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Fun between deployments

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He hated writing and had been made fun of for his penmenship or lack of it the day before. But he was horny as hell one night after waking up to use the head unfortunatly not to get head. so this story began and the amount of scheduled sleep for him that night decreased.

There she stood in the parking lot waiting on him to show. She was smiling knowing that 97 days had come to an end. Now 97 days doesn't sound long . It is just over 3 months. People always say the weeks fly bye or I can't believe it is already March or in this case early April, Where has the time gone. But both knew how long it was because the count down began on that first day after the awesome weekend they Rung in the new year with. During these 97 days they had grown closer to each other through email and a few care packages, mainly from her since he had limited access to mail. Those plus the sporatic call from pay phones just to hear each others voice. There were large dissappointments on both ends when the voicemails were left due to work or class. Only messages would have to work; him enjoying her spunky leave me a message message and her getting his voice in her inbox. Having pictures of her taped above his head and on the wall of his spartan coffin sized rack did nothing to help pass the time, besides to let him daydream about what he would do to her when he gets back to the real world.

The select few women around him were looking better every day but rules forbid much interaction let alone any hope for action. One was cute and just broken up with her BF of who knows how long. She had a decent face and just enough curves to suggest fun in the bedroom, much the same as the girl waiting on the pier. Another was cute but in the authoratiative way. She liked to work out and had been in a while. Word had it that no male stood a chance with her. There was a young model type girl who played on her innocence and ditzyness. She was a cutie especially when she would work out in her spandex. She was a little too thin for his tastes. Another guy had already got talked to for trying to hang out with her too much. There were two with tattoos one hot girl next door and knew it so it was a bit of a turn off but she had the body of a Jessica Biel type. The other was short and stockier but very cute and had also done some export car modeling. She could pull of the Laura Croft look eaisly she was just a little shorter. There was one that was just a little chubby but still cute she would be cuter if she wasn't always complaining about her work. I am guessing it would be a lot more plesant to work with her if she got laid but again noone was getting any anytime soon. Last was the sexy face rocking hard body girl. She would hide everything under her uniform but on the odd day that she was in street clothes she was smoking hot. Averave c cup I would guess but a super flat stomach, belly ring which is smoking hot, the girl on the pier was much the same and he loved it. So the non players involved were just tempting him to stare and get caught and get in trouble and damn was it tempting. If only there was some privacy so that he could release his tensions that were building up more daily but especially when she would send him care packages of her scantly clad. Looking super sexy but not sluty at all. Nighties on her dads bed while he was out of town, bra and thong on her pink bed, bubbles hiding just enough in her tub at home, the two previously sent ones of her in a thong and bra in the bathroom mirror and her in a blue nightie sent for newyears before they met for the weekend.

They had met on a tropical island in the middle of the pacific a little after spring break time. He lived there and she was visiting her brother and his wife and their new born baby boy. The saying that "Dude your sister is hot" had crossed his mind. He had the diver surf bum look when she met him. Medium length sun and salt water bleached blonde hair. Usually you could find him in board shorts or black cargo shorts rocking either a diving shirt or regular t shirt. And he always had sandals on unless forced to wear tennis shoes for his waiter job that was also on the beach. Affording him a good view of waikiki on the weekends. They hung out one day while his brother was reenlisting in the Navy on the historic USS Misouri. He was pretty oblivious to her standing next to him in all the pictures until it was mentioned months later. After the ceremony they went to eat and again they sat by each other him oblivious to her cuteness and probably planning the seating arrangment. Later that day they went on a hike to a waterfall. Each taking pictures of each others asses and playing it off as a normal photo until later. She soon had to leave as her visit was over. He was not sure where he would end up in the next 6 months as he was headed to boot camp in early august. He had never been to cali besides to fly through LAX on his way to a High school trip to China, so when he got the opportunity to choose what district he would be stationed in after boot he chose D 11 which was Cali not really thinking that it would be close enough to her to meet again. Turns out he and her brother got stationed in San Diego in October. She lived just up the I-5 about and hour and a half north in Dana Point.

