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First time shared

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really didn't know how to take it when my husband brought up the idea of me having sex with another man. It was all in fun while we was having sex.

I will give you some of my past. While in high school I had sex with 3 guys. I ended up getting pregnant and getting married at 17. I cheated on my first husband with with 12 guys. We divorced and in time I remarried. I cheated on him only once. So when the idea of having sex with another man brought back some very hot and enjoyable times. My problem was how my husband would be after the fact. Would he hold it against me? Was it worth the risk? If I wanted some on the side wasn't it less risky to just cheat with a one night stand?

While we was on vacation st our houseboat he told me I could go to town alone and get a room and was free to do as I please. The idea was for me to fuck but it was up to me what I did. The rules was I had to be home by 12 and must use a condom. I told him I would think about it. The more I thought about the better the idea was to me.

About 3PM I told my husband I was taking him up on his idea and going to town. I didn't plan on doing anything but I would go through the motions. I went shopping at the mall and looked the guys over. There wasn't any there I was interested in. The mall closed at 9 so I went back to my room and cleaned up. I went to get me a drink from the drink machine. I met this young guy at the machine. I had on short shorts and a white tank top nothing on under it. The idea of me shopping for something to fuck had me turned on and my nipples was standing out. He gave me the once over and like what he saw. He come up to me and asked if I would like something to go in the coke. What do you have I asked. What would you like he asked. Something strong I told him. I can take you to my room and show you what I have was his answer. I don't go to mens rooms was my answer. By now he couldn't keep his eyes off my chest and my hard nipples that was getting harder by the min. What do you want I asked. He turned red and told me he couldn't tell me what he wanted. Maybe we both want the same thing I told him. I had finished my drink so I told him it's to late my drink is gone and turned and started to walk away. I walked a few steps then turned and asked him by the way did you like what you was looking at. I'm still looking at it ain't I he said. Wasn't we talking about putting something in something I said. He smiled and told me lets go to my room and talk about it. Again I told him I don't go to men's rooms. The smile faded away. I'm sorry he told me I took it the wrong way. I smiled and told him bring beer and come to room 122. I don't go to mens rooms but they can come to mine. See you in a MIN. I said and turned and walked to my room.

He knocked on my door about 5 min. later. We set on the bed and drank a beer and talked as he rubbed my inner thigh. He then kissed me as his hand found my breast. I was already hot but I still wanted to go slow. The told me he wanted to see them tits he had been looking at as he slipped my top over my head. He pushed me back on the bed and started to suck and kiss my nipples. I reached down and unbuttoned my shorts as he kissed my tits and neck. Lets shower first I said. We got in the shower and I got on my knees and sucked his very nice long dick. It was above agerage is size about 8 inches. We dried off and he picked me up and lay me on my back on the bed.He kissed his way down my body to my clit. He sucked my clit as he flicked his toungue over the end. My hips move to meet his tougue. I screamed out in a climax.

I told him I wanted his dick in me. I wanted him to fuck me. He got over me I took his dick and placed it at my entrance. He pushed it into me about a couple inches. We had to work to get it all in even as wet as I was. She stared moving slow. I screamed to fuck me, give it all to me. He started to pump into me hard and fast. I was going wild under him, my first climax had my pussy sensitive. I was light headed, my pussy was so sensative it almost was pain as he pounded it with his dick. The tension started to build in the pit of my stomach then spread. My body started to shutter as I was at the point of a climax. I hold my breath, I get dizzy and light headed. My hips keep time to his movements. Then my body starts to jerk. I no longer can control it. The pent up tension releases in a hugh climax. I scream out in pleasure. Then I feel him get bigger and harder. Then came that warm pulsatin flow as he fills me with his man seed. As I feel this I'm shocked back into reality. Damn we ain't using a condom. What can I do?

We shower and get back in bed and talk. He tells me he married and there on a construction job. I tell him I'm married and have to pick up my husband at the areport at 12.

Well did you get what you wanted I asked. Much more was his answer. His first thought he said was boy would I like to see them tits. They looked much better then I thought they would. I could read your mind I told him and I told myself I will give him the ground tour. Oh I notice that bulge in your pants by the way. It's been awhile since I had one like yours. Oh really he said. Would you like to go another round I said. For a answer he kisses me as he runs his hands over my body. I push him back on the bed and deep throat him. He starts to moan. I stop and tell him to not lose control I want you in my pussy. He pushes me off him gets over me and slams his dick balls deep in my pussy in one movement. It takes my breath. He then fucks me like a mad man. I can hear my pussy making poping noises as he pounds his dick balls deep into me making them slap my butt. Them he would pull all the way out then back in. He wouldn't even miss a beat. He was so hard each time he pulled all the way out it found my entrance with out missing a beat. He fucked me this way for awhile. He then turned me over raised my hip and entered me doggie style. I started to beg him to cum. My pussy was just to sensative for anymore. It had got painful. He then pushed as deep inside as he could. His hands pulled me back against him and again he pilled my pussy with his hot man seed. We showered and I dressed it was almost 12 and I had to check out. I rushed back to the boat. I had been well fucked. Well that's what he wanted.

Yes I love being shared. I loved the idea of being shared but it wasn't easy for me that first time. It was much easier to just cheat. Sharing works for us but it don't work for everyone

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