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The grocery store had always been a place of discovery for Violet. Filled with tastes, colors, and textures it never failed to delight. That’s why she had taken a job in one the summer of her junior year in high school.

No one likes facing products, but watching Billy while he faced with her made up for it. Billy was home from his first year in collage saving up money for his return in the fall. She was sure he never thought twice about her. Billy had been the high school star football player, basketball player, and track star. He had kept his body up while in collage, a body that reminded her of what they always described Greek Gods to look like. She had respected him more for getting a scholarship from grades than for sports.

Next to Billy, Violet was curvy plump with bigger hips and even bigger breasts than the girls he had dated while in school. Some would come around the store chatting with him, reminiscing about a time when they were prom queens and more important than now. Violet was always an outsider with her dark native looks, black hair, and dark brown eyes. A far contrast to the blond, blue eyed, cream skinned beauties she attended high school with. So she just admired the view of Billy from afar. His tall built body, the way the light shined off his brown hair showing shades of blond, and red in the depths. His hazel eyes like forest pools. Every now and again when they would be put on the same task, and they would talk to make the time pass faster. Beyond that Violet didn’t hope it was easier not to even imagine.

“Violet will you close up the store tonight?” Mr. Paz asked her.

“Sure thing Mr. Paz.” she said over her shoulder as she helped a costumer at the video counter. She went through the rest of her day checking people out, straightening items, dusting; until she found it time to close up.

They had just gotten some new Parker County peaches and Violet had been smelling and admiring them all day. She just couldn’t resist them any longer. Thinking she was the only person in the store, she made her way to the produce section. Wandering the isles and displays picking up one fruit or another smelling its ripeness, feeling its texture, delighting in the sensations.

Little did Violet know she wasn’t the only one in the store when it came time to close. Billy had asked Mr. Paz if he could help Violet close; because he wanted a chance to get her alone. She had no idea that he’d been watching her for weeks since he’d started here. The way her body swayed like a belly dancer when she walked hypnotizing him with her hips. Her dark chocolate eyes filled with intense energy as she listened to him ramble on while they worked.

He was sure she still thought he wanted those air head girls he had dated while in high school. He wanted to know her better, he was mesmerized by her exoticness and her darker looks. He would watch her in the break room. She never noticed because she was so engrossed in one book or another. The first week had been “Interview with a Vampire.” The next had started with something called “Kushiel’s Dart.” She was still working on that one. He loved to watch her read, the small smile that would fill her face or the intenseness when it was getting deep. He so wanted to hear her voice read to him to share with him those intense moments. But unlike those air heads he dated, he was at a complete loss on how to start with a girl like her. She wouldn’t make it easy for him he was sure of that.

He watched her now as she explored the produce section, she made it look like a sensual experience. She stopped at the new peaches and slowly examined them, finally finding one that pleased her, she brought it to her nose smelling in the fragrance closing her eyes and breathing deeply.

He watched her longing to do so much, but not wanting to brake the spell she was weaving. He just watched as her tongue came out and licked the flesh, slowly opening her mouth to take the first bite, juice rushing down her chin as it filled her mouth to overflowing. A small noise escaped her throat reminding him of sex. He didn’t know how much more he could take of this, the front of his jeans were growing completely uncomfortable. She made it worse when her pink tongue came out and licked around her mouth trying to capture some of the escaped liquid. She would be sticky and taste amazing, he continued to watch her consume another bite just in the same way as the first; by tongue, teeth, and tongue again. She threw her head back, closed her eyes and sighed, and he couldn’t help the groan that escaped him when he knew that was how she would look on top of him overcome by passion. The moment she heard him groan, she dropped the peach, hands going to cover her mouth and throat in shock of being caught.

“Please don’t stop.” His voice was a gruff whisper because he was trying so hard not to rush her, pull her body to him. She just stopped and stared at him like a deer caught in headlights eyes wide and filled with something he’d never seen there before and he groaned again at the passion there in those chocolate depths.

She looked down at the fallen peach and back at Billy and bolted, running away from him. Violet was so embarrassed, being caught and why did it have to be the person she’d been fantasying about who caught her. The peach had been so erotic the texture, taste oh god the taste, she’d been wondering what it would be like to lick the juice off of his chest not stopping until he was completely clean. Then she had heard a noise, looked up and into his hazel eyes as he watched her. God he must thing she was some kind of freak getting off on produce. That will be all over town and next year at school would be even more of a nightmare than before because they would have new ammo to sling at her.

She could hear it now “Don’t cream your pants, its only fruit.” would come at her from every corner of the lunch room, or something worse. Her mind worked over time as she ran to the break room and her locker. She never registered the cries and footsteps of someone fallowing her.

Finally she gained the lockers fumbling with her lock when someone collided into her back pressing her into the lockers. God what now, did he want to taunt her to her face, whisper all the mean things in her ear. Did he get off on hurting geeky girls. Well she’d let him say what ever he was going to, she’d live through it, her skin should be tough by now, having endeared the slings and arrows of people since elementary school.

It took her a while to realize he hadn’t said anything yet he just held her to the lockers and breathed hard right on her neck. If she hadn’t been so humiliated she would have been completely turned on the feel of her breasts being squeezed between his pressure on her and the cold hard metal of the lockers. His warm breath fast and hard on her neck, the weight of his hands on her hips which she just noticed. God she was a freak.