He was alone around Christmas so he went to visit another friend in the area and then joined the Hawaii crew at the Dads house for Christmas day dinner. He threw on Jeans and a button down. She was wearing pants and a shirt that probably just barely passed dads approval. She had planned it that is for sure. It had a plunging neck line that left the bra and upper cleavage clearly visible when she laid back. There was some small talk before dinner her being the reheating queen for an awesome honey baked ham dinner. The dinner it self was realxing and inviting as they talked about the true meaning of the season being family and friends hanging together. There was her family and two of her brothers diving and military friends. One being him stationed far from home and the other visiting the area seeing his mom later that day. Dinner was over and time to relax came. He took the seat on a different couch but he was right next to her couch and was enjoying the view of the previously mentioned cleavage as she laid on the couch and played with the baby. Later that night he sat next to her and really wanted to flirt with her and rub her leg but it was a little crazy with the big brother there and the rest of her family. The night ended with a hug good bye and a short trip to SD for his duty day. Unknown to him as he slept in the backseat she was talking to his friends wife to get the scoop on him with out him or his friend knowing.

A few days later her brother called and said "lauren wants to have a date before you leave. Can I give her your number?"

"Yeah sure" he

Facebook had a message when he first signed in asking him to text her. Texting ensued and a date was set to go hiking to a local light house. "hey will jeans work for the hike? it was that or a g string and pasties haha"

"Im short on the pasties but i do have a wide selection of victoria secret."

"Oh really what colors?"

"I have almost every color from black and lacy to little nighties"

"Too bad you are leaving so soon. Hopefully you don't forget about me before you get back. Could make for an awesome reunion."

"You are naughty" he said

"I will admit I do have a naughty side. Just takes the right person to to bring it out."

"I am a teacher after all. U want to be the student?"

"hell yes what are you wearing now?"

Tank tops and boxers or at least I will be when I get out of this bubble bath"

Back and forth like that

"Seriously if ur up for it Im not letting you out of bed for the whole weekend when you get back."

Too bad u don't have another week. My dad is going to be in NYC next week. I have the house to myself Do you have a room to yourself?"

" I could get a hotel. "

"That could work"

"Was thinking of sneaking you into the barracks. didn't want to assume u would do a hotel right away. Then you made the dad out of town comment. "

He got out of his duty day on friday and they decided to hotwire a room in the gaslamp district of San diego for the night instead of Saturday night. Turns out hotwire got them a room at the Sheraton Suites. She met him on base about 2pm it should have been ealrier but she took her time getting ready and was lost for a while. They headed to the hotel. Hot for each other the second they got in the car. He was wearing jeans, a white polo and his sun glasses. She was wearing jeans, a white/tan shirt with sequence with straps that once again showed a little cleavage but was classy at the same time. After they parked in garage at the hotel, while getting their night bags out of the trunk they grabbed each other and made out not caring if anyone else saw. Then they headed to the front desk holding hand and being happy as could be. After the front desk business they headed to the room on the 23rd floor. Once again not caring if there was any camera in the elevator they made out on the way up. When they opened the room door they were shocked at how nice it was.

The suite was three rooms, a living room a bedroom which would get the most use and the bathroom that was also going to be used a bit. As they entered again they kissed and moved to the window to enjoy the view. It was half and half good and crappy view. The crappy Half was an office building which could miake things interesting if anyone was going to be working late an the curtains were open. The other half was a view of the city and San Diego harbor. He pointed out his barracks building and where his boat was moored as his other arm was wrapped around her, exploring her fully clothed body. They embraced for a while and then decided it was time to do something. They opted for the hottub. Even though they knew it was going to get sexy and steamy later they opted to change in different rooms. He did try to steal a few peak in through the half closed door. She was stunning in her bikini and her belly button ring which as mentioned before he loves on girls. They headed to the pool and hot tub. There was a family and a group of hairy Indian guys with 2 modest Indian girls all visiting from San Fran for the holiday weekend. All but the family squeezed in the hot tub which made for close quarters not that they were complaining. She was sitting almost on his lap both rubbing the others legs. He was worried that he was going to get super hard and have to get out sporting his excitment, thankfully it didn't happen then. After getting warmed up they decided it was time to head back upstairs.

