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Gail Part 3, The Story of Pat

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Pat was a year or two younger than Gail and divorced as well. Pat had a live in boyfriend but she was always looking for fun. The first time I met her she hugged me and gave me a big ?friendly? kiss on the mouth. Pat picked up quickly that Gail and I were more than friends. She even came on to me a little right in front of Gail and although Gail was surprised I wondered later if that lessened Gail?s guilt about sleeping with me. I think Gail was getting to close to me for her comfort. Later Gail told me she was worried she was falling for me and where could that go for her?

Where Gail was light Pat was dark. Physically Pat was seven or so inches shorter than I and had a heavier build than Gail did. Gail was tall and willowy and Pat was more compact, not a bit overweight, just more compact. She was a dark brunette and pretty. She was even worldlier than Gail and I liked her a lot. She was much more aggressive than Gail.

One Friday night Pat showed up after Gail left looking for her or so she said anyway. She said they were supposed to go to a party together. I told her Gail had left about an hour before and she asked to come into the house and use the phone to call Gail. I let her in and she tried to call Gail. After a few calls she told me she was just too angry to continue looking for Gail. She asked me if I had any booze in the house and since it wasn?t my house I said, ?how would I know?? she grabbed my arm and said, ?come on you know. What kind of teenager are you?? she laughed.

Pat looked through Gail?s cupboards looking for a bottle but there wasn?t anything to drink in the house except a couple of beers in the refrigerator. Gail didn?t ever have much to drink in the house and she?d already gone through the only thing I?d seen there, which was a bottle of Vodka. Pat drank the beer and decided to drive to the store and buy some more.

She left and returned about two hours later after she?d apparently visited a bar or two in her quest for liquor. She wasn?t drunk but she was very happy. She came back to the house and walked right in. It was still light but it was fading fast. She turned on the radio and started dancing and asked me if I would dance with her. Actually she didn?t exactly ask she just grabbed me and started swinging me around. In those days you took ballroom dancing as a class in school. I could dance very well and later in my life taught dancing.

Gail?s son had been in bed and asleep but the music awoke him after a couple of songs. He came downstairs and I told Pat to back off a little while I put him back into bed. I did so and came back downstairs. Pat put the radio on a different more mellow station and kept dancing with me, this time slowly to the quieter music.

I loved Gail but Gail was sleeping with other men and I was just a kid with no idea of how relationships worked, and I was horny, very horny. I was grateful to have a beautiful sexy woman more than twice my age interested in me in any way. Gail never had any problem relating to me and yet having sex with others so I thought this was the way adults were. I suppose that?s why today I am not physically-sexually jealous. Gail broke me in right from the beginning to separate love and sex so I didn?t feel that I couldn?t sleep with Pat or any other woman if they wanted me and at that point in our lives Gail hadn?t said anything to me about it one way or the other.

Soon Pat was holding me tightly and I was getting pretty hard with her so close. She evidently felt that and looked up and kissed me on the mouth. I?ve never been aggressive sexually so she was totally in charge. We kept dancing until Pat broke away to get another Vodka from the bottle she?d brought back. When she returned to the living room I was sitting on the couch and she came over, put her drink down, sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the mouth.

I was still unsure of what to do next and I think Pat finally realized this. Although her lips never left mine she moved off my lap and drew me down on top of her on the couch kicking off her shoes in the process. I tasted the liquor in her mouth, her perfume in my nose and felt her urgency through our clothes as I responded to her kiss.

She grabbed my ass, pulled it into her and thrust her hips up to mine. She was wearing a dress and I put my hand under it and felt up her leg until I was between her legs. However, those were the days of the girdle to hold up stockings and they are impossible to get your hand under or to remove, especially if you are a beginner. I tried as hard as I could but at best it was distracting to the job at hand. So I switched to trying to get my hand into her top. I undid the buttons and tried to feel her breasts but I was so clumsy she finally laughed and asked if she should remove her dress for me.

I said sure but probably not here on the couch. She laughed again and pushed me gently off of her, picked up her shoes and marched upstairs with me in tow. When we got into ?my? bedroom she pulled her dress up over her head, took off her slip and lay down on the bed. I lay down next to her and tried to unfasten her bra.

As you may imagine I was unsuccessful at that as well. Pat laughed again and told me I was really a beginner and asked me if I?d ever done this before. I told her yes and she said, ?With Gail I suppose?? I acknowledged that I had and she told me she?d be sure to teach me as well as fuck me.

Pat showed me how to unfasten a bra, a trick that has been useful many time since, but had to take the girdle off herself. They were wicked hard to get around. Pat told me she?d not wear one again and just use garter belts. I could deal with the panties just fine all by myself (yes that?s sarcasm).

So by and by she was finally naked and started instructing me on how to lick pussy correctly. Unlike Gail her pubic hair was dark and there was more of it. She ?tasted? different as well. She was slower to be aroused than Gail was, who wasn?t (?) and didn?t make the noise Gail did either. I wasn?t sure if it was her, the fact she in a strange house and Gail?s little boy was home or me. Later I learned it was a little bit of each.

Pat grabbed my head as I licked her and pushed me the way she wanted me to go. I learned that her pulling me towards her meant harder and pushing me away meant softer and pulling my hair in short movements meant faster and holding my head still meant slower. She told me where her clit was and how to suck it into my mouth and hold it between my teeth while I rubbed my tongue across it in a back and forth motion. She taught me how to insert my finger into her while I licked her and how to put my finer into her butt and pinch her between my fingers and my tongue while I licked her.