“What can’t come up with a good enough put down? Give me a minute I’ll give you a good one you can pass it off as your’s and I can be an even bigger laughing stock for the town.” She said as one tear rolled down her cheek. Dame it stop, you will not cry in front of him, she hadn’t let the kids see her cry since first grade. Billy couldn’t bare that she thought that about him. How could she think that. He had been so hard for her and he had only meant to explain, talk to her, but she hadn’t heard a word. He hadn’t meant to barrel into her either, now he was hard for her again being this close to her. She smelled of the peach from earlier and something spicy and exotic.

His hands had first impacted her about mid back. Now they had gravitated to her hips were he had been fantasizing about putting them for weeks. Her hair was done up in a ponytail, full of raven curls tumbling down. His breath was still fast, his mouth so close to her neck.

He couldn’t resist another minute, he had to put his mouth on her. He kissed the side of her neck and tugged her hips back into him at the same time, groaning as her body bumped into his hardness. She stopped, stopped talking, moving, and he was almost afraid she’d stopped breathing too. He continued to kiss the side of her neck and to rock her into him, growing harder and harder. He soon noticed that the sound he was hearing was small gasps every time he pulled her body into him and her own hard breath matched his.

Billy moved back and turned her around to face him and went straight for her mouth still glossy with peach juice. Oh God she tasted better than he’d imagined she would. He devoured her mouth exploring every bit of it with his tongue until he couldn’t breath. She had kissed him back tensely at first and more passionate throwing her arms around his neck molding her body to his. Again his hands had found their natural home on her hips.

He stopped kissing her and pressed his forehead to hers, he was glad she was just as short of breath as he was.

“Billy?” she whispered.

“Shh please listen. I’ve been trying to work up the courage to talk to you for weeks to ask you out. I didn’t mean to scare you earlier, but you were so hot and I was thinking of so much I could do to you covered in peach juice. Why did you run?”

“I was afraid you thought I was a freak. I never thought you would even want someone like me. I am so far from what you dated. What do you mean I was so hot?” Violet asked He looked into those intense chocolate eyes and decided to be honest with her. “ I don’t think you’re a freak, I think your smart, exotic and now I think your erotic. I know what I dated in high school, they bore me. And why do I think you were and are hot? God do you have no idea how gorgeous you are? You were pure sex with your head back, mouth slack, eyes closed, and the sigh that came out of you. I knew that was how you’d look if I could make love to you.”

“Oh God.” She sighed and that was all he cold take. He kissed her and pulled her body into him again. She wasn’t sure how it had all happened but she found Billy and herself naked, on top of the large break room table. He’d picked her up and sat her on the table, still kissing her; she had never kissed anyone so long before or had it befuddle her mind so.

He laid her back and began a slow exploration of her flushed body, starting with her neck and working down to her chest, the valley between her breasts where she always sprayed her amber perfume.

“What is that smell, I know the peach but what is this spicy scent?” Billy asked her.

“Amber.” She whispered.

“MMMMMMM.” is all his reply was. He continued first kissing the flesh beneath her right breast around the side until he finally came to the peak. When he took her nipple in his mouth the sensation was so intense it arched her back and offered her chest to him.

He left that breast and completed the same slow exploration on the other again making her arch, and begin a mantra of “please, please, please.” Leaving her left breast he moved again to the valley of skin between her breasts. “ I can’t resist that smell.” He groaned.

Billy fallowed the valley down to her belly to the junction between her thighs. No girl had ever let him explore so much of her and here Violet opened her thighs in invitation. He wanted to look first to explore her not only with his mouth and fingers but also with his eyes. He touched the soft raven curls there and slowly moved his fingers exploring every fold and secret place watching her breathing change, and the same look come over her face as she had while eating the peach.

Finally he couldn’t think about anything else but exploring her there with is tongue. He moved down and placed his face there opened her with his fingers and started to lick her. She bucked, moaned and cried out. His hands moved up to her hips pulling her down to him, enjoying her writhing beneath him. None of those girls he dated back in high school ever showed this much passion. They would never let him taste them; it was always fast hurry, get off don’t mess my hair. But Violet she was different, she moved, moaned, licker her lips, and writhed. She screamed long and loud and he was pretty sure she came.

While he let her catch her breath he retrieved the condom from his pants pocket. Came back to her and slowly entered a finger inside her. Again she moaned and called his name. He placed himself between her still open thighs, grabbed her hips and slowly entered her. He was surprised when he didn’t encounter the barrier he thought he would. He would have to go slow at first anyway because she was so tight.

“Oh God, yes.” Violet cried as he pulled his length out slowly. He continued going slow until he felt her stretch. Then he couldn’t hold back any more and pulled her hips to him as he thrust the last few inches inside her. They found a rhyme that worked and didn’t stop till they were both spent. Billy collapsed on top of her as he almost passed out from the rush of it all. He wished they were in a bed because all he wanted to do now was hold her and talk. That summer was the best she had ever had. Billy and her found any moment to just be together, picnics on their days off, dinner and movies, working long hours at work. And of course closing the store.

One day Billy walked into the break area when they were the only two in the store. He was carrying a tray of Parker County Peaches, and a evil grin.

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