There was no point in smelling like chemicals so they had to have a shower. After kissing in the bathroom both helped each other get undressed. First her top which revealed a very nice view. She had perky c cups by his guess. her aerola were nice and big with nipples that perked up very nicely. She also had some tan lines which really got him going. His shirt was already off revealing his flat stomach and abs. Next came the bottoms. He removed hers slowly teasing her the whole time. He wasn't sure what she was going to be like; shaved, trimmed, hairy. Turns out she was nicely trimmed and as all guys will admit it was a huge turn on to see their girl naked for the first time. The shower was pretty small only a stall but they were all to happy to squeeze in close together. They rubbed each other down, between french kisses, paying special attention to each others intimate areas. She gave him a slow massage, he was relaxed and then turned around to her and started to slow finger her. First one then two fingers moving slowly to get her going. She was wet and we are not talking about the shower. She was really in the mood. He got into a rythem and she was enjoying her self pretty quietly. After she had her first of the many orgasms to cum this weekend, they got out and sensually dried each other off. The king bed was just outside the bathroom and they grabbed each other and jumped into it anticipating a long night.

In the texts before the actual meeting each other found out that obviously both were single but that it had been a while for both of them. Her since October him since August before boot camp. I am sure that the lack of any sex for a long time helped them along but there was definatly a spark there that made it even more intense. Lets just say that it was only about 4:30 but they had long ago lost track of time. She made the comment that he had better brought something or it was going to be a long weekend with nothing happening. She had been off the pill for a few months as she didn't want the daily reminder that she wasn't getting any and that the guys she was dating were kind of lame. He put that in the back of his mind as one of his biggest fantasies was to take a girl condomless and watch his cum drip out of her freshly fucked pussy as the girl just smiled at him. He had never done that before and was so turned on by the porns that he watched that it actually happened in. He didn't do it before beacuse he didn't want to risk pregnancy or any of the nasties that are out there. She said later that she would go back on the pill so that they wouldn't have to worry about condoms and the interuption they caused. He was pretty stoked about that. He will see if she meant it when he emails her before he gets back and tells her she better have condoms and plenty of lube for the fun they are about to have. He hopes that she says that isn't a worry anymore. He pulled out his condoms to use. He should have bought more that is for sure.

Back to the action. They were both naked on the bed freshly showered not totally dry but that didn't matter they would be sweating it up soon enough anyway. They started to make out again, it wasn't getting old and she just smiled and said "I guess you are a good kisser and didn't have to worry about those texts" He was happy she enjoyed it and he was just as happy because she was a good kisser as well.Enough talk though He moved his way south kissing her neck and shoulders working his way down to her soft breast circling the area then sucking on her hard nipples. Continuing south her kissed her stomach enjoing the softness of her skin, taking her belly button jewlery in and tugging on it before going even farther down. Wow he could tell that part of the time that she took this morning before she left was focused on trimming and shaving. He was anxious this morning but staring at her now it looked like it was worth the wait. He slowly circled her other set of lips before moving his tongue in to taste and excite her more than she already was. Wow he was amazed at how tight she was to his probing tongue. He could tell she was enjoying it so he continued. He gently tugged on her lips sucking all her juices up and trying to hit her hot button every so often. After she had enough and she had her second orgasm of the night he came up for air and went back to enjoy her and make out with her as he held her close in his arm.

"I love cuddling" she wispered

"Me too"

After a while of just relaxing he slipped his arm out and worked his way slowly down to her still wet pussy. He just loved to finger girls to orgasm. Watch them writhe in passion as they were enjoying themselves. She was enjoying it even more than in the shower. Again He was amazed at how tight she was he had trouble fitting two fingers in. He was wondering how he was going to fit his dick in her. It wasn't huge but it wasn't 2 fingers small, it it just under 7 inches long and about red bull can thick. He would worry about that latter now he just had to focus and get her to cum again. Lets just say that it is a good thing that the room next door was a linen closet because she was a little vocal this time ;). Wow she was hot and ready to go. He loved that females didn't have to wait to get hard again and they could just keeping cumming if they didn't get cooled down. She came again and after a little more cuddling she said.

"it is your turn"

she had him laying on his back and she straddled him showing him her cute face her brown eyes showing passion, her smile showing he was going to enjoy it. She slowly lowered her self to his level and started like he did with a slow sensual kiss and worked her way down stopping at his ear which drove him crazy. She then kissed down his chest finding his happy trail and following it to his trimmed cock with his shaft and balls shaved. Lets just say that she was pretty talented and he was enjoying it immensly. He was getting hard not rock hard but hard enough that he was wanting to fuck her. He rolled her over pulled the condom off the bedside table and rolled it on. He was really going to fuck her he was happy about that. He slowly slid his semi rigid cock into her lips rubbing up and down. It wasn't hard enough yet to get into her super tight pussy and he wasn't going to force it. He worked it up and down her lips. He wasn't even in her yet and she was moaning in enjoyment. He grabbed the base of his cock and tried to make it harder. It seemed that the first time he was with a girl he always had this problem. It got a little harder so he tried to enter her fully. It didn't work but neither of them cared she was about to cum again and he was just happy that she was enjoying it. He just kept going and they grabbed each other again as she was thrown over the edge again. They just held each other again as he became soft in the latex wrapping, man it would be nice not to have to worry about that. Damn it was going to be a fun night and they both knew it.

