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From Topics Jump to: navigation, search It was not unlike a typical summer day on the coast of Long Island Sound. The sun rose on the mirror-like waters to the east and birds glided silently above in search of their morning prey. But today was not to be ordinary. After months of sexual banter, a sexy southern belle was joining me for a few days of unexplored pleasure. Arriving at the dock, I paused briefly to enjoy the salt air and the stillness of the morning before continuing on my task. Stepping onto the boat, I began the usual methodical preparation for taking a cruise. Double checking all the systems, stocking the cabinets with food staples, and paying particular attention to ensure a few select bottles of wine and liquor were carefully stowed on-board. Everything prepped, I was off to the airport to greet my bama girl. I was especially looking forward to see her choice of attire as I informed her ahead of time that no bra or panties were allowed on the cruise. Filled with nervous anticipation, I arrived at the airport just as her plane landed. By the time I parked and entered the terminal people had just started to exit security. Moments later there she was walking towards me... tall, great figure, beauty pageant smile and her outfit was definitely catching the glances of passers by ... not to mention mine.

With piercing, hazel-brown eyes, she was dr*ped in a white blouse and a white cotton skirt that split almost to her hip. It fell over her body in such a way that every peek of perfection stood out like a reflection of light on the ocean waters. Who wouldn't notice? She walked with confidence, grace, and elegance. I heard her speak and realized suddenly that I had drifted into a trance. Nearly embarrassed, I welcomed her and took her luggage. She thanked me as she leaned in and kissed me. The taste of her lips where like cherries and her southern-belle accent aroused me.

I don't know if it was because I wanted her so bad that I could taste her or if time was at a stand still, but the drive back to harbor took longer than it ever had. Unable to resist, I gradually began stroking her soft thigh that was enticingly exposed by the parted slit in her skirt while we discussed her morning travel. When we arrived, I stepped out and was walking around to let her out when I noticed her already getting out. It hit me, this was a women that took control. She wasn't going to wait on a man to do something for her... she took what she wanted. A lady, yes, but strong, ambitious, and willed.

I grabbed her bag and offered my hand as we walked down the ramp to the floating dock. It was pretty steep due to low tide. She politely accepted as she extended her soft hand. I could have sworn she was coyly stroking the palm of my hand with her finger just before we reached the bottom of the ramp where she released her grip. I told her my boat was near the end of the long dock ahead of us. Without hesitating she started walking with surprising confidence like a runway model, carefully placing one foot in front of the other so she didn't catch her heels in the spaces between the boards. I thought to myself, is she just being careful or purposely swinging her sexy hips to drive me crazy. I couldn't help but enjoy the clicking of her heels and the sway of her perfect ass as we continued out the dock. I motioned to her when we reached the boat and she stopped and turned to climb on board. Was it my imagination running wild or was her blouse unbuttoned more than it was when we were in the car? With a quick hop she eagerly stepped on-board with me following close behind. I opened the door and she stepped down into the salon. I set down her bag and stepped close behind her, my body barely pressing against her.I softly spoke in her ear pointing out where things were located, gently pulling her hair aside to allow my tongue to trace her ear. A slight mmmm escaped her lips. Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her tight against me. My cock, slowly rising to attention between her firm ass cheeks. Caressing her stomach, my hands slowly moved upward tracing her sides, coming to rest cupping her soft breasts, clearly absent of any bra. As if on command, her nipples came to attention, poking through the soft cotton fabric begging for the touch of my circling fingers. The sexual tension was electrifying.

Her breaths became slow, long, and deep as body temperatures started rising out of control. I continued to firmly caress her breast and softly kiss the length of her neck. She circled her hips in motion against the length of my shaft. I was at her mercy, as if she were willing my cock to seek her out. She reached for my hands, fingers intertwined, and they moved together down her body reaching in between her thighs. I could feel the heat radiating from beneath her. I was losing it. I tightened my grip on her and kissed her harder. I firmly placed one hand at her neck and the other slowly reaching for fire. She stepped out in front of me and turned slowly, revealing her bare breast. They were beyond perfection. She was a full B cup that rose to a firm, perky peek with perfectly symmetrical nipples. Again, I found myself staring bewilderingly. I stepped into her. She wrapped her exposed leg around mine, her arms dr*ped over my shoulders, and kissed me gently. Our tongues began a slow probing dance as I grasped her hair from behind and pulled her mouth deep into mine. Caressing her naked breast, my fingers grasped her firm swollen nipple, lightly pulling while rolling between my fingers. Her hips now rhythmically pressing against me.

