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Fuck me in the woods

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My name is Carol and my husbands name is Rocky we just bought a house in Pennsylvania way up in the woods where are nearest neighbor is five miles away..We're city people so this should be a new experience for us .We move in and I'm so horny I grab my husbands ten inch cock and I start to give him a blow job.I like to suck his cock cause my husband fucks my mouth like he's fucking my pussy.Rocky says let's go outside and fuck since we're the only one here.I grab his cock and we go outside and it's a beautiful summer day nice and hot.Rocky takes me to this old picnic table lays me down and sticks his cock into my pussy as I love to feel his balls bang against my ass.iI love when he fucks me cause his cock is so big and wide it fills my pussy up and I cum so fast cause Rocky knows how to use his big cock.My pussy is starting to get sore from the pounding Rocky is giving me so I take his cock out my pussy and I let him fuck my big tits.I feel Rocky's cum shoot all over my tits and I take his cock in my mouth and clean it for him cause he likes that.i go in the house start to make dinner and I realize I just might like this kind of living running around naked and letting my husband fuck me anytime he wants to.We have a great dinner and I say to Rocky if you want some more pussy meet me in the shower.i run upstairs to the bathroom turn the shower on get in and I feel my husbands hands bending me over and I feel his huge cock enter me from behind.i have to be careful cause Rocky can fuck for hours and he'll make me so sore I won't be able to fuck him for days and I know he likes to fuck me just as much as I like to fuck him.Rocky picks me up brings me to the bedroom and starts to pound my pussy.He takes his cock out my pussy and I can feel the head at the entrance to my ass.i tell him please take it easy on my ass as he slips the head of his cock into my ass.i love it when he fucks my as but we have to be careful not to fuck it to long.We ass fuck for about a half an hour I came about three times when Rocky pulls his cock out and sticks it in my mouth and shoots a big load of hot cum down my throat.We go to bed fully satisfied and happy.The next day we get up take a shower and decide to drive into town to see what's going on.i put on my shorts halter top white socks and work boots as we start our drive to town.We get out the car and Rocky says to me I need to go to the hardware store to get some tools you do what you want and I'll meet you back here we kiss and split up.I see this cute little store which looks like it sells antiques.I go inside and there's an older man straightening out the shelves he turns and says to me hi I'm Jim and I'm the owner of this store and I stick my hand out and I say hi my name is Carol and me and my husband Rocky just moved here from the city.I felt a little funny cause Jim kept staring at my big tits so I said to him ok Jim nice to meet you but I have to leave.Jim turns to me and says why are you leaving so soon you just got here and I tell him my husband is waiting for me.Jim tells me he has and old dress he wants me to try on and I say ok let's see what it looks like.He comes out with this long lace see through dress and says Carol why don't you try this on I would love to see how this looks on you.I grab the dress and say ok Jim where's the dressing room he grabs my hand and takes me to this little back room and says Carol go in there and put this dress on.I go inside this small room and start to take my clothes off not wearing any bra or panties when I see and eye looking at me through a peep hole and I act like nothing's going on so if it's a show he wants I'll give him a show he'll never forget.I'm naked I start by squeezing my big tits and I let out a little moan then I spread my legs in the direction of the peep hole and I put my fingers in my pussy playing with myself and cumming all over my fingers as I take my fingers out my pussy and lick my cum off them.I pick up the dress and put it on and it's so sheer you can see right through it and I know Jim is ready for show number two.I come out of the room and call Jim and Jim comes into the back of the store and I say Jim how does this dress look knowing he can see my tits and my pussy.Jim says it looks great on you and I know it does just by seeing the big bulge in his pants.I say Jim I'll take it I think my husband will love it and I go back into the room to take it off.I'm naked in the room when I hear Jim's voice say to me hey Carol you've got big beautiful tits and a beautiful pussy how about sucking my big cock.I look down and there's a hole in the wall and I see Jim's big cock come through the hole.I'm thinking what the hell I'm so fucking horny and I know Jim is too so I take his big cock in my mouth.I love to suck cock and I think that's why my husband married me but now it's time to give Jim the best blow job he's ever got in his life.I'm sucking his cock and I feel Jim's cock begin to throb and he shoots his hot cum down my throat.I suck the rest of his cum out his cock and he pulls his cock back through the hole.I stand up all of a sudden the door opens and there's Jim standing there with his big cock in his hands and he says Carol my cock is still hard and I'd really like to fuck you and I'm thinking fuck it I need to come too so Jim takes me into his room and lays me on his bed and sticks his big cock into my pussy.I cum in an instant as Jim is fucking me hard and deep now.I cum two more times as Jim cums deep in my pussy and puts his cock in my mouth and tells me to get all his cum out his cock.I love the taste of hot cum so I suck him dry and I ask Jim where's the shower I need one to get all the sweat and come off me before I go back to meet my husband Jim takes my hand leads me to the bathroom and when I get into the shower Jim comes with me.He picks me up and slips his big cock into me again and I give him a deep kiss and tell him to fuck me one more time.Jim let's me ride his cock and then he bends me over and starts to fuck the shit out me.I cum twice Jim shoots another load into my pussy takes his cock out and sticks it in my mouth again.I know I have to go and Jim says the dress is free and he hopes my husband likes it and I tell him I'll see him next week to try another dress on.Jim laughs says he can't wait as I walk out the door.

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