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It was around 11:pm and my husband had just left for work, when I decided that I would drive to the store and pick up some alcohol. I was on my way back again, when I saw him standing there. I recognized him immediately even though I had not seen him in several years. His name was Craig, and he was standing outside my neighbors house, smoking a cigarette. Craig was my neighbors son. I knew he had been gone awhile and from the way his mom told it, he had had quite a few bad breaks before being sent off.The last time I had seen him was about three years ago. We never really talked much, but what I did remember is that he always reminded me of a wanna be gangster. Back then he was always wearing baggy pants, and rap music followed him wherever he went.

Now he was lean, but not skinny. His hair was shaved short, and from where I was standing, it looked like he had grown up a lot in the last few years. It was impossible to miss his biceps bugling beneath his shirt. He looked good, to say the very least about him, and I definitely wanted a better look. I sat down the beer on my porch, pulled two out of the bag, and decided to go say hello.

He looked surprised to see me at first, and told me his mom was inside sleeping. He looked twice as confused when I told him I wasn't there to see his mom. We made small talk, for a little while, sitting there on his front porch. I asked him, if he was glad to be back home and he told me how he'd missed the place. With our beers empty, and not a whole lot left to say, I got up the nerve to ask him over, "for another drink."

I thought he was trying to decide. He got a kind of sheepish grin on his face, as he lifted up his right pant leg and displayed a black box strapped just below his calf. He explained, " I'd like too, but I can't go more that 1,000 feet. I laughed to myself and a little out loud, as I told him, not to worry... my house couldn't be more an a couple hundred feet away. He gave me a smile back, and said, "What the hell."

Once at my house, I mixed us something a little stronger, and took a seat next to him on the couch. He had a good start on his drink, when I started asking him about his tattoos. Gingerly, I lifted up the back of his shirt and began to trace the one on his back, asking him what it meant. By this time, I think he was getting the idea, that this was more than just drinks. He asked what my husband would think of him being over so late at night. I told him the truth, that he didn't like for me to be lonely. I let that sink in with him for a moment and leaned in as I let my hand slide over his shoulder and down his chest. He kissed me hard, a long fierce kiss that pinned me on my back. He stopped only for a second, as if to check with me before he went further. I slid my hand down to his groin. Stopping there to massage him, he let up a bit, and I caught my breath. My God he was fine to look at! All of those hours working out each day, had made him cut. I wanted to get that shirt off of him and see just how built he was.

I slid out from beneath him, and for a split second he looked hurt. "where are you going he asked." To the bedroom," "are you coming" I added. This time, it didn' take him long to decide. No sheepish grin. Just one firm cock, ready to follow me anywhere. When we got to the bedroom, I threw him down on the bed, and just stood over him a moment, letting my eyes fall on his body. Taking him in, before I began to strip him down. I started with his shoes, and socks working my way up. Next I got his belt loose and pulled his pants down. I knew from my groping that I wouldn't be disappointed, but was even more pleasantly surprised to release a good sized 8 inches from the confines of his pants. I was equally impressed when I pulled his shirt over his head to display the nice pecs and the six pack that I knew would be there. I took another moment to savor his hard body before I bent down to feel that hard cock again.

I let my tongue slip up under his shaved balls, licking each one in turn as I felt for the base of his hard cock. Once I had had my fill of his balls I let my tongue work its way up to the base of his penis, where I traced circles as I began to work his shaft up and down. Slowly I sliped his tip in my mouth, wetting him down with my saliva. I began to pump harder and he began to move his hips towards my hungry mouth. He arched towards me as I began to take more and more of him. I could feel him at the back of my throat, feel his balls tightening as I ran my fingers along them. I was picking up momentum, feeling him come closer and closer to that pivotal point. when I stopped and held off, just gently stroking him. I could feel him quivering, aching for more.

Rolling me over on my back, I let him feel his way up and down my body, tearing my clothes off as he went. I let him take both my breasts in his hands and he eagerly massaged them, squeezing them tightly. He brought his mouth toward me and took one hard nipple in his mouth. Sucking hard on first one and then the other. I could feel waves of please surging straight from my breasts to my wet pussy. He greedily made his way down to my where my legs met, kissing and nibbling as he went. He stopped to kiss all along my airstrip and I excitedly pushed his head further, arching my back as I did. I needed him. Needed him to taste me. His mouth was hot and wet as he took his first taste. He didn't waste any time, and sunk right in to teasing my clit, first with his tongue and then gently sucking as he drove his finger into me. I let a quite moan escape my lips as he began to finger fuck me, tickling my clit with his tongue as he went. I could feel my swollen clit in his mouth, my pussy tightening around his finger as he let it pulse in and out of me. Just when I didn't think I could take any more he slid up on top of me, and began to tease me with his hard 8 inches.

I quickly slid a condom on him and he slid into me with ease. I was so wet and ready for him. He only held back a moment, but it was long enough. "Please, I begged, please, now!" That was all he needed, as he began to pound into me. He pulled back and slammed into me hard, my body jolting up in the bed as he did. I grabbed a hold of his sweaty muscular back with one hand and grabbed him firm ass with my other. He was pounding me hard and fast . It felt so good, I knew I was going to lose it. I wrapped my legs up around his back and gave him leverage to dig even deeper inside me. I let go completely, leaning way back as I did. I couldn't wait any longer, I could feel every inch of that cock inside me as I began to shake with pleasure. One last time I gabbed a hold of his back, forcing him and holding him deep inside me, as I felt my body relaxing.I could feel him letting go as well, releasing my grip on him he came forward with several more thrusts each sending even more waves of pleasure through me than the last, his hot cum shooting out from him in spurts, warming my already hot pussy.

We both just laid there, him on top of me for several minutes, us both catching our breath. I sat up on one arm, carefully rolling him off of me. Without a word I went and and cooled off in the shower. When I came back, he was relaxing comfortably in my bed. I tossed him his shirt and told him that was fun. He asked when we could do this again, and I told him I'd call. He smiled back knowing I wouldn't. I haven't seen Craig since that night two weeks ago, but if I never know

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