Breaking from our deep wet kiss, I pulled her hair back until she was looking upward, her neck fully exposed. Her light perfume was intoxicating. I began lightly kissing down her neck, pausing to seductively nibble and bite her slender neck. I could feel her warm breath as her chest slowly raised and fell. I continued kissing, lower and lower. I released my grip on her hair as my warm mouth enveloped her breast, sucking it into my mouth and twirling my tongue around her hardened nipple. A soft moan escaped her lips as she pulled my head tight against her perfect bosom. Her body rocked in passion as my hand traced her thigh closer and closer to the center of her womanhood. Reaching their destination, my fingers traced her smoothly-shaved lips and then lightly brushed over her swollen clit. Another soft groan escaped from her open mouth as she struggled to maintain her composure. Intently, my fingers gathered her escaping wetness and moistened her protruding clit as her hips moved in rhythm to my touch. With each stroke her knees struggled to keep her standing. Pausing only for a moment,allowing her breathing to settle, my fingers quickly pierced her wetness, sliding deep inside her wanting pussy, releasing a river of her sweet juices. She screamed in pleasure as her knees buckled. I could feel her pulsating and it encouraged every movement of my hand.

I slowly knelt, kissing down her stomach, past her neatly trimmed landing strip and over her mound, then on to kiss her smooth wet lips beneath her. She thrust her hips forward for me to kiss her again and I did... again and again. I could see she wanted me in her but I wanted to savor her in every way? so I continued with my slow deliberate tease. I kissed her lips again, and then slid my tongue in to lick her hard clit. Her body moved wildly against me and it drove me mad. I slid both hands up her legs and held her firm cheeks. I pulled her into me and kissed her lips once more before unleashing my tongue into her sweet pussy. She was screaming for more. Her lips were soft against mine and my tongue explored everywhere inside her. Her juices slid down my tongue, exciting my taste buds. I wanted more. Slowly, I moved my hand around and in her pussy. I felt a river of juices escaping from her and slid my tongue in to catch it. I knew it was time. Her pussy was ripened and ready for me. I wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around my cock but I remained intent on assault until she was totally out of control.

Withdrawing my fingers from her pulsing pussy, I began to stand, pausing only to place a light kiss on her aroused nipple before continuing upward. Face to face, staring into her dreamy hazel eyes, I placed my dripping wet fingers into her mouth. She hungrily sucked off her juices and then seductively licked her lips. I could see the devil in her eyes saying more? more. In one quick motion, I swept her off her feet and into my arms. Pulling her close, I kissed her softly on the lips. The tips of our tongues danced rapidly as I turned and knelt, gently laying her on the couch. Locked in a deep kiss my hand quickly found her soft breast. Placing her hard nipple firmly between my fingers I pulled and softly stroked the sensitive tip feeling immediate groans of pleasure emanating from within our passionate kiss. After sharing the same attention with her other waiting breast, my hand continued on its? journey. Approaching her center of warmth, she parted her legs. Teasingly, I stroked the inside of each thigh, lightly brushing her swollen clit. With each pass, her legs spread wider, hips straining upward to press her swollen button against my passing hand until I finally came to rest on her pulsing slit. Breaking our kiss, my tongue traced her mouth before moving down the nape of her neck. Below, my touch quickly met a flow of escaping juices that formed a trail down the crack of her tight ass. Slowly, I began spreading her wetness up and down, first up and over her begging clit then down across her wanting entrance and continuing between her legs to gently probe the entrance of her sweet little ass before returning my attention higher. Her hips rocked with increasing urgency to my finger?s continued assault as I gradually kissed down her body. Pausing to kiss her soft mound, she grasped my head with both hands and pulled me tight against her thrusting hips. Not wasting a second, I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth, flicking it faster and faster with the tip of my tongue. Screaming in ecstasy, she begged me not to stop. Watching her become powerless against me brought out the worst in me.

