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Getting Started

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The sexual tension between my wife and my first boss started when we were first married and was only "released" many years later. James was about 10 years our senior. He was successful, good looking, and quite the ladies man. My wife had yet to truly come into her own sexually - she's 5'8", great legs, ass and tits, and continues to turn heads 20 years into our marriage. James lived about an hour away - but worked where we lived. When we were first married he often stayed with us during the week. We would be out most every night. Me being the least of the partiers - there were many nights where I went home early while they partied. While nothing happned at that time - I learned later that Lynn was always attracted to James. There was constant mutual flirting - but nothing ever happened.

Fast forward about 8 years. Lynn was as hot as ever and had gained confidence in her looks. I no longer worked for James, and he had since married. The four of us got together for dinner - and the tension between Lynn and James was still there. During dinner James and Lynn talked about skiing. James' wife and I weren't skiers so we suggested that James and Lynn go together. Later - before the trip I told Lynn that James was hot for her, he was a dog - and he would make a move on her. She laughed - "yeah right" she said. We talked during the weeks leading up to the trip about what would happen if he made a move - I told her if he did to go for it. She was attracted to him - he to her - we were confident in our relationship.

The day arrived. Lynn rose early, showered and dressed. I threw some condoms into her bag, and she laughed saying nothing would happen. I was on edge all day.

The phone rang about 4:00 pm. She was on the way home, Well I said anxiously? Yup she said. Are you ok she said. Of course, I replied. She would fill me in when she got home.

They met at the ski mountain and as they talked - he said - you know I had a dream about us last night - BINGO - I was right. On the ski lift the groping started. He would touch her leg, brush her breasts, etc. After some time on the slopes they went to the bar and started talking. She told him I would be ok with anything that happened and he leaned in and kissed her. After a few drinks they agreed to take things to a hotel. They rode together - and he quickly had her pants unzipped and was stroking her. She leaned back and moaned. She realized she was going to have sex with the first person other than me. They arrived in the parking lot and she unzipped his jeans and started stroking his cock. The tension was electic. The door to the room was barely shut when they were in each others arms, kissing passionatelty. Lynn's clothes were off in seconds, and before she knew it she was on the bed, James going down on her savagely - 8 years of pent up desire. He was good. His tongue danced as Lynn was filled with emotion. Her finger nails bit into his back as she came once, quickly again, and finally a third time before he looked up and smiled. As she caught her breath she saw the bulge in his pants. She kissed him - all those years of desire released in a passionate kiss. She pushed him back, slowly kissing down his chest, stomach.... As she took him in her mouth she relaized how hot they were for each other. Never a fan of giving blow jobs - she went down on him like an animal. She admitted she gave him the blow job of her life. Slow, then fast. Looking up with lust every so often - she drove him wild she said. He could hold back no longer. He rose up, turned her on her back and slid himself into her - condom be damned. Lynn didn't care. He felt so good. As he drove himself into her sweat flew. Faster, harder, it was pure lust she told me. Hot sweaty, and good. Finally he pulled out in the nick of time and came all over her. 8 years of pent up desire means a huge load, she loved it on her breasts and stomach.

They showered. Hands all over each other and then retreated to the bed in towels. As Lynn looked down - she saw he was growing ready again. Her newfound love of sucking cock led her to take him into her mouth again, this job perfomed better than the first. She finished him off, and they talked. Should they do this regularly? Yes they said.

Well - that didn't work out. James and lynn have never been togetehr again. Lyn has however, enjoyed other men - some with me present and some not. She remains hotter physically and sexually than when we first met James. She turns heads in her mid 40's. We still talk of James, would she do him now? In a second she says - in a second.

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