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Gazebo with a view

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New to the area?

Being the Southern Girl I am, I'm compelled to offer the best tour of the area to my special friend so I contemplate awhile and decide he might like the view from the gazebo overlooking the river.

Not having more than a few hours, I figure we should enjoy the time we have in private and sneak a few kisses in where we could. Granted I hoped and yearned for much more but I promised myself i would honor his boundaries ... Well, maybe I would tease him a bit. (giggles)

So as we approach the "secret spot" I want to surprise him with, I look to see how many onlookers we might have and I'm happy to see none. Admittedly, it wouldn't bother me if we were seen but he is so much more conservative than I am and I don't want to overwhelm him with my desire for the world to see him bend me over and take me from behind! Somehow it feels as if it would be more "real" if someone saw us together.

I'm proud of him and more than that, I'm totally stunned that he wants ME !?!   Really? 

So I park the car, keeping an eye out for others with the same idea in mind.  Surely there are others like me. But seeing none, I take his hand and show him around the outside of the building which is a conference center lots of groups reserve to have meetings, parties and other such events..... But it boasts a beautiful view of the river below .... Which I point out to him.  He says he likes the view right here in front of him, as he looks into my eyes and wraps his arms around me.  I could melt into a puddle right there on the spot!

He don't have to say that! I'm already totally smitten but it proves to pull at my heart and make me feel a little guilty for the trap I'm leading him into. The devil in me says, "he can always say no."

I walk towards the gazebo and tell him, he has to see this. I love it here because it's screened which keeps the insects down a bit as well as offering a little privacy. Inside the gazebo is one lone picnic table. I sit on the end of the table and pull him to me so i can finally kiss him properly. We couldn't do it the parking lot of my office so it's a long awaited and much desired connection to this man I am quickly coming to love.

He smells so good. It feels so nice to be in his arms and look up into his gorgeous eyes. His eyes were what drew me to him from the start. His eyes and his smile. Those dimples just tear me up. I can't resist his charms when he looks at me but for the life of me, I can't imagine why I'd ever want to resist him. 

Wearing a tube top dress, it's easy access for him to slide his hands over my breasts and softly touch my skin but ever the gentleman, he doesn't pursue further. I want his touch so much I roll my top down revealing them to him and he obliges by bending to kiss and suck each of my nipples one at a time. I can't help but moan in pleasure at his touch. He's amazing and I want him so much.

I know I should stop but It I slide off the table and turn my back to him, pressing my ass against him. I can feel he wants me as his cock starts to grow and press back against me. Rubbing against him, I pull his hands around to cup my breasts as I bend over the table.

Being a shorter dress when I bend over he can see my legs but I want him to see the lace g-string I wore for him so I pull my dress up a bit more. I hear him moan as I grind my nearly naked bottom against him ... Let me stop. I really shouldn't do this to him but I can't help myself.

No one has ever made me feel so excited by just kissing me and stroking my ass but I'd follow him anywhere right now... Just to see him smile and to have him kiss me.

Turning around, I ask if I can unzip his pants and when he doesn't stop me, I free his thick cock and hungrily take him in my mouth. A drop of pre-cum is my reward as I lick the head and stroke the shaft. He's so incredibly thick, my fingers can't quite reach. 

I've never seen anyone so thick and the thought of how he'd feel inside me makes me quiver and pulse. I believe I would come in the first full stroke if he were to take me right here! I want him so  bad I stand and turn my ass to him again and bend over the table.

Willing him to take me, to fill me, to thrust deep inside and make me his. I could stop him now but I think my knees are too weak to even stand. I've never been this excited and the aching just tears through me.

Guiding him to feel how wet I am, how much I want him, I know its wrong but I place his cock right near my clit. I tell myself to stop but my body just begs to feel him, to have him hold me, for him to kiss me tenderly and make love to me or in this case, just fuck me right here and now!

Once the head of his cock feels how I'm nearly dripping wet, he presses a bit and I push back harder.  "Please!" I beg him, "please take me.... I want you SO bad! I can't stand it! I need you inside me!"

... What seems like an eternity passes before he finally thrusts his cock into me! I can't stand another second and I almost immediately begin to come. I knew he'd feel so amazing inside me! As I orgasm, my pussy walls clench down and squeeze him so tight, I hear him moan and i don't know if it's good or bad.. 

Then he pulls out a bit and thrusts back into me even harder.  I meet him as I push back to take him deeper and beg him to give me more, take me harder, and it's not long before I start to come again.

I know I'm wrong. I shouldn't have done that to him. I'm hoping he doesn't hate me for it because I've reached a new level of desire for him and I can't imagine not being with him again. I'd like to steal him away and hide out for a week, never leaving our room to even eat.  That's what room service is for.

As we walk back to my car, I can feel our juices coming out and it excites me even more. But now I'm scared I may have crossed a line I shouldn't have. Why couldn't I just behave a be a proper lady - letting him take the lead.  I WANT him to lead me, to take me, to tell me what HE wants but i just couldn't stop!

Dammit! I tell myself, "I hope you enjoyed that because he may never be back - and you'd deserve it!"  If it's all I ever have with him. I can say he was amazing and I'd do anything to have him back in my life. I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I'm conflicted because I'm not sorry that I wanted him so badly.

He is just too much a sweetheart to reject me. He probably felt completely cornered and all he could do was just let me have what I wanted. So, I resolve to never do that again. HE will have to take the lead IF he ever agrees to see me again!

..... Like I could ever control myself in his presence .... 

.... And then there's the time a few weeks later, when we met in the public park down beside the river. He sits to relax on a park bench and I drop to my knees in front of him, pull my jeans down and ..... Well that's a story for another day.

... he must've liked it because he came back - again and again.... 

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