Taking advantage of her already weakened body, I reached beneath the couch in a stow-away compartment and grabbed a rope. I slowly raised her arms above her head as I directed my tongue up her body. Still unaware of my intent, my hands met hers and I began to bind them together. I anchored her hands down and continued my assault back down the length of her flesh. My tongue circling and caressing every inch of her. Still helpless against her own desires, she could not escape my assault. She wanted to fight it as she thrust her body around but settled again when I reached into her warmth. A hard moan escaped her throat. I quickly guided her hips toward me and caressed her hard clit with my tongue. Once under my control again, I slowly and gently moved down her inner thigh until my hand could grab her ankles. Methodically, I parted her legs and anchored each ankle as I probed her inner thigh and back occasionally nibbling at her clit. She was mine now. I could do whatever I wanted; have her any way I wanted. I stood and glared at her out-stretched body. She was flailing and thrusting about wildly, begging me to fuck her. Seeing her like this and the sound of her sexy southern drawl begging sent a thrill over me. I wanted to fuck her but I wanted to be in control. I wanted to drive her mad.

Standing next to her I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, her eyes transfixed on my hands while still struggling to free herself. Dropping my shirt to the floor, I unzipped my shorts, freeing my engorged member. My large pulsing cock sprang free from its confine as my shorts fell to the floor. Her eyes locked onto my cock, she begged me again to fuck her. Not yet ready to concede to her pleas, I placed the swollen purple head of my spear on her lips and told her to lick. She eagerly complied as her tongue wildly attacked my cock. Grabbing her hair I slowly pushed my cock into her wanting mouth. Stopping half way, I pulled my cock out, the tip just touching her lips. She raised her head trying desperately to suck it back in. Unable to resist, I thrust my cock into her mouth. Holding her head I slowly began fucking her mouth, deeper and deeper with each stroke until my cock was completely buried? her throat filled with my hard cock. The seconds ticked away as I relished in the sight of my cock bulging in her slender neck. My hands holding her head tight against my groin, the feeling her warm mouth and throat was exquisite. As my cock pulsed she began to squirm, her hands pulling against the rope. Her breathing cut off, I could hear muffled sounds of urgency. Slowly I released my grip and withdrew. Her saliva covering her lips as she gasped for air, eyes glistening with passion as she looked up at me, I began fucking her mouth with full deep strokes. My cock filling her throat with each long thrust before withdrawing to feel her lips and tongue encircle my swollen head. I could sense myself being consumed by this woman?s unbridled lust. Feeling the pressure of desire building in my balls, I removed my cock and slowed my assault,slowly kissing down her neck, reaching her tender nipples and sucking them in my mouth. Her hips pressed against me as she begged again to have my thick cock inside her.

I desperately wanted to fuck her, to pound my cock deep inside her dripping pussy? but not quite yet. Holding myself above her, I place the head of my cock at her entrance. Ever so slowly, I teased her again and again, letting my head slightly pierce her slit only to stop and retreat. With the head of my cock covered in her juices, I ran my shaft up and down between her swollen labia making sure to stroke her begging clit with each pass. Her head thrashed from side to side, her begging to be fucked subsided into incoherent whimpers. Entering her warm pussy again, my head easily slid inside, this time a little deeper before stopping to retreat. Over and over, I switched from rubbing my hard shaft over her swollen clit and then back inside her pulsing cunt? each time entering her hot pussy a little deeper. Finally reaching the depths of her womanhood, I could not hold back any longer. Answering her increasing screams to be fucked, I drove my cock into her? harder and harder, withdrawing completely with each long stroke only to pierce her dripping hole, my balls slapping against her ass as I buried my cock inside. Lost in passion, her whole body quivered, her loud moans were broken as she screamed ?I?m cumming, oh god, I?m cummmmmming.? The sight of her bound and helpless and shaking in ecstasy quickly brought me to the brink. Pulling out, I swiftly moved up, shoving my cock into her open mouth. With only a few thrusts into her perfect mouth, my balls tightened, unleashing thick ropes of cum down her throat. Pulsing over and over, she sucked me dry of every drop. Withdrawing my spent member, cum oozed from her lips before she licked and swallowed every bit of my white cream.

As if on cue, the boat rocked gently and I could hear footsteps on-board. Her next surprise guest had arrived perfectly on time. I couldn?t wait to see her expression as she lie there helplessly tied, exposed for all who entered to see? and have her as they wanted.

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