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Fun with my sister in law

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Janice and I had been staying at her parents while our house was being worked on. It was kind of a hassle, but at least we had a roof over our heads. Our schedules we?re a little messed up, she worked mornings, I worked nights; Seeing each other for maybe an hour before she had to go to bed. It was tough, but we pulled through. One afternoon though, will stick with me like no other.

I was in bed trying to sleep, when someone walked into our room. Surprised I looked up hoping Janice had called out so we could spend a little more time together. Sadly it was her sister, Anna. Anna is a mother of two, hard worker, dedicated and loving. However her husband isn?t. He is abusive and obnoxious, they have a lot of problems; which is sad because she deserves better. She is very attractive, blonde with rather large breasts. She used to model in high school, but Marcell stopped that real quick. She got pregnant in high school and was forced to put her life on hold for her family, and for that I respect her ?Slide over, I need to take a nap while the kids are at school? she says to me.

?Really? Are you kidding me?? I asked in shock.

?No, I?m not. I?m not going to sleep on the couch again, just roll over and forget I?m here.? So I did just that. Anna crawled into our bed; I rolled over and proceeded to fall asleep again. An hour or two later I came to, to find myself spooning Anna. I had one hand slipped under her shirt cupping her large firm breast; with a rising erection. I must have though she was Janice subconsciously; so I slowly removed my hand and rolled back over hoping she hadn?t noticed.

?You didn?t have to roll over, I didn?t mind.? She said, and she rolled over to hold me. ?I haven?t felt loved in a long time; it was nice to feel wanted.?

?I?m really sorry Anna; I must have thought you we?re Janice. We haven?t been able to see each other much lately.? I said in embarrassment.

?That is really too bad, cause you are a great guy, with a lot to offer a girl? she said, as she reached over and started to rub my crotch. ?You?re much bigger than any of Janice?s other boyfriends; by a lot. She must love climbing on to of this thing.?

I pulled myself away, and jumped out of the bed. ?What are you doing? How do you know how I am compared to the others?? I was both shocked and flattered.

?You mean she hasn?t told you, that we have shared some guys??

?Shared some guys? Dated the same guy you mean??

?No silly, we have slept with each others boyfriends, sisters share??

I really didn?t know how to take all this information. It was both disturbing and erotic. Without trying, my erection grew and started to poke out of my boxers. Embarrassed, I turned around hoping that she didn?t see.

?Looks like someone wants to play?? Anna says as she stands up behind me. I could feel her breasts against the middle of my back.

?Listen, you said so yourself, that you and Janice don?t get to see each other much; and I?ve told you that we have shared boyfriends?so why don?t we do the logical thing?and just get this awkward moment over with. Trust me, once its done, it wont feel awkward anymore.? She said, and she reached down and slid my boxers to the floor; and turned me around.

?Oh my your much bigger? she said as she dropped to her knees and started to lick my cock.

She grabbed the base of my shaft, and started licking my dick from balls to head; she was good, obviously done this before. She did this a few times, until I drop of pre-cum came out of my cock. ?Looks like I?m doing a good job? she said right before she deep throated the whole thing. The sensation was amazing, I don?t like to brag; but I am quite large. Just shy of 8 inches long and quite thick; and she took it like it was nothing. This continued for a few moments, and then she stood up. She lifted her shirt over her head, letting her gorgeous tits spring forth. For a mother of two she had a great body, not super petite, which was good because I liked a woman with curves. I reached down and slid her panties off, and she laid back down on the bed. I dropped to my knees and spread her legs open. I was shocked to find out, that she was shaved. Not completely, she left a landing strip on the top. I wasn?t complaining, just little shocked that a mother of two would shave her pussy. I got down to business, eating her out like a champ; again I don?t like to brag but I?ve been told I?m good. This was obvious, minutes into it when Anna grabbed a pillow to cover her face and she moaned. Her thighs contracted and she crushed my head as she arched her back and came. She stood up, threw me onto the bed and climbed on top. Her very wet pussy fit like a glove on my throbbing cock. She moaned again, this time with no pillow to subdue it.

?Oh my god, you are so big.? She said and she started to rock back and forth on my pelvis. Again, I was shocked that a mother of two was still quite tight. We went at it for quite awhile, multiple positions. Anna ended up coming twice on my cock, something she seemed quite thrilled with. We ended with her on her back, legs wrapped around waist and I plowed the shit out of her. My balls where slapping against her with such force, I thought they would fall off. I cringed a little, and I came close to coming myself, and she knew what I meant.

?I want you to come inside me? she said ?I don?t know about that, I don?t want anything to happen? I replied ?You don?t have to worry, after the last kid, I had my tubes tied. Have you ever come in a woman before, it feels amazing?for both of us?

She didn?t have to ask me twice, and I?m not going to lie, this has been a fantasy of mine for awhile. Always wanted to cream pie someone, but would never have guessed it would have been my sister in law. I kept thrusting, she kept moaned and I unloaded. My whole load, deep into her waiting and wanting pussy. She was right, it did feel amazing.

She stood up, gave me a hug and whispered ?thanks for the great fuck, next time we have to do it with my sister.? As she walked out of the room into the bathroom and took a shower,

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