After a few rounds they took a break and headed to the living room. He showed her videos he made while diving, both of the creatures under the sea and of him and her brother goofing off under water. She really wanted to try diving when she was in hawaii but her brother didn't mention that his friend was working guiding divers that week and would have gladly taken her. Oh well a lost opportunity but they were making up for that this weekend. Then about 8:00 he had a phone call from his Coast Guard friend and drinking buddy he just ignored it. Again he called.

"Sorry I have to see what is up"

"Thats ok"

"Scales what are you up to and where are you we are downtown" His CG friend yelled into the phone over the bar noise.

"I am downtown too"


"Downtown never mind where"

"You need to come out"

He looked at the beauty next to him and asked her if she wanted to grab a drink. She was down with that idea still glowing from her romp in the bed.

They went to the Yard house hand in hand for a drink. Turns out that they both liked the same drink, Vodka cran. They enjoyed a round and the others tried to get them to go out to another bar, they had other plans that didn't involve friends at all. They went to the store to grab some dinner after the appitite they had worked up earlier. They debated getting some alchol for back in the room but decided they didn't need any. He was so tempted to get some chocolate sauce or something to spice it up, but he decided against it no need to get crazy that night. He was pretty sure there would be other nights for that. They enjoyed the walk back as it was a little chilly out that night for southern Cali. Back in the room they sat on the couch and ate a little snack.

Then she said she had a suprise for him. He figured it was the nighties that she had talked about in the texts and he was right. He left to the bedroom while she changed in the other room and strolled in the door looking sexy as all hell in a green see through number her trimmed pussy showing through the net her nipples poking through the top lace just below the little fuzzy top lining. He nodded his head in approval. God Damn did she look good. That outfit was soon piled up on the floor and they were again rolling around on the sheets enjoying each other fully. She had a few more oragasm again shaking and being vocal. One of them he asked her what she would do if he pinned her and she couldn't wiggle around like she had been doing all the other times. He tried it hoping it would make her come even more. Would she enjoy it he wasn't sure. He pinned her legs down with his and held her arms in onw of his above her head on the bed as his other hand was once again busy down below moving slowly rythmically bringing her pure extacy. She was still going to wiggle but she was really enjoying it so he kept it up. After a cool down peroid she went out to the living room and said that he had earned another outfit. This one was pure sin and sexyness. It was black with polka dots not see through at all but he didn't care she was rocking it like noone could dream. God damn this got him in the mood to try to fuck her again. The nightie was removed and the condom put on he was harder this time, she was wet as she had been all night except maybe when they were getting drinks. But who knows she could have been then as well; wondering what was going to happen when they got back. He laid her down diagnal on the bed he was ready to enter her but again wasn't hard enough so he fooled around rubbing his cock against her wetness again. This time he was able to get the tip in and she moaned with pleasure, he was enjoying him self as well. They got into a rythem but he never full entered her, he seriously wondered if she could take all of him being that tight. He had never had any problems getting into a girl before not that he had been with that many to compare it to. They had talked about that as well neither had slept with that many other her a few less than him but both less than could be counted on two hands. Two of the three pack that he brought with him had now been used he was tempted to run out an get some more but didn't worry about that right then he was naked and just finished fucking the girl her had spent less than 2 days with before they ended up in the hotel.

They fooled around a little longer evenutally taking the camera out and getting a few picture that they would cherish while he was away. She took one of him sprawled on the bed showing his stomach and face with a big smile. They both got a few of them making out and just each others heads together on the pillows. He got one that he was hoping turned out and it did. His arms were long enough during the self photos to get both their faces and one of her breasts in it. He looks at that one a lot underway. Both eventually fell asleep spooning each other. The next morning was again spent in bed and they had to get up to check out, but not before taking another shower together. They fooled around a little and then just sat down in the shower and let the warm water flow over them, little did they know that the drain was blocked by some body part and when they got up and out of the shower after more fooling around the bathroom tile was coverd in water. Just one more thing that they wouldn't forget about this weekend.

