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First time for Dom and Sub

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Twenty years after breaking up with my first real girlfriend, we reconnected via email and occasional phone calls. Although we were now with significant others, our sexual attraction was strong. We realized that mostly neither of us has been with anyone as open and exploring in the bedroom as we were with each other. We caught each other up on some of our sexploits. It was so easy to talk with her. Easier than any person I had known since.

We began discussing our fantasies. I was more active on the web and seeing what so many people were doing in porn had really opened my eyes. She was anxious to explore bondage, sexual pain, being dominated, and having all holes filled. I was interested in doing all of that, and my greatest desire was to try watersports, specifically receiving from her. She was interested in being a Domme to me as well, although she had not seen internet porn and didn't know what to do. I told her we'd figure it out.

After many months we came up with a compatible day to share in a hotel. I brought a video camera, my laptop, some porn to view, rope, dildos, butt plugs, clothespins, lube and more. I had even made a homemade flogger.

We spent about five hours together. I'm not going to relate the entire thing, at least not now. I'll start with the beginning though, where I dominated her.

I got there first and had already run ropes underneath the bed. I planned to tie both her arms and legs, spread eagle. She came in, saw my video camera on the tripod, the ropes and she just got a huge smile.

After giving her a hug and a long kiss I sat down in a chair and said "now strip for me." "Okay," she said. I told her "for now, I'm `Master` so it's `yes, Master.`" She giggled a bit, pulling her clothes off and said "yes Master!" very enthusiastically.

Standing naked before me, she was a sight. Although I'm not personally a "big boob guy" she had ones to behold. She had not shaved her pubes. I looked at her pussy and thought back to all the great times we had shared. She's one of those women that has pubes in a "bush," not like a "fan shape."

I told her to turn around, back up to me and bend over. She did. I couldn't believe this awesome naked pussy and ass were just inches from me, and mine to use. She wanted to willingly give her body to me. This wasn't something I had experienced many times, despite having a lot of lovers since we were teenagers.

I told her to spread her cheeks and she did immediately. I rubbed her anus and said "who's butthole is this?" "Yours, Master." "And today you want me to play with it, fill it, and make you feel good, right?" I asked. "Oh yes Master, I have waited for this for so long."

With that I moved down to rub her pussy lightly and we repeated the same conversation. I then told her to lie down on the bed. Her upper back and head were propped up by pillows I had piled at the head of the bed. I didn't know anything about ropework (still don't) but I just lightly wrapped up each wrist and ankle, spreading her out nicely.

This happened over 10 years ago, but I distinctly remember at this point that I began to smell her pussy juice. I think each woman has her own unique scent. I don't claim to remember them all, but smelling hers once again brought a flood of memories into my head. I still had my clothes on at this point at my cock grew even harder, straining against my pants. I looked between her legs and could see some wetness seeping out of her lips.

Reaching under the bed, I grabbed my flogger. (I made this with parachute cord, a bunch of loops of it, with the "handle" being one end of the loops wrapped tightly in electrical tape. I had already tried it on my own ass it was pretty good.) Her eyes opened even wider as she asked me what this was? "It's my flogger, and you are going to feel it" I said. We then went over the green/yellow/red safeword protocol.

I held the flogger over her, so just the tips were touching one foot. Then I slowly ran it up and down her body, even her face. She said "it tingles, Master." "Well let's find out what happens when we use it properly" I said.

And with that I pulled back and gave it a throw so that the ends landed on her pussy area. Softly. "Wow, it feels good." I told her "I'm going to keep making it harder, tell me when it goes from green to yellow." She nodded. I was at the foot of the bed and I gave her about 10 strikes, increasing the sting each time. On about stroke 7 she said "yellow, Master!" with a bit of strain in her voice. "Take three more for me." "Okay Master."

I gave her three more with that same strength and her body pulled at the ropes with each one. She had her eyes closed and just moaned softly.

When I watch porn, I'm extremely turned on by women that can take hard crops or flogs on their pussies (tits too). This is something I wanted to experience.

I said to her "Slave, I know this is new to you, and it's already yellow." She looked at me with big eyes. "I want you to take one hard one for me." "I don't know if I can" she said softly. "You want to suck my cock don't you?" I asked her. "Oh yes, I do, I do, I do. I have waited for so long." "Then you have to take one hard one for me. Beg me for it."

