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Frost on the Pumpkin

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It was a crisp fall day; the cool mist was rising from the lake as I gazed out the window of the cabin. It was the first day the temperature had dropped and it was just good cuddling weather. I looked over to the bed and looked at one of the hottest bodies I had ever seen. She laid there with her nude body half covered by the bed sheet glistening with sweat and hot juices covering her loins. We met in the bar at the resort and had became enthralled with each other as we looked into each others eyes we knew this was going to be a night to remember. We were enjoying each others company, then I noticed the look in her eye it was a look of lust as she reached under the table and touched my leg. I could feel the excitement build as she gently moved her hand up my leg. She held her hand still as if to feel the pulse in my leg. I could feel each heartbeat pumping blood thru my body in an excited pace. My heart rate was up and I knew she was going to tease and tantalize me before she went in for the hot feel of my manhood. She then started to move her hand in gentle circles as the blood started to fill my cock. As my cock started to become erect it started to swell in the direction of her hand. It was yearning to be caressed by her soft hand, but she continued to tease and caress without much regard for my heighted sense of sexual excitement. As we sat there in the bar several of the patrons were enjoying there quick glances as she brought me to that level of excitement that I sought to receive from her. I had all I could take and I pulled her into me and we kissed the most erotic kiss. It was passion filled as we wrapped our arms around each others bodies kissing and exploring the succulent feel. The passion was flowing with each touch as we explored the depths of each others body. I started to move my hand across her leg as I caressed her inner thigh and could feel her passion rising. I gently passed my hand up her thigh to her sweet pussy. She was trembling now with anticipation as she gently opened her legs to allow me to feel the passion. She was as wet as if a gentle stream bubbling along had crossed her loins. Her legs were quivering as I touched the inside of her lips. She said please fuck me, but now I was in control and it was her turn to wait with anticipation. I continued to caress her as I gently flicked my fingers close to her pussy. She inched forward each time wanting them to enter her body, but I kept easing them away. Letting the passion build as we continued to French kiss. Her passion was overflowing with lust and desire as I finally relented and touched her lips with the tips of my fingers. Her body awoke when I touched those outer lips causing her body be covered with electrical sensations. I plunged my fingers into the depths of her pussy and she loved it with wanton abandonment. Her flesh started to spasm as she had her first climax of the nite. She said lets go to my cabin I have to fuck you. We left the bar and walked down the trail to the cabin in the crisp harvest moon light. We moved arm and arm to the cabin as we approached the porch I picked her up and carried her across the threshold. As we entered the cabin you could feel the rustic atmosphere and that fresh smell of autumn in the air. I moved her thru the cabin to the bed. I engulfed her in passionate kisses as I started to unzip her dress and pull it over her shoulders. Her nude beauty was showing in the glow of the full moon glistening off of the lake shining through the window. As her dress fell to the floor she had on the most alluring bra and panties. They were black with sexy lace tied into bows covering them. The front of the bra had small cutouts for her nipples. This allowed for her nipples to be exposed to the crisp air. Her nipples responded accordingly to the excitement that I loved to see in a woman. I dropped my head down to taste the excitement of her nipples. They were very hard and wanting the attention of a tongue circling then in their passion, I gently nibbled on them bringing her to a heightened state of passion. I then moved my hand down her body caressing her torso. Her body was quivering in anticipation as I continued to caress the length of her body. I then moved my hand to her inner thigh. I could tell she needed the feel of a man as I gently encircled her pubic area. I plunged my fingers into her body with gentle accord feeling her passion rise to the occasion. I then began to rapidly thrust into her and I could tell from her breathing she was near another climax. I speeded up my fingering of her pussy till I felt the spasm of her climax. She was in a state of total exuberance enjoying the passion that she had experienced from my touch. She then said Fuck me please, as she laid there on the bed with the light of the moon glistening on her beautiful body. She undid my pants and unzipped them and I stood up to let them fall to the floor. She sat up on the side of the bed and moved her hand in to feel of my manhood. As she touched my cock with her soft hand she could feel it was bulging at the seams. She moved her soft hand back and forth along the length of my cock as she felt my passion and saw the glistening glow at the tip. She brought her tongue to the tip and flicked the moisture off of it. She then engulfed the entire length bringing her lips to my base. No one has ever attempted to take the entire length. The passion rose with each stroke of her mouth along the length of my cock. She could feel it swell and said I am not going to let you cum yet. She leaned back and said come her I want to feel that monster between my legs. As she spread her legs you could see the excitement between them. Her pussy was ready to be taken as I got on top and eased my cock into her inch by inch until it disappeared into her body. I started to plunge into her like a locomotive taking off on a long trip. Our bodies started to move as a finely oiled machine. Thrusting into each other with wild abandonment. She started to move faster as I could feel the passion rising in my loins as the love fluid started move. She said I am Cumming and I could feel my cock start to throb. I could feel my cock start to jerk and spasm as I sent rope after rope of cum into her body. We then collapsed on the bed sharing the after glow, entwined in each others body as we fell asleep.

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