I wanted to stop and put myself into her but she wouldn?t let me until she?d come herself. It took a while but she started moving faster and moaning more deeply and she came in little gasps, which was so unlike Gail who tended to envelope me. Pat pushed me away as she came, which was confusing to me until she told me she became more and more sensitive as I licked her.

After she came I wanted to stop licking her but she kept my head between her legs and started moving slowly again. She did that for a minute and then stopped and had me come up and kiss her. I tried to wipe my mouth off on the sheet but she stopped me and made me kiss her wet with her juices and in fact she kissed me and licked my face as well. She said she enjoyed tasting herself on me.

We lay together for a bit and she pushed me down beside her and threw her leg over my leg and got on top of me. She started kissing me on my face and moved down opening my shirt and kissing my hairless chest. She told me it was like making love to a woman with very small breasts. At that point in my life I didn?t know much about homosexuality between women. I knew guys sucked each other?s dicks but I was at a loss when it came to how women did it.

Soon she was removing my pants and underpants. I was so hard she could hardly move my dick away from my stomach. When she licked me I became even harder. I thought my cock was going to break. When she took me into her mouth I felt I wasn?t in my body but somewhere else. She sucked on me for several minutes but I didn?t come. Eventually she slid up my body and placed herself over my cock and inserted it into her while she remained on top of me. We didn?t move all that long before I came into her.

She remained on me and talked to me about sex and things and I asked her how women made love together. She told me how and I asked her if she?d ever done so. She said not exactly but when she was in college her roommate had eaten her out one night. It never happened again and Pat had never done it to another woman.

When she told me her roommate had preformed oral sex on her I was instantly hard again. After she finished telling me about that I started moving into her again. Pat said, ?Ah, ready so soon?? and I replied by rolling over on top of her and thrusting into her until I came. Then I rolled off and rested beside her.

We?d consumed about three hours of time and I was worried Gail might come home early, as she did more now that we were fucking, and find us. I wasn?t worried about her finding out I was worried Gail might not have sex with me when she got home if she caught us together. I liked Pat but I was more interested in Gail.

I mentioned Gail might come home early and Pat said she?d better leave. We got up, got dressed (Pat without the girdle) and went downstairs. Pat asked if she could have another drink before she left and I said sure it?s your bottle help yourself. Pat went into the kitchen, took a healthy dose of Vodka in a paper cup and went to the door. She reached up and kissed me passionately as she was getting ready to open the door. I responded to her and she pressed her body against mine. One thing lead to another and soon I was standing at Gail?s front door with my pants and underpants down around my knees pressing Pat up against the front door with her panties in my hand and her dress pushed up to her waist with my cock nailing her to the door. I was worried Gail?s son might come downstairs and equally worried Gail herself might drive up at any time but it didn?t stop me from fucking Pat either. Pat still had the cup of Vodka in her hands and managed not to spill any while we did the dance.

It took a little time for us to come but Pat didn?t yell out and we managed to get done without disturbing the boy and we finished before Gail returned. I gave Pat another good-by kiss and she left. Gail didn?t come home early that night and I was asleep when Gail did come home.

Gail come up to my room, stripped and got into bed with me. I half awoke and she started kissing me but she was tired and I was tired so we didn?t have sex that night. I awoke in the morning to no Gail in bed so I went downstairs and she was at the kitchen table reading her paper. I said hello, came around the table and gave her a kiss. She responded but not really enthusiastically. I asked her what was wrong and she reached into her dressing gown pocket, pulled out Pat?s panties from the night before and casually tossed them onto the table.

Needless to say I was a little taken aback when she asked where they?d come from. I told her Pat had been by and must have left them. That was a good thing because she already knew Pat had been here when they?d talked in the morning. Gail, of course, asked how Pat?s panties had managed to come off. I told her we?d had sex and she?d left them here accidentally, after all what could Gail say she was sleeping with at least two other guys herself.

But women being women I could tell Gail wasn?t a happy camper. I don?t think Gail minded so much that I?d sex with another woman but she said she was concerned that the other woman was her friend and was almost 20 years older than I was. I reminded Gail that Pat was 2 years younger than she was and I told Gail I loved her and loved making love to her.

I came back over to her chair and kissed her as passionately as I could muster under the circumstances. She resisted at first but soon started responding to me. I knelt down in front of her, opened her housecoat and began to kiss her breasts. Gail was concerned her son might come down and catch us. I said then why don?t we repair to her boudoir for a little fun, which we did.

Gail lay on the bed and we started right where I?d left off in the kitchen. I kissed her breasts and slid down to her crotch and, using the information I?d learned from Pat, took her clit between my teeth and licked it furiously. Gail let out a semi-muffled scream and came almost instantly. Apparently I hit her g-spot perfectly and, to be truthful, accidentally.

Gail made me stop licking her for a minute and then pushed my head back into her crotch. I did the same thing with my teeth and she came again. Of all the lovers I?ve had in the 44 years since Gail she was the easiest and fastest to climax. We did that a couple of times and then I mounted her to finish myself.

Afterwards Gail told me I must have learned something from Pat. Gail had to get up then and feed her son but I stayed at her house all day until she left for her date that Saturday night. Pat didn?t come by that night and Gail got home late.

I spent Sunday with Gail and she told me her ex-husband was going to take her son next week and that she?d stay with me Friday night and not go out. I was thrilled and couldn?t wait until the next Friday night, but that?s another story.

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