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Gail Part 2

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Continued from previous story.

Gail and I went along as if nothing had happened for a couple of weeks while I tried to entice her back into bed. It was more than sex for me; it was love and not the teenaged kind of puppy love either. I was young and naive but I really, really wanted more of what we?d started a couple of weeks ago. She refused to talk about it to me and she refused to continue our playful games when she?d return from her dates.

She?d look at me over her reading glasses in the morning while she was reading her paper and read me whatever she?d found that was interesting to her. My heart would break I was so in love with her. I?d brush against her every chance I got but to no avail. I just couldn?t get past the wall between us. I knew it was because I was young but, emotionally at least; I was old for my age.

After a while I started leaving the album downstairs in the cabinet and not taking it out to look at. It hurt too much to see the pictures. When I started doing that I noticed a change in her behavior. She started being angry with me. She?d take me to task if I hadn?t cleaned to her satisfaction or I?d eaten something from her refrigerator. After a couple of those bitch sessions she stopped asking me to baby-sit for her and instead asked my neighbor, a girl my own age, to sit instead.

That lasted until she returned home at 2AM and had been drinking a few weeks later. In 1962 a single woman returning home at 2 AM who had been drinking was absolutely thought to be a whore and no self-respecting family would let their child baby-sit under those conditions, except my mother who frankly didn?t care.

Gail had only two choices, either stop dating and partying or take me back as a baby-sitter and I for one was only too happy to start again. I?d missed her in those weeks. It turned out to be a good thing for me too. Gail hadn?t gone out in several weeks and she was ready to party with a vengeance.

I came over as before and even though relations were strained between us we did what we?d always done. I played music for her while she got ready and she left in good spirits.

Gail didn?t get in until almost 3AM the next morning and she was still in a party mood. I was asleep when she got home but she woke me up and I got dressed and went down stairs to spin some records for her. We laughed and danced until almost dawn. She was so tired and giddy that I almost had to carry her to bed.

I had to manhandle her into bed she was so out of it and I wound up falling into her bed with her. I started to get out of the bed because I didn?t want to push it but she grabbed me and held me to close to her. I could smell the whiskey, cigarette smoke, perfume and party she?d been to on her clothes and her face. She asked me not to leave. My heart racing I relaxed and went with the flow.

After about 15 minutes she shrugged off her dress almost without moving a muscle. She unhooked her bra and slid her panties off and slid under the sheet into the bed. I stood up, removed my clothes and slid in under the sheet next to her. I pressed my naked body up against hers, took her right breast in my left hand and kissed her full on the lips. She responded to my kiss and then did something that electrified me.

She put her hand around my neck and moved her hips toward me. When she did that she came into contact with my cock with her hips, which I?m sure you know was so hard I thought she?d break it if she touched it. I could feel the hairy swatch between her legs rubbing against me. She moaned, I moaned and we were off and running.

The morning sun was lightning the walls around us as I ran my hands all over her body. I touched her behind, rubbed her breasts, put my hand between her legs. She was the first adult woman I?d seen naked besides my mother and I will remember how she looked and tasted and felt that morning all my life. Still today I prefer sex in the morning rather than at night.

She rolled over on her back pulling me over onto her and I kissed her face, her breasts, her arms, her side all the while moving down her body until I reached her stomach. I pulled her legs apart and licked her pubic mound and bit her red pubic hair until my tongue went into the slit between her legs. That?s the great thing about redheads; you can see what you?re eating! To this day redheads are my woman of choice. I only had a vague idea of where a woman?s clit was so I licked everything I could reach inside and outside of her.

No matter if I knew where her clit was or not if you lick long enough and try everywhere you will hit it. I wasn?t sure I?d ever have this opportunity again so I wanted to see it all and taste it all and put my saliva everywhere on and in her body I could. On her part she grabbed my head by my hair and pushed me into her. She moved her hips into my face and held my head tightly while she used my face and tongue to masturbated herself.

She came quickly and noisily. She pulled me up towards her face and grabbed my ass on the way up. As soon as I got up to her face she pulled my cock into her with her hand while her other hand pushed my ass towards her hips. As soon as I was inside her she almost threw me off, we weighed about the same even though she was taller by 3 inches. I held on to her and off we went in the dance of love.