"Master, please hit my pussy hard, and then give me your hard cock in my mouth." (I thought she was getting this master/slave stuff pretty well.)

Now keep in mind I had never flogged anyone before, just a few spanks on my own butt. I knew I wanted it to be hard, but not too hard to break the mood we had going. Just enough for a real sting on that now very wet pussy. I pulled the flogger back and let it fly. But it hit her way harder than what I had intended. I mean hard! For a split second I thought I had blown everything I had worked up to. If she started crying or something we'd have to start all over, if she even wanted to.

But no. Holding the ropes tightly in her hand, her body just stiffened, and with closed eyes she let out a long and low moan. I just laid the flogger across her pussy and then moved up the bed so I could kneel and kiss her. We kissed deeply. I had only known one other lover that kissed better than her. I then asked her if she was okay and she said "I'm great, I love this, do me more. Master." This was her first experience being restrained.

I began undressing and said "now I'll hold up my end of the bargain and you may suck my cock." She watched me, hungrily. Once I got my pants off it was easy to see I had a huge wetspot on my underwear. I was so turned on. When my cock popped into view she tried to move her head and whole body to it.

As I got my socks off and maneuvered to kneel next to her, a long thread of my pre-cum hung down all the way to the bed. I moved closer and said "give it just a little kiss with your lips." I made contact with her lips and she kissed it repeatedly then rubbed her lips back and forth on the very wet head. I pulled back. She looked up at me and licked her lips. I think she was having her own flood of memories now.

I told her to open her mouth, which she did, and then I entered her mouth, grabbed the back of her head and slowly began fucking her mouth. Her body was writhing, her legs pulling against the ropes. I then went into a little conversation I had practiced many times, fantasizing about being with her.

"My cock was the first to ever come in your mouth. That night in my uncle's van. You had never sucked a cock before, but you did it like a pro, just like now. And you drank so much of my cum over those years. You always love to drink my cum, right?" She just moaned in response. "You want it deeper?" Another moan and a look from her eyes. I began stroking even further into her mouth. "And that is the first cock that ever came in your pussy. And I came into it so many times. And remember that night in Montana, when we did anal, and I came in your ass?"

I pulled my cock out so she could talk. "Oh yes, that night was one of the best ever. I have never had another cock in my ass since that night." I was impressed how she remembered and it was special to her. Somewhat surprised she had never done anal again.

"But you have had many cocks cum in your mouth and your cunt, since then, haven't you?" Her eyes opened wide and she looked into mine. She looked kind of shy, blushing, and looked down. "Haven't you, slave?" She looked up again and slowly said "yes, Master." "Open your mouth" I said. I held the bottom of her jaw and the top of her head and inserted my cock into her willing mouth again, and resumed my stroking. She moved her head back and forth some, taking more of my cock when she wanted it.

"It's okay," I said. "I know you are a cumslut, a cockslut. You need cock and you need cum. As often as possible, isn't that right?" She looked in my eyes again and just said "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm."

And that is when I began the final stage of this first part of our encounter. Again I had rehearsed this many times in my head, often jerking off to this fantasy.

I let go of her jaw with my right hand and grabbed the flogger by the handle. "Slave, I know you have wanted my cum for a long time, I know you want to drink it right from my cock." "mmmmmm uhhh mmmmmm." "I want to give you my cum but you need to earn it. May I flog you again?" "Oh, please, Master, flog me while I suck."

I gave a swat to each of her breasts and she looked at me with surprise all over her face. She blinked a few times and then realized my cock was not in her mouth. "Back on the cock," I said.

"Here is how this is going to work. Now I am going to flog your tits too. And when you can't take it anymore, you don't say yellow, you say `pussy.` And I'll switch to flogging your pussy. And when you can't take that anymore, you say `tits.' And I'll switch again. If you take the flogging well you'll get your reward.

And without relaying the whole sequence, that is exactly what we did. The ropes on her legs had loosened up, so when she would say "pussy," I would tell her to open her legs wide so I could flog her cunt.

I have always had a lot of staying power, so this went on for some time. When I finally exploded, it seemed to me to be one of the biggest loads I had ever spilled. Most of it went in her mouth which she swallowed. The rest I scr*ped off her face with my cock and then had her lick it and swallow it.

Then it would be my turn.

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