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Friends with Benefits

Pulling into the gravel driveway, I glance upward at the two sets of weathered stairs. Shit, I don?t know what apartment number. But wait, there he is, closing the second door and smiling as he saunters down the wooden steps. As he envelops me in a brotherly hug, I tell him, ?I want to see your new post-divorce digs.?

?No, it?s a mess and I don?t have any furniture or anything.?

?It?s ok, I?ll be your first friend to see it.? I grab a bottle of wine from the car and follow his lanky frame back up the steps. For a moment, I wonder if I can really do this. Again, I give him a quick hug, although pressing my soft body against his hardness only makes me more nervous. A folding chair sits next to the refrigerator, with molding beer cans nearby.

?Yeah, I drink too much.? The blankets and pillows strewn all over the floor remind me of my plan.

?Well then, let?s have some wine and you can tell me all that?s been going on.? John and I are the best of friends, and now, more than ever, I know he needs my support.

As we drink wine and talk, John affectionately rubs my back. ?Hey, you?re not wearing a bra??

?No,? and I ever so casually guide his hand to my erect nipples. Understanding slowly replaces the confusion in his eyes. He begins to caress my breasts, and desire floods my body. His other hand joins the first, and trembling I lean back into his hardness for support.

Turning me to face him, John hungrily seeks my mouth. Deeply we kiss, and I clutch his muscular frame while I suck his darting tongue. My moaning reveals my rising level of desire. I can?t wait to taste his lean body, hot and hard. I am almost frantic with passion, and the bulge in his jeans lets me know he?s not upset with my forwardness. Tearing off my clothes, I leave him no time to admire my sexy underwear; the strip tease I had planned will have to wait because I want to be possessed. Now!

Lying naked on the cold floor, at last my eyes feast on John?s rock-hard cock. Wow! Beautiful. In awe, I shiver, then skillfully invite his manhood into my mouth. Every sculpted muscle ripples, and his hardness throbs with need between my lips. This is perfect, so warm and wet; I can make him come in about a minute, I think. Once, twice, I draw the length of his shaft deep, deep into my throat, stroking the bulging tip with my tongue each time I raise my head.

Suddenly, he pulls me away and up the length of his lean body. ?Not yet,? he moans, covering my neck with butterfly kisses. On top of me now, he nibbles his way down my body. His tongue darts into my mound, twirling, taunting, licking me ever so gently. But I can?t wait; my clit is on fire and wetness is dripping down my inner thighs. ?Pleassse,? I moan, ?I?m so hot. Please fuck me now. Put your big cock in my wet pussy.? I know he wants to pleasure me, he wants to make this last, but I can?t stand it anymore. Rising, with one deep thrust, he drives his cock all the way in me. Ooohhhh, that?s it. Immediately my body convulses with my first orgasm. God, this feels so good. In and out, his large shaft slides, in and out, filling me up completely. I clutch his tight shoulders and moan as I cum a second time. He shudders now too, and collapses on my body, slick with sweat.

But we?re only beginning now. My scarlet-tipped fingernails slowly stroke his amazing body, teasing and caressing, while his mouth toys with my nipples. It?s only moments after his climax, but excited again, John takes control. Rough hands cup my ass, he draws me to him and kisses me slowly, softly. Melting, I am melting. His warm breath against my body, he nuzzles my breasts, gently pulling at my nipples with his teeth. Hands are running up and down my back, under me, up and down my back, around my ass cheeks, up and down my back. Spasming, I groan, amazed that I am cumming again, and without vaginal stimulation. John chuckles his surprise and I feel embarrassed by my decadence. ?Am I too loud?? I ask, when realize that I have been crying out my passion. He smiles in reply.

Fluidly rising, John carries me to the couch as if I weigh nothing. Gently pushing me back, he lifts my legs up, and places them on his shoulders. Leaning in, the head of his cock teases my pussy, barely entering, and then pulling back. Loudly, I moan, ?Fuck me hard. Give it to me. Fill me up with your big cock.? But he?s not going to let me control the pace this time.

Slowly, slowly, he teases my throbbing pussy with his finger. Panting I build towards climax. Almost leisurely stroking my clit, flicking back and forth, I begin to writhe and scream. Now he begins to fill me with his pulsating member, slowly, slowly entering me. There, all the way now. I can feel him stretching my tight wetness. Ohhhhhh, yes. Pulling out again now, slowly, slowly, all the way out. Just the head inside me now?yearning, my pussy screams for his manhood. Lips touch my shoulder, a tongue swirls along my collarbone and inch by inch he enters me again, in no hurry to finish this time. I yell out as wave after wave of intense pleasure washes over me. This is incredible. I can?t take much more. Smack! Smack! Smack! I give John three quick smacks for teasing me.

Laughing, he flips me over, and my ass is in the air now. I tremble with anticipation. Is he going to spank me now too? Woosh! He plunges into my tight cunt. Completely filling me, completing me, making me whole. Grabbing my hips, he bucks against my firm round ass. Faster now, faster, his beautiful cock jams into me, tingling every nerve of my body. A series of shocks course through my body and I cry out, ?Ahhhhhh, your cock is so good. Give it to me. There, there, yes, there! Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!? Trembling, he holds me tight as his hot cum shoots inside me. Damn, that was good. ?Another round?? I ask. ?Give me five minutes.? To be continued...

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