Ordinarily I think I would have come quickly but she?d had a child, she was far from a virgin plus she was as wet as a long distance swimmer from my saliva and her juices. I didn?t really know what to do except hang on and ride this out, pun intended.

From the second I entered her I wanted not to come to soon and embarrass myself. When I masturbated I?d try and make it last as long as I could because I knew that coming quickly was frowned upon in polite society. So I hung in there, rode her as best I could and waited for whatever was next, and whatever next was her climax.

She came, raked her nails across my back and thrust her hips up so high I almost fell off her. She almost screamed as her climax rode over her like Jackie Robinson stealing home in the World Series. It was all I could do to stay with her. I stopped worrying about coming too soon and worried I was going to loose my hard on.

After a bit she slowed down and I kept thrusting into her until I soon came too. It felt to me like I was going to fill her completely with my sperm, I spasmed three ? four ? five times as I came inside her. We both stopped moving and I felt my cock shoot the last few drops into her.

After a minute or two she opened her eyes, looked directly at me and said, ?Well, that tears it.? I laughed, after all I was a man now, kissed her and she responded with her tongue. We went right back to it. I was 15 and it was no problem to take a 30 second break and do it again. Now it takes me 5 or 10 minutes for an encore.

This time was gentler and less hurried. She moved in response to me like we were dancing again. We talked some. I told her I was in love with her and she laughed softly and drew me closer to her and told me I was sweet, caressed my face and then my back. She spread her long legs and hooked them over my legs and held me from moving at all. She just pushed on my butt while I remained relatively motionless lying on her.

The she rolled me off of her and put me on the bottom. She grabbed my nose again and held it between her teeth and I thought she was going to bite it off. She liked passion in her sexuality, passion involving teeth, fingernails and letting go totally. She pressed into me while I remained almost motionless below her. I reached across her butt and pressed my finger into her where we met. She moaned and told me to enter her anus with my finger.

I did so and that seemed to renew the energy in her lovemaking. She pressed down hard into my pubic bone with her hips and started moving faster. I could feel her building to a climax again. At the time I was just following orders, fucking her butt with my finger and hoping for the best but she knew what she was doing and I was along for the ride.

And ride me she did. Faster and faster and harder and harder until she shuddered in climax again. I could feel with my hand her contractions as she came. This time she was quieter and moaned softly in climax. I didn?t come.

After she was done she laid there on me quietly until I pushed her off. I lay on top of her and tried to put my penis into her but it was hard to do without her help. It took a bit to get it in and then I started humping her. She was super wet and I was doing this one all by myself. She was moving against me but just barely. I kept at it until I came for the second time. This time it was better for me. I wasn?t so concerned about what she was doing and I didn?t have to worry about whether she was going to come herself.

As I kept at it she began to respond and move more forcefully against me. I got more and more into it and moved faster and faster until the world stopped for me and I shot into her again. She grabbed me and held me close and came again herself.

I was tired and she was tired and it was morning now. I slid down next to her and we slept. At about 8 AM her son got up and came into the room where we were. He asked me to fix him breakfast, which I did and I turned on the TV and his Saturday cartoons, which I would have watched the day before myself but now had no interest in.

I brewed some coffee for Gail and took it up to her room. She was still asleep so I set the cup on the nightstand and lay back on the bed fully dressed next to her. She woke up and snuggled up to me and asked me why I was dressed. I told her about breakfast and that her boy was downstairs watching TV. She asked me why I was dressed again so I shrugged off my clothes and we started the lovemaking process again.

We did it twice more and we got up and took a shower together. We did it once more in the shower and twice more that day. I told my mother Gail was going out that night and we stayed in and did it several times that night. Sunday morning we got up and her husband came over and picked up their son and we spent Sunday naked in bed doing it all day until the evening when her son returned. Her husband knew something was going on and he had a talk with Gail but she mollified him and we continued as before.

We spent the next several weekends doing the same thing. Gail was worried and we talked about what we were doing. I told her I was happy, she was happy so who or what were we hurting? But the guilt was building. We found relief for the guilt when her girlfriend Pat came over to visit her and she realized Gail and I were lovers.

Uncharacteristically Pat started coming over to Gail?s house on a regular basis and spending time with Gail and me until one time Gail wasn?t home when Pat arrived.

But that?s another story. Again I?m Tagurrit and if you liked this true story please let me know and I?ll keep writing.

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