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Getting Right To It...

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Slowly kissing you as I caress your back gently with my hands.

My hands going down your back to your sweet ass giving it a nice squeeze.

Holding you close, pressing my breast against your chest.

Kissing you and giving you light spank on your ass.

My hand is taking your hand down to my wet pussy making you rub it with me, your hand just glides over my shaved pussy.

Getting all wet and juicy I start to moan.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss.

Taking your other hand putting it on my breast, as you play with my nipples getting them all nice and hard. your tongue flickering around my nipple.


Fuck yeah that's nice baby.

My hand wandering down, I take your hard cock in my hand, I start to stroke.

Just feeling your hard cock in my hand is making my pussy throb.

Still rubbing my pussy you push your finger deep inside, you feel my pussy throb as it's giving your finger a nice tight hug.

Slowly licking and kissing as I go down your hot body, you feel my breast against your skin.

Giving you a little nibble on your hip, down your leg and up your inner thigh.

Feeling my warm tongue flickering your balls as I slowly take them deep into my mouth.

Lifting your balls and licking under them on that nice soft spot.

Looking into your eyes as I lick the backside of your shaft pushing with my tongue till I get to the head, rolling my tongue over the head in a circular motion.

Taking your cock deep into my warm wet mouth, one hand rubbing your balls, stroking your cock with my other hand as I suck.

Every time I go down I'm pushing my tongue and flicking on the back of your shaft, rolling my tongue every time I get to the head.

As I rub your balls with my other hand starting to move my head side to side as I suck that hard cock.

Rolling my head, tongue and hand all over your cock.

Taking your cock out of my mouth rubbing it all over my face as you watch me spanking it over my lips and rubbing it all over my mouth, taking you deep into my mouth again.

Moving my head side to side stroking your cock with my hand rubbing your balls with the other hand, pushing on the back of your shaft with my tongue, rolling it around the head as I come up.

I want you to fuck me, give me that hard cock, I want it deep in my pussy.

Facing one another kissing, as you caress my breast with one hand, and the other is fingering my hot warm wet pussy you hear me moan wanting more.

Oh baby!

Please give me that cock, you lay me down and rub your cock up and down my slit, you feel my nice warm pussy juices.

I want it, give it to me.

Wrapping my legs around you pushing you deep inside my wet pussy pulling you into me.

Fuck me!

Make me cum!

Ohhhhhhhh baby!!

Fuck yeah!

Fuck that pussy!

Pound it!

You pound my pussy so fucking good, making me cum squirting all over you.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah!

As I cum my pussy is pushing you out, as you bend me over my ass is high in the air and you get behind me.

You rub your cock up and down my slit, me begging you, wanting all that cock deep inside.

Slowly you put your cock in, as you fuck me you grab a lace scarf putting it over my face, you pull my head up as you fuck me from behind spanking my ass as you pound that pussy.

You ask me "You like that you slut?"

Fuck yeah!

I fuckin love it!

Pleeeeeeeeeease fuck me harder!

Pounding that pussy faster.

Our skin slapping together as I cum pushing your cock out, there's so much cum.

Now it's my turn, grabbing you pushing you down, I get on top of you rubbing that cock on my clit and slowly putting your head deep inside me, as you slide right in I moan in total ecstasy.

Sitting straight up on you, looking in your eyes as I roll my hips grinding my pussy on that cock.

Leaning down, putting my tits in your face as you flicker your tongue over my nipples.

I'm lifting my ass up more on your cock as I ride, fucking that cock hard as you nibble and suck my nipples.

I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmming!

Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!

Facing away from you riding you backward putting that cock in my pussy as it drips all over, riding that cock.

It's so fuckin good!

You watch me as I glide up and down on that cock.


I'm going to cum, I can't stop cumming.

My sweet juices dripping down your belly and thighs as I grind on you.

"Fuck your so wet" he said.

You going to cum for me baby?

"Fuck yeah I am!" he said.

Rolling on my side you straddle over one of my legs pushing your cock deep in my pussy.

Fuck that pussy!

I want to cum again, Fuckin pound that pussy!

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I'm cumming!

You push your cock deep inside, so I can't push you out you feel my pussy tightly hugging your cock.

Our body's soooo hot and sweaty, you bend me over then you push me down so I am flat on my stomach, you press your hot body against my ass sliding your cock in my pussy.

I tighten my ass as you fuck me making it feel like I'm milking that cock.

I want to feel your hard throbbing cock as you cum in my pussy, making me your cum slut.

Oh fuck yeah!

I'm going to cum!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm cummming!

Shooting your hot steaming load as it throbs deep inside of me.

Turning to me as our bodies lay there lifeless, we kiss as we snuggle close together and we fall fast asleep...

by: A`Shea R. L`Esperance

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