until she tells you to cum, understand?"


"Yes, who?" She slapped me again.

"Yes, mommy."

She straddled me, first taking my cock and rubbing her wet clit and slit with it as I looked up at her, and slowly pushed it into her sweet velvet pussy, she leaned over my lips and fed me one breast and then the other as she moved up and down. "That's it, fuck your mommy." I couldn't believe how tightly her vagina gripped my penis, I wanted to die inside her, to remain forever in the wet silk insides of her, as she bent down to feed me a nipple or kiss me, only to twist one of my nipples or bite my lip in the end, all the while the steadily grooving up and down my shaft until she paused. "Don't move," she said.

It was an impossible command, I was wallowing in her sex, feeling her power, as I had never felt in any woman before her, aching to thrust, needing to move inside her, to feel the give of her pussy, to merge my flesh into hers, I was totally lost within her and started to pump again as I repeated, "Take your son's cock mommy, take all of it."

At first I thought she was surprised by this and was going to slap me hard again, but it was her eyes closing as she prepared to cum and I drove into her turning her over and unto her back and rammed her, my balls slapping her ass. "Fuck me mommy, fuck your bad boy. I want your cum, mommy, give it to me."

She responded with moans and her pussy became a wet sweet hole I was disappearing into. We held each other as if we were falling through the air together having jumped off the cliff of lust. She arched back and I drove down and into her, repeating,"Cum for me mommy, cum all over your bad boy's cock!" We rocked together inside the image of a mother fucking her son, wrapped by desire, fed by taboo passion, until we both shuddered and came in waves, revealing who we we really were, she crying as she came and kissing me muttering, "my baby, my sweet, sweet baby boy," and me kissing her back with the words, "mommy, mommy, mommy."

I collapsed on top of her. She continued to cry softly. I fell asleep spooning next to her thick, perfect body only to awake to an empty bed. She left the crisp bills I had given her on the nightstand and a note that said, mommy will be in touch.

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