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Freakie Friday Sex Style

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Susan and i have been married for 5 years. Sex has cooled off a bit for us. On Friday night, I was tired after working all week but couldn't pass up having sex. We went to bed I fucked susan and rolled over to catch some winks. As I laid there I her her sobbing. What's wrong honey did I hurt you. Yes you did she said. Our sex life has turned into you just taking me when you want and not trying to please me anymore. I was defensive, I said I have been working all week and tired, how do you expect me to be a great lover all the time.

After a little fighting I realized we were getting on where. I hugged her and told her I was sorry. She said the problem is you dont understand what it is like to be a woman. I smiled and said and you don't understand what it is like being a man. Trying to make light of it I got out of bed and got the old asian staue we had purchased a couple of weeks ago at the flee market. WE baught it as a joke because the guy said it was a love god.

I brought the statue to bed told her to hold it with me and repeat: Love God For one week make my husband so he understands the needs of a woman and Love God for one week make my wife understand the needs of a man. It worked after that we laughed it off and went to sleep.

Early Saturday morning about 3 AM I woke up and had to pee. As most men do but few admit, when getting up in the middle of the night sleepy, I sit down on the tolit to pee so I dont have to stand or aim. As I sit there half asleep i noted in my dull mind. "That doesnt sound right, when i pee it is a loud splish sound of the stream comming out but it sound all splashee. I finished my pee and as usually reached between my lets to shake "the dew off my lilly" before I went back to bed.

When I reached down I didn't feel my dick. I reached down farther and I felt something wet and soft. It felt like a pussy. I looked down and where I should be seing my dick and balls handing I saw nothing, nothing that is except a long slit of pussy lips. I felt it some more thinking this must be a crazy dream it is not real I am going to bed..

I went back to bed and althougt thinking I was having a carzy dream I went to sleep. The next thing I knew I heard my wife let out a scream. I woke up looked over and she was not in bed. I jumped up and went into the bathroom saying what happened. She said look! When I looked she had her pajamas pulled down and instead of her sexy pussy, in it place was a long dick with a pair of balls handing down. That is when I remember, pulling down my underware, which I sleep in and sure enough there was a pussy between my legs instead of a pair of balls and an uncut dick.

WE were in shock trying to figure out what was going on when my wife said That doll... you remeber what we did last night... we asked for each of us to undersatnd what it was like to be the other sex. I dont know how it could be but mabe it came true! After setting on the bed trying to comprehend what was happening and what to do I said," Honey, maybe this is an opportunity for us to really understand eachothers needs and make our relationship stronger" As soon as I said it, I thought that doesnt sound like me it sounds like a girl.

Susan looked at me as said you may be right this is a unique opportunity for us that we should take advbantage of.

I reached over to hug my wife, she still looked the same except she had a dick and a pair of balls instead of that pussy I loved so much. As a guy, I was feeling really insure having a pussy between my legs. AS I hugged her she reached over and kissed me. She seemed more agressive and soon was french kissing me really hard. I feld something hard growning between us. My wife jumped up pulled down her pajpmas grabbed her hard dick with both hands around the base and shouted " wow look at this thing" Then she looked at me a little funny and said, honey, this is a unique apportunity for us, you know what you always ask me to do.

I knew what she was thinking, I always asked her to lick and suck on my dick before we had sex. I said but Im a guy. She said not anymore honey, not this week. Dont wimp out on me. With that I moved forward and felt a hot soft cock head touching my lips. my wife had to say, come on now open up before I openen my lips and let her put her new found manhood in my mouth. It felt so warm and soft but yet really hard at the same time.

My wife said Man, no wonder you like this, what a feeling. Ive never felt anything like this.

After only a little while of sucking dick, I realized that as the uaual received of a blow job I knew exactly what would feel good to that dick of hers. I ran my tounge around the head and licked right on the end at that little slip where the cum would be comming out soon. But before that happened I stopped. leaned back on the bed spread my legs and said now its your turn for a new expereence. Her eyes widened as she understood that she was going to get to see how it felt to eat pussy.

I most say she took to it quickly and then I rememberd that she was usually the receiver of getting her pussy licked and she really knew what would feel good to my new pussy. I must say that getting my new pussy licked was indiscriable. she started licking the clit but soon was renning her tounge from the top of my pussy slit to the very bottom. I was supprised how it felt and the warm glowing slow buring feeling all over my body. I could tell from the slurping my pussy was soaking wet. Knowing what I always wished she would do when I licked her pussy, I lifted by knees raising my pussy and ass in the air so she could get to it. I didn't know what she would think bucause she was not as agressive sexually as I am. But with a set of balls that had changed. She put a hand on each knee and pushed my ass higher in the air and the next trip frim the top of my pussy crack to the bottom, she didnt stop where the pussy did. She kept going down until she was licking my ass hole, then sticking her tounge in my ass hole. What a supprise.

WE were both hot as we had ever been when she suddenly lifted up and moved on top of me. she kissed me hard and I felt the pussy juice all over her mouth and now on mine. Then I felt her hot hard dick the head toucking the lips of my pussy I felt the pussy lips being pulled apart and the warn shaft spreaking apart my pussy hole. It was so hot. She had her dick all the way in my pussy and it was so hot so hard and it hurt a little because she was fucking me so hard. She begin to whisper in my ear " how do you like my dick in your pussy" do you like my dick in you, your pussy is so good. I have to admit it was a little scarry bing on bottom being fucked by this agressive sex crazed person that had been my sweet wife for years. Then I remember, what would a man like, that is when I started telling her fuck me harder, take my pussy, fuck me hard. I raised my legs and rrapped around her putting a hand on each butt cheek and pullng her deeper into my wet pussy.

I was so hot and it felt so good but just before I finished i heard her starting to moan and felt her dick throbing and hot cum shooting up my pussy. I then understood what a dissapointment it must be for her when I finish befoe she does.

After, she got off of me and told me what a strange but wonderful experiende it was. But then she said, I understand what I would want you to do and with that she burried her head in my pussy and began to lick me. I know the cum she just filled me up with must be strange butr then again, it would have been for me but she had been getting a mouth full of cum from me for years. So it prob. didnt bother her so much. And in the future It should bother me. I had leard to eat her nasty pussy full of cum to finish her off if I finished first. This really was a good experience for both of us.

After sex we had to teach each other how to clean up. I had never taken care of a pussy before. She had never cleaned of a now soft dick before. If was kinda fun teaching each other. She had to learn how shake the pee off her dick instead of using tolit paper. She had to teach me how to wife my pussy after a pee. After the teaching session the dick was hard again and she wanted me to give her some more pussy. There was only one thing i could say "you men are all alike". But I did give her some pussy, as she would have done for me.

This was just the first day. I set around all day reaching in my pants feeling my pussy in disbelief. I noticed Susan doing the same. She kept saying, this thing gets all wadded up and iches. I smiled and said "see why guys are always scraching their balls" She laughed and said yes I truely do understand now.

More to follow on the continuation of freaky friday sex style.

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