They checked out and decided on lunch downtown. They walked around and then found a little brewery and restaurant to eat at. While at the table they had small talk and found out that both wore some type of telling jewerly. Telling jewerly being, that if you knew about it you could tell the dating status of the wearer. His worn while not at work was a Virgin Island hook bracelet currently worn horseshoe down signifying that he was currently single. Hers was an irish ring with hands and a heart or somthing, hers was also currently in the single postion. He often wondered durning his patrol what way each should be. They again decided against the hike that they had postponed the day before in leui of the hotel. This day they would go to the park and just walk around instead of the Lighthouse hike. Balboa park was awesome, he had visited it the first weekend he moved to SD. It contained multiple museusms ;an outdoor amplitheater, where multiple weddings took place every time he walked by,an arboretum which was his favorite, the zoo and also a few small shops, in addition to the trails in the park itself. They parked and walked hand in hand up to the arboretium. He love the place it was an open air but metal framed building filled with exotic plants from around the globe. As they walked through the exibit they chatted and held hands like many of the couples there did. At the orchid exhit he found out that they were one of her favorites. He wondered if they were higher on her list than the plumeria that is tastefully tattooed on her back in place of the typical tramp stamp. After the arboretium they walked through the art shops on the way to the zoo entrance, they would save the zoo for another day. On the round about walk back to the car they found a fountain that he knew about and got a couple to take a picture of them. With out them realizing it they had dressed the same the day before. Both in jeans a white shirt and a gray jacket. The picture as awesome and is hanging in his rack and is probably the photo on her desk at school. They then headed through the actual grassy part of the park and found a hill to relax on and watch people enjoying themselves as the twosome did the same. While making out and taking make out pictures again the long arms came in handy and a partial nipple slip was recorded. Neither knew about it until later that day. After the sun was setting they headed back to the car holding hands and chatting it up again. when back at the car they decided to see if they could see the actual sunset since they were overlooking the city on a hill. They walked to the edge of the park but couldn't see it but got a few good pictures again one of them is on his rack.

They headed back to the barracks thinking that they would hang out till later that night around 10 when she would have to leave because of the visitors policy. When getting a vehicle pass somehow they lucked out and instead of the normal 1 day pass she somehow without asking got a 3 day pass. Once on base they parked and headed into the barracks. As he secretly hoped the Front desk was lax as usual and they both just walked to the elevators. They passed a few of his shipmates on the way to the room and not suprisingly the guys took notice of the cutie next to him,as he was questioned about her over the next few days. The nice thing about his barracks room was that his roommate was never home as he lived with friends or his finace, it didn't matter as long as he was gone and never visited the room. Once in the room they just cuddled and watched a movie letting time pass. After the movie the choice had to be made. Noone knew she was in there so she could spend the night. The only thing they had to worry about was the 10 hours from 10pm to 0800 when you could have visitors again. He wanted to risk it so he gave her some of his PT short and shirt and he slept in his usual boxers only. Not much funny business took place but of course you couln't put the two of them in bed with nothing happening. Her dad called and she only texted back saying she was fine and having fun lol. They texted her big bro to see if all were up to a going away lunch. Her brother was off to Iraq and her new guy was off to the Pacific south of mexico to get drug runners. They set lunch up and then nodded off to sleep. They woke up after 8 which let all worries go away. Besides the Cheif coming in to do room inspections while she was there there was nothing rulewise he could do anymore just embarass him. Lunch was good they sat next to each other on the couch cuddling a little, playing with the baby and enjoying everyones company for the last time for a year. Her bro was going for a year, he was going for 97 days. They might all be able to meet again in june if the bro gets a mid deployment break to celebrate babies first b day. Lunch passed too quickly and it was time to drop him off at the barracks to get ready for the next day. She made it past security a second time and he was glad. They just cuddlled a little and then the time to leave came. He could tell it was hitting her hard but he had to say goodbye. He walked her down to the her car and hugged and kissed her goodbye, knowing she would have a shitty drive home with nothing to think about but her two guys going on deployment and into harms way her brother more than her new flame. He didn't really have time to think about it he was busy packing for his first patrol. Of course there were a few miss you and can't wait till you get back texts before the boat left the pier the next afternoon.

To be continued ......

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