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From Anticipation to Fire

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After days of telephone and internet chat, tonight is the night we are finally going to meet. My heart is racing as I walk up to the door. I takes a deep breath to calm my nerves before ringing the doorbell.

You answer the door and I am consumed by the smile that first attracted me to you. It is rather late in the evening and you apologize for your casual attire. I tell you that you look fine and not be concerned, as my eyes lock on the sway of your hips as you show me in.

We begin making small talk in an attempt to feel each other out and confirm in our own minds if the other is someone we could be comfortable around and enjoy spending time with.

As the conversation progresses you ask me what I like in a woman. I for my part and am so entranced by you that I begin answering the question my mind wanted to hear you ask. I tell that I love the way a woman feels and responds as I gently start kissing the nape of her neck and trail all the way down her spine. There I love to gently massage her buns and then roll her over and start kissing her again from the neck to....

Then by the look on your face I realize what I have done and stop and turn away. You urge me to go on and tell you more. As I continue to describe the scene in my mind the tension in the room grows thick. Both of us unsure of what to say or what the other might do. The tension is broken when you lean over and gently kiss me softly on the lips. A short spark filled peck that seems to last an eternity. I kiss back in the same way, but with a demanding that burns. We kiss again, but this time together in a long passionate fever-pitched way that scares us both into backing off a little.

You get up and take me by the hand and lead me into the bedroom. Once inside you turn off the light and turn to embrace me. As you start playing with the buttons on my shirt, I whisper, "No."

I reach over and turn the light back on while desperately trying to maintain our embrace.

I tell you that I want it to be well lit so I can study and commit to memory every inch of your body and how it reacts to my touch as I slowly undress you. I want to explore every nook and cranny from your breast to your sweet fragrant inner thighs with my fingers, lips and my tongue. I grasp your shirt and gently tug it over your head. I lean over to feel you nipples hardening in my mouth as my fingers discover the moistness between your thighs....running my free hand through your hair....caressing your shoulders as my other hand reaches inside your pants to caress your ample ass as I slowly wiggle you out of your pants. I can feel your thighs wrapping tightly around my head as I kneel down before you. I am watching and listening for every subtle reaction of your body and your soft moans urging me on.

After a few minutes, you pull me up to face you. You kiss me long, deep and hard as your fingers expertly reduce my pants to just fabric clinging around my ankles. You sit me back on the bed and proceed to lovingly return the favor. I close my eyes and feel your hair dancing on my thighs as your tongue licks my balls and your head bobs up and down on my cock. When I open them again, you pause only a moment to look up at my face to see the ecstacy there.

I in turn pull you up and motion you to lay with me on the you lie back on the bed I come over top of you and kiss you passionately running my hand through your hair and caressing your inner arms. Nibbling at your lobes and kissing your neck gently. Then gently kiss your breasts. Then running my tongue in ever tightening circles around your nipples until they are engulfed in my mouth as my lips tighten around them and suck gently, passionately and long. I cup them in my hands and fondle them as my tongue flicks back and forth between them. Then a series of butterfly kisses down your belly until my lips can feel your furry mound tickling them and I can smell your fragrant nectar in the air.

I run my tongue up and down your pussy lips until they melt open for me and my tongue finds your clit as its blood engorged tip begins to swell into view.

I wrap my lips around it and suck strongly as my tongue continues to flick up from the underside. Your thigh begin to hold my head firmly in place as my hands grip your buns so you cannot squirm away.

Your hands are roaming all through my hair as your ever increasing moans urge me on. Your belly begins to convulse as your legs begin to quiver and quake.

Your legs are now locked firmly around head as you continually thrust your pelvis firmly into my face.

After your orgasm has subsided, I come over you and slowly insert my cock into you. Just the head at first and then retreat. Then with a circular motion I reenter you about halfway and retreat back until just the head remains in you.

As I slowly enter you the third time, you thrust yourself forward until I am buried deep within you. You swivel your hips to match my circular motions as your passion rises. I kiss you long and deep as you begin arching your back up to meet my thrusts. You wrap your legs around my waist to hold me inside you as our passion pushes us ever closer.

I roll over and guide you on top of me as my cock disappears into you. I watch mesmerized by your tits swaying back and forth as my cock slowly makes it way deep into your hot body until we explode together and you collapse on top of me.

Then I see the contented smile on your face as we hold each other tight in the afterglow. We fall asleep in each others cock still buried deep in the warmth of your sugar walls.

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