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Forbidden Fruit

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I tapped on the bedroom door and heard Louise tell me to come in. She was sitting up in bed, her back against the headboard. It was obvious that she had been up a while because she was pretty well made up and did not look at all sleepy. She was wearing a thin nightie, her big tits hanging out over the top of the bed sheet. I could see her brown aureoles through the cloth, and her nipples erect and poking through the nightie. She smiled when she saw where my eyes lingered and patted the bed beside her. I leaned in and kissed her softly, a sort of cousinly kiss because after all she was my cousin. I had been staying with her and her husband Joel for almost a week and was returning home that day. Joel had left me to say goodbye to Louise while he checked something out at his office and would return shortly to take me to the airport.

She put a hand behind my head and pulled me close again and laid a different sort of kiss on my lips, her lips parted. I said, "Louise, careful now, I am a man you know, and I see a lot of what I want sitting here in the bed." In answer she moved my hand to her tit to caress and fondle. Ah God, I love to feel a tit that wants to be felt. It can work on a guy's mind. Louise and I had a history going back to when we were about 12. We had experienced our first sexual touching with each other, an outgrowth of little games we had played. I had kissed and sucked her little nipples and she had jerked me off a few times. We had only re-discovered each other a few years ago online and we and our mates had become friendly enough to share a few vacations.

My fingers went to the little strings closing the top of her nightie and untied them along with a few little buttons and I was able to slide a hand inside and fondle her bare tit. Her eyes never wavered but she said, "Do you remember the last time you felt them?" My fingers found a nipple and I rolled it around. This time her eyes closed and she bit her lip and I said, "Yes I do, there is a lot more there now, you have beautiful tits." I managed to lift one out the top of her gown and slowly bent my head to lick and suck it. As I sucked a nipple into my mouth, my hand pushed the sheet down to below her knees. The hem of her nightie was just below her pussy. She put her hand down and lifted it up. God I thought, where are we going with this. I looked at her, she was no longer teasing me, she was in to this as much as I was, and maybe even more so. She sat ahead and I lifted her nightie off over her head. Her great tits tumbled out and she slumped down to her back. I bent over her and we kissed with passion, her lips wide open for my tongue. Her body can be described as short and chunky but she is all woman and does not hide that fact. My hand went right to her pussy. She spread as my fingers slipped between her legs. She had a full bush covering a pronounced mound and my fingers probed through her hairs to find her slit. She spread even more as I worked a finger into her, and then arched her hips upwards to take more. She moaned and said, "You are going to fuck me aren't you." This was followed by a wild kiss as her tongue licked my lips inside and out.

I said, "God, you know how much I want to, but Joel could return at any time, and I do not want to make a mess of things." Her hand began to look for my cock, finding and rubbing it with the palm of her hand through my pants. She said, "don't worry about Joel, I told him that I would call him after you fuck me. And I want you to fuck me."

I was in sort of a daze, I recall Joel telling me one time after I had limped off the floor after dancing with Louise that "she is a real cock teaser isn't she." So I knew he recognized what our little game was. But had she really said, "after he fucks me" to Joel? I stood and stripped down quickly, I could hardly wait to get my cock out. She propped herself up on one arm and reached for it with the other saying "hmm, you have something a lot bigger as well; I can still recall jerking you off when I was little." She pulled me to her mouth and slipped her lips right down the shaft. I almost bent in half towards her and just about blew my load, it was so unexpected. She let her lips slip off the end of my cock and lay back. I crawled in beside her, we faced each other on our sides and I moved my cock right between her legs. She raised her upper leg over my hip and mashed her tits and belly tight against mine.

She had teased me mercilessly for the entire week, making references to our childhood dalliance, rubbing against me at every opportunity. She could not help but notice my eyes looking at her tits and ass, and how I lingered each time she moved a hip against my hard cock. I used my hand to rub the knob of my cock in her open slit, parting her hairs to find it, and then she moved her hips towards me, clamping her leg behind mine as my cock sank right into her. We lay there on our sides and began to fuck. She would drive her butt back and forth screwing my cock, and then relax and let me fuck her for a bit. Our mouths were locked together, her big tits swinging and slapping my body as we lost ourselves in each other. Finally, I rolled her to her back using my arm to lift up one of her legs and I fucked her hard and fast until we both shouted out as we cum. There were two or three wild spurts of cum, followed by her grinding and sucking the rest of the cream out of my cock.

I rolled off of her and we looked at each other and smiled. She said, "was that worth waiting for or not?" I agreed and then went to get up, but she held me there and said, "Not yet, I am not finished, stay here with me." I really felt drained from the excitement and the forbidden aspects of our encounter, and did not think there was a chance any time soon for another go around. But I lay back as she moved to my side, her face leaning over my body, her big tits squashed against my ribs. She began to kiss my chest and belly, licked my nipples and then up to my neck and behind my ears. Her hand found my soft slippery cock and she rubbed it and teased my balls. She moved up over top of me, straddling me, her big bush hovering over my hips and cock. She lifted one tit and moved it to my mouth. I grabbed her hips and held her and sucked in the nipple. Her creamy cunt was brushing my cock, teasing it and getting a response. Her hand went behind and fondled my balls. This always gets a response from me and I felt the strength surge into my cock. Louise's eyes burned into mine, she knew there was more cock for her and her hand moved between my legs again and closed around it to stroke it and to encourage me.

She settled back down on me, the cock working its way up into her cunt. When it was fully inside of her, she sat upright and lifted her tits up, fondling them as she began to grind. I lay back and watched her lose herself in lust, her eyes closing and opening, her teeth biting at her lips, her hips rotating as she lifted and lowered herself. She rose up a bit to give me some room, holding her pussy an inch or two above my body and demanded that I fuck her. I used my thumb to grind at her clit and began to jab wildly up into her. There was only the sound of our grunts and a sticky wet pussy being fucked until we cum once more.

Later, on the way to the airport, Joel asked me if I had managed to say goodbye to Louise. He had a smile on his face when he asked it. I was still a little uncertain about what he knew so I said, "oh yes, we chatted about old times." He told me that they hoped to get out to visit us sometime soon. I had a feeling that Joel might have some payback in mind. Louise had often told my wife that Joel had a very long cock, and I knew my wife had an interest in checking that out. I would love to fuck my cousin again but time will tell!

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