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Flying High, couple, Kilameter Club

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As an owner of a flight school and senior flight instructor, I have come across some very interesting situations. When anyone has a problem they send the students to me, so my reputation as a good instructor gets me more than just a lesson once in a while. Sandy showed up one day to learn how to fly and said she was referred to me. One look at Sandy and I was glad to take the challenge. Sandy was a sexy business professional and had the time freedom to come to the airport most any time so most of our lessons were during the day. Some days she would show up for the lesson and I could tell she did not have flying on her mind. Once in awhile I could detect a few drinks on her breath, so we would just go flying and not do as lesson. One hot summer day she showed up for her lesson dressed in a tube top and shorts. It was hard not to notice those beautiful big boobs and long pearly white legs and as far as I could tell, the only other clothing she had on were her shoes. We took off and it didn?t take long before she said ?Let?s just fly around today?. I said ?No problem?, so we took a scenic tour of the city. On the way back I looked over and commented about her beautiful breasts. She thanked me and I then said, ?I can make them stand straight up without touching them.? She asked how and I replied ?Take that tube top down and I?ll show you.? She then looked all around outside of the airplane and I said,? We are 3,000 ft in the air, who?s going to see them but me and you?. She then reached up and pulled the top down and said, ?OK. Show me!? I pulled the plane up into a slight climb and when the speed had dropped enough I pushed the nose over gently which created a negative G load, much like the astronauts do for weightless training, and those wonderfully full breasts just floated up and hovered in the air. Sandy said, ?Hey that?s great, let?s do it again,? and I did with the same great effect. So guess what we did all the way back to the airport. You guessed it ? boobs up, boobs down, boobs up, boobs down, boobs up, boobs down. When we got back to the airport she made another appointment and drove home. I sat at my desk being thankful for the business I was in. Next lesson was a ground school session and it was later in the day and in my office. Half way through the session, she stood up and went to the door, locked it and turned around. She then took her blouse and bra off to free those beauties again. As I sat there admiring the fullness of her breasts and how great they would feel, she came back to my desk, sat down and reached for my zipper. I reached up for a handful of boobs and she said, ?No, just relax and let me do all the work.? Sandy unzipped my pants and let my cock go free and then stroked it ever so softly with her soft slender fingers. Just when I started to feel comfortable she said to stand up and when I did she pulled my pants all the way off. She sat me down again and wrapped those big beautiful tits around my now rock hard cock. Oh the feel of the softness on my cock was almost too much to bear and when I seemed to start getting into it, she changed again. She took my cock into her mouth ever so slowly at first and then with one quick move she took all 9 inches into her mouth. What a great feeling to have the head of my cock halfway down her throat. She then proceeded to give me the blow job of my life and when I finally shot my load, she took it all in and never lost a drop. She then got up. Dressed and made another appointment. By now I?m starting to wonder what?s up, not that I mind, but I?d like to know. When she returned I found that Sandy was married and her husband would not let her play around much ? it was wham bang good night. My next question was ?Is he a big guy?? She said no, and he even has a small penis and lets me do anything I want to. We became friends and had several other oral sessions, so I asked her if she had ever been to the dog races. She said no and I arranged for an evening at a dog track about one hours flight time away. We had dinner at the track and left early. Since it was night time, I brought my larger plane to impress her with all the lights, and it was a beautiful clear night and you could see the different cities in the distance. Sandy had a drink during dinner and I had not since I was flying. About half way back she said,? Are we a mile up yet?? I said, ?No, were only 3,500 feet and a mile is 5,280 ft.? She said, ?Oh, I was wondering about the mile high club.? I said ?There is a guy back at the airport who is trying to start a kilometer club, and that is only 3,300 ft.? I glanced out the window to my left and when I glanced back, Sandy already was bare to the waist and getting naked. I already had a semi hard on and when I saw her, it didn?t take me long to get naked, too. I slid the seat back, laid it back and remember say, ?Just don?t push on the windshield with you foot.? It was beautiful, stars in the sky, the autopilot set and I was initiating the kilometer club. The wait was over as I slid my rock hard cock into her wet, juicy lips of love pussy. We pumped all the way back to the airport and I shot a load about 5 miles away. Wow, what a flight. It was late at night and everything on the airport was closed, except my school, and there was no control tower to bother with. We secured the airplane, and took a walk. We walked to a part of the airport that had closed runways. It was a warm night, so we got naked while we walked and talked about the flight, there was no one to see us anyway and I had the keys to the airport. About half way down the closed runway we came across a place where lightening had struck. When lightening strikes a runway it creates a starburst and blows the top layer of asphalt away leaving a flower like indentation in the runway. When she asked what that was, I said, ?Do you believe lightening strikes the same place twice?? She replied defiantly not and we laid in the middle of that starburst for the next few hours screwing our hearts out (asses off). Sandy?s body was ready and the sight of those beautiful tits?s rolling in the moonlight was such a turn on, I lost count of our climaxes. About 4 o?clock we decided to get dressed and go home. Sandy?s husband had a heaven in his own bed and could not see it. I am grateful to her husband and men like that. I too, am grateful for the job I had. There were other wives of pilots at the airport who needed to learn what to do if their husband crapped out while they were flying. I found that most of these men had not complimented their wives in a long time, and all it took was a kind word and compliment and I could have anything I wanted. I love my job.

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