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Full Feature Presentation

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After an unforgettable sneak preview, I was finally able to turn it into a full feature presentation. We set up a time to meet on Sunday afternoon. I was going to be able to spend 2 hours with Owen. What could that include? I can't wait to have that big beautiful cock deep inside my hot wet pussy. Mmmmmm.

When I arrived, I was greeted with that gorgeous smile. I went in and set my bag full of toys down. He came up to me and kissed me. It was soft and sensual. We kissed some more, but this time he had roaming hands. I knew he was anxious to get his hands on my big soft tits. He unbuttons my shirt and removes my bra. His hands grab my bare breasts and run each if his thumbs over my rock hard nipples. He loves how fast they get hard for him. He leans his head down and puts one of my nipples in his mouth, sucking it in with just the right amount of suction. He abandons that one and moves to the other. Wouldn't want either one of them feel unappreciated.

I reach down between his legs, and find what I had come for. He was so hard, and it was all because of me. His cock wanted me as much as I wanted it. I push his pants down and grabbed his bare shaft and pumped my hand a couple of times on it. I knew what that had done to him, so I leaned down to lick my reward off the tip of his cock. Pre cum tastes so good. Mmmmmm.

We walk to the bed, and I lay down. I put my arms over my head, and he dives down to lick and kiss my arm pits. This is so erotic and sexy. Who knew? He pays the right amount if attention to my arm pit, and the sensations shoot all the way down to my already throbbing pussy. He then reaches his hand between my legs to cup my cleanly shaven swollen pussy. He runs his fingers along my slit and find my clit to tease. He kisses his way down between my legs and kisses my inner thigh. He knows how to tease me just enough to want more. He kisses from my inner thigh down to my pussy. He runs his tongue along the lips of my hot pussy and gently attacks my clit. That's it, suck it in your mouth. I arch my back up off the bed. Mmmmm. He dives back down to my slit and sticks his tongue as deep as he could in my pussy. He wants to please me, and please me he will.

He focuses back on my clit while he inserts his fingers in my wetness. He fucks my pussy with his fingers while sucking on my clit. I can't stand it. I feel the tension building deep inside and I spasm all around his fingers. He removes his fingers and brings them up to my mouth to suck my juices off. Mmmmmmm, that's so good.

He puts my legs up in the air and lifts my ass up off the bed. He leans down and licks and kisses my shithole. He gets it good and wet, and sticks his tongue in my shithole. That feels nice. He then comes up to me to kiss me. He wants me to taste my shithole on his tongue. He then inserts one finger into my shithole, fucking it slowly, then he inserts another finger. He has two fingers in my shithole, and fucking it. Not too hard, but just right.

He brings his cock up to my face and I lean up to take him into my mouth. I lick the precum off the tip and take him in. I suck and lick his big hard cock. It is so beautiful. I reach down and cup his balls. I then lick my way from the tip of his cock down his shaft and to his balls. I suck one of his balls in my mouth and run my tongue over it. I move over to the other, and pay it the same attention as the other. I lick my way back up to the tip for my reward of precum, and then up to his mouth to kiss him. I want him to taste himself on my tongue.

He gets the condom out and slides it onto his long hard shaft. My pussy twitches a little in excitement. As I lay on my back, he lifts my legs up and thrusts his big beautiful cock into my hot wet pussy. Mmmmmm. He fills me up and it is glorious. As he starts his pace and rhythm, I counter it with rocking my hips up and down. I want to feel this experience with everything I have. He kisses me, then kisses down to my hard erect nipple. He knows how much I love to have it sucked and flicked with his tongue. He pulls his cock out if my pussy, leaving me empty and wanting more. He brings his cock up to my face so I can taste my juices on his long hard shaft. He then leans down to kiss me.

He rolls me over and tells me to stick my ass up in the air. He runs the head of his cock along the lips if my pussy and thrusts forward filling me even more than before. He starts with a slow steady pace. He then pulls out so he can lean down and kiss and lick my shithole. He gets it good and wet while fucking it with his tongue. He tells me to get my anal beads out. I hand them to him, and I assume my previous position. He licks my shithole one last time before he starts sticking the beads in one at a time. Once he has them all in, he thrusts his big hard cock into my pussy. The feeling of the beads in my ass and his cock in my pussy is intoxicating. I feel that feeling down deep in my pussy. You know the one that floods your body with orgasm. He thrusts his cock deeper, hitting that sweet spot as I cum all over his cock. Mmmmm. I start to push the beads out one my one, and then he pulls out the last 3 or 4 with a little zip sound. I all of a sudden feel empty.

He gets up to get a wash cloth and clean me up. This is really sweet and sexy at the same time. I then lay back and he focuses on my arm pits. Licking and kissing them until I am wet again.

He rolls over and I climb on top of him. I slide my slick wet pussy onto his hard shaft, taking him all in. Mmmmm. The feeling is devine. He reaches up to play with my big beautiful tits while I ride him. Back and forth, back and forth is the motion I use. He leans up and puts my tit is his mouth sucking and nibbling. Oh my gosh! I can't stand it any longer. My pussy starts to spasm, and I let myself go as I cum all over him. I climb off, lean down and take his rock hard penis in my mouth. I have to savor every drop of my cum. I then go up to his mouth and kiss him to share what I have sucked off his cock. Mmmmmm.

He gets up and cleans his cock off, and then he is back. Before he can get back on the bed, I'm on my knees on the bed and take his dick in my mouth. I suck him long and hard, taking him all in until I gag. He makes his way to the bed and lays down. I climb between his legs and wrap his cock with my big tits. I want him to be able to fuck my titties before he cums. While his cock is embedded in my tits, I lean down and lick the tip as it peaks through. Then I lower myself and wrap my mouth around his cock sucking and running my tongue around the tip. I quicken my pace, sucking harder. I feel him swell a little and then he explodes hot tasty cum into my mouth. I swallow it down, because that is my reward for a job well done.

I can officially say after this experience, I was completely fucked out!

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